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New Year

I love the New Year holiday. It’s a clean slate, a new start, a beginning.
I hope this is the beginning of a great year.

A Spirit of Christmas

I don’t usually read a lot of the category holiday books, but this Christmas I have and every one I’ve read has been fantastic. Margot Early’s A Spirit of Christmas might just be her best book to date. It’s Dickens’ A Christmas Carol told in Harlequin Everlasting format with the heroine as Scrooge and a story that brought tears to my eyes more than once.

Early is probably the only author who can make me care about a heartless former brothel owner whose only care is money. Early doesn’t pull punches with her Scrooge. If you want proof that your characters can do anything with the proper motivation, read this book. With every horrible selfish act Keti Whitechapel committed, I found my heart breaking more for her and that heartbreak turned her happy ending into something even more special than Early always delivers.

I finished The Golden Compass and I’m still not seeing what caused the controversy. Maybe it’s because I’m not Catholic. I loved the book and will definitely read the rest of the trilogy. Hopefully though I don’t have more dreams about my family becoming warrior bears. Ugh.

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Intrigue featured

Intrigue was featured on Entertainment Tonight in Canada.
Here’s the story:


Made the deadline a day early.
This just might’ve been the hardest semester I’ve ever experienced in my life. Starting school two weeks later and packing seven class periods in a day and trying to continue newspaper and yearbook with fewer kids because credit requirements are up, AP choices are up and competition for the highest GPA runs rampant has nearly killed me.
I’m taking mental health days next semester. I don’t have a choice.
On the bright side, I’ve been motivated to write. 🙂


Tomorrow the yearbook should be halfway done. If it is, I’ll be thrilled. If not, YIKES.

I watched this tonight on TLC and it was amazing.

DD and movies

So today as I was cleaning the kitchen listening to ABBA on my new iPod Touch (coolest invention known to man) I realized I haven’t watched Muriel’s Wedding or Room With a View or Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet or The Breakfast Club with DD and she’ll be leaving in a few months AND she spends every waking moment with her boyfriend or at work or with her best friend (who left today for Switzerland), so I have no idea when we’re going to sit down and watch those movies together, but by GOD we will because no girl should go out into the world without watching those movies with her mom.
At least that’s what I’ve always thought.
I made her sit and watch Top Gun with me a couple years ago. She watched it and said yep, she finally understood what I meant by Tom Cruise used to be hot. All she thinks about when she hears Tom Cruise is the whole Oprah incident, and that’s not a pretty picture. She was pretty ticked with me when Goose died. She threw Kleenexes across the room and called me a horrible mom. BUT she kept watching, so, yeah, I know that REALLY meant that was a sucky thing for the writers to do.

Now I’ve got to go through my Netflix que filling it with awesome movies she probably hasn’t seen but needs to see before heading out into the big bad world. ACK. I think I’ll add Chocolat. I have no idea what other movies I need to add.

Christmas shopping

I HATE shopping.
Malls=the 7th level of hell.
I love Christmas shopping. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the whole buying for others thing, the searching for THE PERFECT GIFT, the decision time. I don’t know, but for whatever reason I love it.
Today I bought my sister’s family presents. There’s two little and two mid grade kids, so that was fun. The oldest LOVES to read, especially magical, mystical stuff and hates all things girlie. So I bought her Faerieopolis. VERY cool book dd and I slobbered over when we bought. It’s girlie but in a cool way. And I bought her Wicked Lovely. I want that book so bad, and I know she’ll love it.
The younger middle grade girl is a princess. She loves all things girlie. So she’s getting makeup, including the lip gloss I desperately wanted as a kid AND Love’s Baby Soft spray. One little is getting a princess dress up set and the other is getting a fire engine. My sister’s getting Rachel Ray cookbooks. Rachel Ray is my life saver. I’m the worst cook I know, but if RR can do it, I can too. Years ago I bought my sister a quick and easy cookbook, and she’s talked about it ever since. I hope she loves this just as much.
I haven’t sent my Christmas cards or my brother’s stuff, so I have a ton to do tomorrow.
DH is getting a digital camera and Doyle Brunson’s poker system books. DD’s getting an iPod (hers broke last summer), lots of makeup and MAYBE a straightener, but GOD, they’re expensive. I need to get her her own hair stuff since  she’s leaving. Right now we share. 🙂

Off to a Christmas party. Have an awesome day.


Our theater department did an amazing job with The Laramie Project over the past two weeks. In North Texas (more specifically, Wichita Falls–the BUCKLE on the Bible Belt) tolerance is often equivalent to EVIL. Our director invited several people from the community to take part in a panel after each show was done. The panels included educators, community leaders, ministers and gay and lesbian activists from the community. Last night the minister on the panel made some great points about judgmental people and how often they give Christianity a bad name. It’s one of the first times I’ve seen a group of kids who weren’t in the newsroom talk openly about religion and tolerance without it turning into a heated debate that dissolved into name calling and hurt feelings. We have discussions about these topics all the time in the newsroom. Really, the KIDS have the discussions. If I get involved, it’s almost always as devil’s advocate. I want my students to be able to defend their positions effectively without tearing apart the other person. I live in fear that some kid’s going to tape me saying something along the lines of “War?! Who cares about the war. I want to know if Britney Spears is pregnant again or not.” Because I do say things like that…often…to get the kids used to LISTENING and to get them questioning authority. If they let the comment pass, I give them a hard time, but they don’t usually let it pass. They make me proud. Even in this drug testing, no trans-fats, bus evacuation trained time for teenagers, the kids in my class STILL speak their minds. If we’re not careful, that’s going to change. If it does, that Scott Westerfeld created Ugly world is going to be a real thing. And we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves. 

OH What Fun…

Dashing through deadline
with a red pen and glasses
O’er the words I read
Laughing all the way
Did they really write
that caption that does stink
What were they thinking of and how did it get missed
Oh deadline month, deadline month, deadline month is great
I love it and it loves me and so the story go-oes.
Deadline month, deadline month, deadline month is great
I love it and it loves me and so the story goes.