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Both journalism kids at Regions qualified for State. One won 2nd, the other 6th. Our 6th place is an alternate. It was exciting for both of them, I think! I know it was exciting for me.
The day started with me sleeping in. My alarm didn’t sound because I went to sleep with my audible app open, so the alarm app didn’t work.
The UIL coordinator called me when I was supposed to be on the bus! I NEVER do that, so it was quite the shock.
Unfortunately, I left my makeup bag at the school. I lost my facial cleaner and moisturizer (ACK!) foundation, powder, blush, mascara, the BEST eyelash curler, and my tweezers. So today I’m taking a trip to Ulta. BUMMER.
Fortunately, my straightener was in the suitcase!

Had a great meeting today with Crave ministry (ages 18-26). We talked about biblical conflict resolution. Tough stuff. But such a good lesson. Such an important lesson.

Got a rejection last week on Letting Go. It’s going to a new publisher Monday. 🙂
While it’s making rounds, I’ll be working on the YA on my excerpt page.

The importance of dreaming big

The other day a friend asked if I’d sold a book yet and I said no but I had two in NYC and he said well, one of those will probably sell, and I just shrugged and said I was working on something new and the friend’s wife got a weird look on her face and asked why I keep trying when I just get rejections before she lost interest and started talking about french fries and I was left to ponder her question which meant absolutely NOTHING to her and everything to me.
Why do I keep trying?
The answers pretty simple.
Why stop?
I mean seriously, I have these stories in my brain and I get to write them and submit them and hope and pray and dream of one day sharing those stories with someone other than my critique partners. 🙂
I can’t imagine life without dreams. I’m sure people live like that, but not me. I’m going to keep dreaming, keep hoping, keep writing. Will I sell a book? I think so, but I don’t know. But the one way to guarantee that doesn’t happen is to quit. And that’s just not my style.
So here’s to dreams and never letting them die! And friends who ask questions that keep me writing!

i hate rejection

I hate rejection.
Maybe I should just submit my Women’s Fiction without an agent. It’s one book, with another planned for later. I don’t want an agent for my H/S stuff. And I don’t need one for Kensington either. Once I sell, that’s a whole different story. But that hasn’t happened yet.
DD used Sharpie to re-write the letters on my wertasdcn keys. So now, my keys are gross. UGH!
At least I have 21 good pages for my new Intrigue. But now I can either stop or make a mess of my keyboard. Grrr.
A former student sent me a Christmas card today that made me cry. I love my job. 🙂 (Especially on Christmas break!)


It’s always interesting to post after a rejection. People love to say “You’re so close.” I told my CP’s last week I never want to hear those words again. 🙂
There’s rejected and there’s published . End of story.
Of course that’s not exactly true. There’s also writing or not. One will get you where you want to be. One will get you “what might have been, maybe…”

I cut the first scene in my ST romantic elements story last night. I added the scene when I was half way through the book. At the time I felt it was important. Now though, I realize it’s redundant. Nothing new happens. It’s an introduction of sorts and in fiction, introductions are dangerous. They slow pace. The last thing the book needed was a slower pace.

DD is sick. Our school district has this great idea to get kids to school. If students have B averages and miss no more than 2 days, they can be exempt from finals. We have great attendance rates and kids coming to school falling over sick. I hope I don’t get this!
I don’t have time!

Here I go again

I finished my revisions and I LOVE this book. I love this hero. I even love this heroine.
And now I’m sitting here wondering what the heck I’ve done wrong. 🙂
My first book resulted in three requests for revisions before ending with a rejection that said it needed a longer ending and then it needed to be sent to a single title house.
I went on to several more rejections.
My last rejections was my best book ever. The editor said I’d over written the emotion. To let the dialogue tell the story.
It’s a trend I see more and more of in contemporary romance. One I like as a reader and struggle with as a writer.
So now I have this completed work and I think it’s too much dialogue, but that’s a good thing. Only it’s not.
And it’s going to drive me crazy.
Thank GOD I have critiques tomorrow.
I think my CP’s will be ready for this book to make its way to NYC. It’s driven them as crazy as it’s driven me.


My RRRW meeting was today. Everyone there talked about National conference. Inspirational. Exciting. Editors asking for everything. I should be pumped.
Instead I’m in this crazy funk. I can’t seem to shake the what am I doing wrong feeling. It’s driving me crazy. I HATE feeling like this. I want it to go away. Now. But the more I try to make the feeling go away, the bigger it gets. I remember the days when I first started writing. I’d spend hours typing in the void of the unknown. Who cared about rejection?
I’m missing that big time right now.
This is not what I was supposed to get from my meeting. It’s not what I wanted.

last day of summer

It’s my last day of summer break. I should look back on all the positives I accomplished this summer. I should be excited about the amazing year ahead. I should be thankful I have a job that allows me to have enough time to regroup, re-energize before sucking me dry again. 🙂
But I’m not. I’m sad. Even though this is going to be the best school year ever. Even though I have every intention of submitting the books that are finally going to blow the editors away, even though it’s tax free weekend and I’m buying cute new shoes even though dh says we’re broke (it’s not my fault the car broke while I was at Grandma’s!), I’m sad.
That’s kind of crazy since I almost always get more done while I’m working. And I’ll definitely be able to get back on the WW with a schedule. And I’m tired of feeling guilty for not cleaning house even though I’m off.

I’ve entered the RJ contest twice. We’ll see what comments I get from that once they’re up. The people who run that contest are super nice.
And I’ve got three contests to enter over the next two months.
One’s my local chapter’s Ticket to Write.
We have great final editors and it’s usually a small contest. The bad thing is I’m entering the two categories I usually judge.

I’m super excited about all these photos I’ve seen on Suzanne McMinn’s blog of the Harlequin chief and the audible guy. The idea of being able to listen to books by Suzanne, Catherine Mann, Karen Templeton, Jill Shalvis…the list goes on and on, while I’m working out thrills me! I hope it’s cheaper than what I’ve seen so far though. That’s what’s kept me from audiobooks so far.

close but…

One of my friends on e-Harlequin just got another rejection and I feel her pain. People give hugs and say you’re so close and you look at the letter and wonder what the definition of close is anyway.
At least that’s the way I feel when rejection comes knocking on my door and my CPs say it to me. I want to laugh it off and say, heck, I was close nine years ago when I got that double revision request, does close have a time limit? 🙂
I’ve decided to obliterate close from my dictionary of attempt-to-get-published terms.
I’m writing and submitting or not. The end.
Not close. Not almost. No more good rejections.
None of that matters. If it’s not a CALL, it doesn’t matter.
I’ll read what the editor says, decide if I agree or not and then decide what happens next.
That’s just going to be my way of doing things. That and checking out Suzanne McMinn’s Dream Big quiz and Twelve Steps to Breaking In on her website because they inspire me so much!
And I’ll be remembering to have fun because when I remember the fun it gets me back at the computer, day after day, week after a week.

Oh the Joy!

I’m almost done and I love my book. It’s so sad and happy and reaffirming. I nearly killed it with that race to the end, but after a brief bout with WIP CPR, it’s been revived.
Woo Hoo.
I’ll finish it tomorrow or maybe the next day. And then I have to get started on the next one because it’s about to write itself I think. My brain won’t turn it off, and it has to, at least until I finish this one.
I’m bittersweet about this first foray into the Single Title market coming to an end. I’ve stretched myself and learned to write with more emotion but less exposition. The characters tell their stories. I’m just sort of along for the ride. 🙂 I think this book has helped me become a better writer, a better storyteller. Before this, I’ve been so in love with my words, I forgot that in genre fiction show don’t tell is essential. That even if it sounds beautiful, it’s not going to be read if it’s similar to Faulkner in sentence length. This story is longer than anything I’ve written before because of its subject matter and its characters. But I fully believe writing this has made me a better writer, period. I know my new Intrigue proposal is tighter because of it.

Still haven’t heard from Intrigue, but my next proposal for them is ready. YES! I understand the idea behind one proposal on the desk at a time, and I even agree with it. But man, it’s hard to keep this at home when it’s ready to go.

People keep telling me I should focus my energy on one kind of story. I don’t think it’s possible. One day an agent or editor might tell me this, and I might have to give it more thought. But right now, I don’t see the need. These ST’s are gut-wrenching to write. Crying at the computer might be cathartic at times, but it’s also exhausting. I need the shorter, faster, sexier stories for author escapism. I hope that doesn’t mean I’m unprofessional. I don’t think it does.

I hope to have a fabulous writing week next week. I should, since I won’t be at Nationals. I love conference, but I’ve given it up until I sell some books or final in the Golden Heart. Hopefully I’ll be in Atlanta. That’s my goal anyway.

**Reading Lolita in Tehran is an amazing book. I’m so glad I picked it up. This summer’s been great for my Keeper Shelf.


A few months ago I got a rejection on a book I loved. The editor said it felt like two different books, the hero’s and heroine’s until they collided. It was.
She also said something I’d never really thought of. She said let the dialogue tell the story and to trust the readers to fill in the blanks. I guess that was her way of saying I’d over written. I always considered dialogue one of my strengths. But I always made sure to really get that introspection in to show what the character was feeling and thinking.
On my new WIP, I have a TON of time for dialogue. It’s a family drama, so lots of talking. And what I’ve discovered is the story flows better when I can move that introspection to dialogue. Secondary characters add color, but they also provide emphasis. It’s fun. It’s different.
I’m left hoping I have words that show the complete story. I hope it’s working. I think it is.