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Goal Setting November 2010

So it’s Halloween 2010. About 13 years ago this month I had surgery because of a cancer scare and realized I hadn’t written a word for pleasure since I started college in 1988. Before that time I wrote constantly. I filled spirals with teen romances for my friends to read. I loved books and more than anything I wanted to see my name on a spine of a novel.
I majored in English and journalism at MSU and promptly forgot those dreams until my favorite college professor, Dr. Hoffman, had us write something creative for an upper level class a semester or two before I graduated. I wrote a play about kids in high school trying out for a play. I don’t remember much more about the script other than there was this telephone call Dr. Hoffman called creative. I wrote the script at night in an apartment with my baby daughter. She was supposed to be sleeping. She had her first “big girl bed.” I decorated her room in 101 Dalmations and Barney. One early morning while I was working on a Romeo and Juliet paper I heard a noise over the hum of my word processor and looked at her closed bedroom door. All looked fine, but I heard the noise again, so I went investigating. DD had pushed her Barney blanket against the door so I couldn’t see her light. She was sitting in her humidifier with a Barbie. When I opened the door, her response was to tell me she and Barbie were swimming.
She was 2.
That kind of thing was pretty normal for DD, so I didn’t get a lot of writing done when she was a baby either.
After I graduated, I started teaching, and once again, I buried the lure of fiction. I got married, started advising the school newspaper and forgot about my dreams and instead encouraged the dreams of some amazing teenagers who constantly floored me with their talent.
And then the cancer scare.
When that happened, all my dreams came roaring back to life. The week the doctor made me take off turned into the beginning of my first real book.
For five years I wrote and submitted consistently. I got great feedback and made great writing friends. I rode with good friends to multiple national writing conferences. I made a best friend at my school who also loved romances and writing.
And then, I don’t know exactly why, I slowly stopped writing.
I still belonged to my writing groups. I still religiously posted on eHarlequin. But I wasn’t creating anymore. Well, not exactly wasn’t. I’d write a story every couple years, but there was no real work on the craft. No real excitement. I immersed myself in my work. It’s funny looking back now because when I stopped writing, I actually screwed my priorities up even more than they were before.
Now my priorities are straight. God first, family second, then the job. But the creative me needs an outlet, too.
I want to write. I need to write. I need to figure out WHAT I want to write. It’s a weird place to be. It’s a place I’ve been in ever since DD left for school. Then she moved back home and whoo, that’s been an experience.
When I first started writing, I remember someone telling me I needed to live a little to actually find my stories. Well, I’ve lived now. I hope my stories can find readers.

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Her books have been translated into 22 languages and excerpted in Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Complete Woman, and featured in All You and Quick and Simple magazines. She’s appeared numerous times on the Waldenbook’s bestseller list, The Barnes and Noble bestseller list, Bookscan Top 40 and Ingram’s Top 50. She lives in Texas with her husband, Bill.

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The Hate Has To Stop

The recent gay suicides have broken my heart.
There. I said it.
I feel so horrible for kids who think they’re going to be able to be Out and Proud and not face the intolerance of others. I don’t understand perfectly nice young men and women turning into total jerks when they hear someone is lesbian or gay.
Almost always they hide their bad behavior behind the shield of religion, and I just want to say go back and read your bible, you morons. Jesus didn’t preach a message of hate except to those professing to be religious leaders who were really using the temple to sell crap (hello tel-Evangelists!).
A long time ago my minister said church should be a home for every heart. That God will deal with people if you get them in the door. Hate and bigotry will never change anything.
I know people disagree, but I’ve had so many gay and lesbian students over the years, and I’ve watched them struggle in this city that is the buckle of the bible belt and I hurt for them, just as I hurt for the young people who’ve decided they just can’t stand it any more so they end everything.
The hate has to stop. We have to stand up and yell those words from the rooftops.


The ministry dh and I help with is in upheaval right now. Our minister resigned unexpectedly and several others have left with her. The ministry has been such a blessing to us. We’re devastated to see it falling apart.
Tonight though, I listed to the Nooma video Whirlwind, and it really helped me.
It’s about how Job questioned God and God answered back so powerfully that He’s in Control. It’s sometimes, especially in the midst of chaos, hard to remember that He is ultimately in control.
Today dh told some of the student leaders who were left that they had to decide how to move the ministry forward. It’s a clean slate, and they control the next step.
Feelings are hurt, so emotions really get in the way right now, but when dh said that, I realized how right he is. These young people we work with need their church and us and God. He’s in control. They have to decide how to move forward.
Please pray for us this week. We’ll be meeting to try to formulate a plan for moving forward. It won’t be easy, and I don’t know what the future holds. I do know that the God who created the universe has us in His hands.