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When a hug isn’t enough but it’s all you can give

DD and her boyfriend of 15 months broke up this weekend. My heart breaks because her heart breaks and all I can do is give her a hug. It’s a first break up and it’s not pleasant but she’s learning.
Today her Mema told her to understand it’s the beginning of a long road of these moments and to learn from them.
I’d forgotten how utterly devastating young love can be.

We did watch Gilmore Girls and I tried to get her to do some ice cream therapy, but she reminded me again that she  hates ice cream.


The news is filled with stories about military ANALYSTS who reported opinion instead of facts.
Hel-lo people. Welcome to the world of news as we know it because audiences no longer want to read or isten to facts. They want some talking head to tell them what to think.
My students are reading 1984 right now. This is all making for great discussion.

Call me whiny but…

I won’t be entering Golden Heart again.
My scores: 8.6, 8.5, 9, 6 and 5.5.
At least with local contests I get feedback with crappy scores.

Some days

I’ll be in Austin all weekend for one of my favorite conferences: Interscholastic League Press Conference.  The paper was nominated for a Star award this year. The nomination doesn’t mean we’ll get one, but it’s nice to be recognized. 🙂 It’s been the hardest year of my life, and it seemed like a “sign” of sorts.
And I’m announcing editors for the paper tomorrow.
For the first time in several years, the decision has been difficult.

How much do I love…

the Biggest Loser?!?!?!
So much I can’t even begin to explain.
Our local station has a rehab auction scheduled for today, on the FINALE of the show. I don’t know if people called freaking out or if their manager figured out they screwed up, but they’re televising the auction tomorrow instead. 🙂


DD earned a ticket to the state meet in May! She’s an alternate, but alternates get to go, and sometimes they end up competing. I’m so proud! This year we’re taking four kids down. Hopefully we don’t end up on the lake in a massive storm. Been there, done that, don’t want to go back.

RRRW Writers’ Conference!

Red River Romance Writers presents the Fall in Love at the Falls mini-conference featuring USA Today and New York Times best-selling author Gena Showalter, Jill Monroe, Linda Goodnight and Jordan Dane June 7 from 8:30-5:00.

Registration includes breakfast and lunch June 7 plus conference. Rooms at conference site available.

Booksigning June 6 from 7-8:30 featuring conference speakers plus Red River Romance Writers’ published authors, and published authors who register for the conference.

Where: The Holiday Inn, Wichita Falls, TX, rooms start at $70 a night. The Holiday Inn 100 Central Freeway, Wichita Falls, TX  76306
(940) 761-6000, ask for the Red River Romance Writers conference rate

$25 RRRW members regular registration
$40 non-member regular registration
$50 late registration
Regular registration runs until April 30.
Late registration runs from then until May 15.  But if you’re an author who would like to sign your books you must be registered by April 25th so our bookseller will have time to get your books.


Since we’re leaving today for Regionals DD and I decided to workout this morning instead of just skipping it.
Things I’d forgotten about early mornings:
It’s dark. And not just a little dark, but REALLY dark because there are no house lights on.
It’s cold.
It smells clean. I think it’s clean. We couldn’t quite figure out the description this morning, but we said clean at the same time before we trudged into the Y.
When you do an early morning workout, you feel amazing for about three hours until something smacks you upside the head and says what the heck were you thinking, but your mind doesn’t quite form coherent thoughts so it sounds more like “Wh he u think.?!”
I wanna go back to bed.
And the creeky OMG my body hurts, cardio sucks, pains in my knees and back, yeah, I can handle them a little better at 8 p.m. before bed than I can now when I have an entire day to get through.
On the bright side, I can breathe easier.


It’s official. I’m old.
We just finished Absence of Malice and one of my students said, “Who’s the old guy with scary eyes?”
He didn’t know Paul Newman. Not even from the salad dressing. And he thought his eyes were scary.

Trying something new

I joined Audible and I’m listening to one book a month during workouts. We’ll see how that goes. 🙂
Dear Mother Nature, PLEASE don’t let there be a tornado today. I’m going to work out and I just downloaded Natural Born Charmer and I’ve been waiting FOREVER to read the book, so I really need you to just forget about all that purple stuff on the radar twelve miles from here. See SEP is one of my all time favorite authors eva’ and I NEED to hear this book. PLUS I NEED to work out. Because I’m in terrible shape and I have weigh in today and I ate a piece of cheesecake for DD’s birthday yesterday and I’m not positive, but I think it had five bajillion trillion points. So, yeah, no tornadoes. THANKS!