Oh the tears I wasted this morning. The curse words thought. The frustration of a dead battery, stranded in Ft. Worth.

The total freak out moment. The I’m going to be late and I’m new terror of looking like a slacker. The absolute certainty that a new car is in my imminent future, and the same certainty that that’s insanity. And the phone call home to my husband 2 and a half hours away in Wichita Falls, as if he could fix anything.

It all worked out. He called a good friend who came and took me work. (Shout out to Michael!)

And when DH picked me up in the evening, I was thankful the car battery died. The streets were flooded at 5. The poor Focus would never have made it back to Boat Club Road. 

I totally broke rule #4. I freaked out big time. More because of being late to work than anything. I need to work on my E+R=O. My response didn’t fix anything. 

It’s the end of week two in Ft. Worth. I’ll finally have students Monday. Fingers crossed I don’t break rule #4 next week!


One response to “Stranded

  1. You are a mess, girl! I mean that in the sense Grandma would have used! Love you and glad it all worked out! Maybe you need pickup with 4wd!

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