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Grey’s Anatomy

Last Sunday five teenagers, two moms and I cut a day in Boston short to get back to the hotel in time to watch Grey’s Anatomy. The girls wanted to be there, even if it was a rerun.
Tonight I sat glued to the television for an hour, watching in awe as the characters moved from one emotional trauma to another.
The writing on GA is some of the best ever. The characters completely real. I watch and hope I’m somehow learning my viewer osmosis.
I live Sunday night TV. I hope the writers don’t screw this show up. From what I’ve seen so far, they’ve created true magic.


For six weeks I wasn’t a writer. For a couple of those weeks, I struggled with the decision. I fought it. It nearly killed me.
But God gives us 24 hours a day and sometimes those hours have to be spent doing stuff other than writing.
My family needed me. My day job demanded me.
Writing had to get put away.
A month ago when I made that decision, it scared me. I wondered if I was giving up on the dream. Writing is so much a part of me, I couldn’t imagine life without it.
Life went on.
And it was okay.
About two weeks ago I realized the words weren’t going to just disappear. I hadn’t given up my love for language or my addiction to the smell of ink and paper. I’d just given myself permission to take a break.
I needed the break. I’m glad took it.
Now I’m back and surprisingly, the words aren’t gone. The fear, the anguish really, was misplaced.
I hope if I’m ever in this place again I remember this lesson.
Taking a break isn’t quitting. It’s breathing room. And sometimes that’s all we need.
I tell my students all the time that the you can have it all mentality is a big lie. I tell them in life you make choices in order to stay sane. I preach balance.
I forgot to pay attention to my own lessons. I hope I won’t again. But if I do, hopefully I’ll read this post again and remember. 🙂

Quick update

No blog for me until I get my requested Intrigue out the door.
I’ll be back after Spring Break.