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We’ve been talking a lot about choices in my class these days. About how you get to high school, and you can’t do everything, especially these days with eight classes. It made me remember back to when I first started this blog in 2005. I remember being so angry because I thought the whole Bring Home the Bacon, Fry it Up in a Pan, Never Let You Forget You’re a Man mentality I’d grown up with that said you can definitely have it all without giving up anything was a big lie.

All these years later I’ve learned it’s not exactly a lie. But the definition of “having it all” changes over time.

“It all” for me means learning to make choices. It’s not easy to give up something you want, something you enjoy.

If I’m going to write though, something has to give. There are only so many hours in the day, and at least six of my hours have to be devoted to sleep or I’m comatose instead of rockstar in the classroom, not to mention my fuzzy brain means I can’t tell a verb from an adjective and that’s a bit of a problem for a writer.

Soooooo I’m making choices.

It’s not easy.

Tonight I gave up the Olympics, Facebook, twitter and NewsHour.

I chose walking the dog, dianeravitch.net, KFDX local news at 6, dinner, coffee, spotify, my office, and new words.

I’ll watch the Olympics on video later. I know who won, and I missed the short program anyway.

You can’t do it all, but you can have it all. You just have to decide what “it all” is.



Liza Jane and Grady, WIP



Okay. So it’s the end of the world. I mean, the end. Kaput. Good-bye folks. The world is over.
AND the heroine (who’s been the ultimate wimp so far anyway) decides, uh, I can’t do this anymore. Let me out of the car.
End of the world. Everyone’s going to die.
I can’t do this anymore. I’m an idiot. This whole show is stupid.
After the mess TV wonderkids made of Lost, I was so excited about the last few episodes of Surface.
Silly me. I forgot the truth about TV writers.
They forget logic. They forget motivation. And who the heck cares about character? Let’s just get to the next cliffhanger scene we’ve got planned and who cares if it makes sense?!
The only good part of this show is Miles, and he’s awesome. But everything else makes me crazy. I throw stuff at the TV, yell at the characters and interrupt my husband’s hockey game to go a little crazy.
I’m going to be so ticked if they don’t salvage the mess they’ve made.
You know if an author does this, I close the book. but then reading is a lot tougher than mindlessly watching TV. And I know I can find something good on my book shelf.
Like Jennifer Weiner’s Good in Bed. I don’t know why I kept watching instead of breaking out the book. You can bet I won’t give them another chance. They lose me next week, and I’m turning the TV off.

I love TV

Finally, a GREAT Desperate Housewives. followed by my new favorite show, Gray’s Anatomy. I swear the writing on these shows leaves me in awe. I FEEL so much watching them. I know he characters. I don’t want the hour to be over. I hang on to those last few seconds just to see the teasers for next week. I hope my readers will feel like this when they read my books!


They’re losing me.
I loved this show. Loved it.
Great characterization, awesome suspense, sexy guys. What wasn’t to love?
So far this season, the answer is plenty. It almost seems like the writers sat down, said, “Hey, let’s throw in a hatch and see what happens.” It honestly feels like they have no idea where they’re going.
The show still has its high points. Jack married her?! What? The new girl was actually one of “them?” Duh Sawyer! Took you long enough to figure out. My teen daughter heard her explanation and said, “what is she? a fish?”
But the whole number thing is getting annoying. And the hatch is crazy. The show seems disjointed somehow.
And that makes me sad. I want to love it the way I love Desperate Housewives and Survivor. The way I might like Surface if they’ll go more with the imagination and less with the monster special effects.
I guess it’s really probably better that I might fall out of love with Lost. I need to write.


Desperate Housewives premiere’s tonight. Finally. I’ve missed the crazy antics of the women on the show and I can’t wait to see what happens next.
Now if I can just get back on my writing/weight watchers.
Of course that might be easier said IF my classes weren’t selling World’s FInest Chocolate. It’s so good. I try to stay away, but I just can’t do it.
And then I eat more. And more. And more.
And then I feel miserable and I don’t write. And the longer I go without writing, the easier it is not to do it. Well, easier’s not exactly the write term. Because when I don’t write, my story haunts me. But every day I don’t write is one day more that separates me form writing with ease and excitement and the painful demands of FORCING myself to do something with the blank document taunting me. I know the key. Write every day and it gets easier. So how come I go a week without writing? Probably the same reason I at the chocolate in my freezer. Discipline. Or a lack thereof. I’ve got to work on that!

What were they Thinking???!

Okay. Here’s the deal. Alias is my guilty pleasure. I watch it and feel like I can conquer the world. It’s awesome.
And once upon a time, it came on Sunday nights. I watched it faithfully. Then they moved it to Wednesdays. Not good. I never get to watch Wednesdays. Every once in a while I can sneak in a Lost episode, but not all that often. DH kept saying tape the show, but I never have time to watch taped shows.
Now they’re moving my guilty pleasure to Thursdays. Opposite my favorite show ever. Survivor. And Survivor’s a big family event. We don’t even answer the phone during Survivor. We have Survivor parties. We’re Survivor Geeks.
Alias–the guilty pleasure VS. Survivor, the all-time favorite.
It’s not even a competition.
No more Alias for me. 😦

My addiction

Why am I sitting here watching season 1 of Survivor on the OLN network when I KNOW what happens? I love this show. It’s sick. I can’t help it.

I survived!

Camp was incredible. I’m so lucky I get to teach the absolute best kids ever. They’re going to make this schoolyear awesome. DD wrote her first real story and it was so good! I cried. She threw stuff at me for crying. It was a special bonding moment.
I missed Who Wants to be a Hilton and Average Joe. No telling if I’ll get caught up.
I wrote some while away, not as much as I wanted, but I’m past the 1/2 way point on the story. AND it’s time for the romance so I’m excited about what’s left.
I read two books while gone.
Suzanne McMinn’s The Beast Within is amazing. It’s like reading the script to X-Men only better because the romance is so good. Definitely one to RUN get. It’s only on the shelves a month. Plus it’s the beginning of PAX League. Very interesting. The best thing about the book, other than the hero, is the heroine. She’s tough, knows what she wants, gets it AND still has her happily ever after. I haven’t read a Bombshell recently, but the first ones I read after Dallas National were missing the romantic element so I wasn’t all that interested. The Beast Within is what I want in an action-adventure novel.

I finished The Time Traveler’s Wife last night. Stayed up until 1:30 to finish it and was left feeling dissatisfied. I loved the idea of the book, very unique. I almost quit reading early on though because it was so confusing. Too many numbers for this word girl. 🙂 But I’d heard so much about it, I kept going. Until the last third, I’d say I loved this book. After the last third, I decided, nope I didn’t. It’s all Henry’s fault. And it’s not because it’s sad. The whole book has this sad undercurrent pushing it forward. I guess it’s that I didn’t like Henry in the end, and I didn’t really like Clare either. She seemed like a victim. I guess she was, but her whole attitude was just…I don’t know. It’s probably a good book if you consider a good book one with characters that stick in your head and kind of linger and make themselves known when you least expect them, but it won’t be on my keeper shelf.

The Real World

Well dangit, I’m old.
I didn’t realize it until today when DD and I sat down to watch the first episode of Real World Austin.
I loved The Real World when it premiered. Dh and I watched the first three seasons and then for whatever reason I lost interest.
So when dd asked if we could watch it, I was excited. More bonding and reality TV. Perfect.
When did hooking up become the be all end all of the show? And why? And ick.
At least DD roared when one of the guys said the slutpuppy girl was going to hook up with not only all the guys in the house but all the guys in Austin. I thought it was sad because the guy meant it as a compliment.
DD liked the show, only liked one of the girls said one of the girls she wanted to like used alcohol to excuse stupid behavior and thought the guys were silly–but still liked the show.
I didn’t. It made me feel old. 😦
We bonded but I’m depressed.


My next villain is going to be a weatherman. I swear!
Day before they were all freakin’ out. Keep your eyes to the sky. Don’t go anywhere without your weather radios on. Major tornado outbreak expected.
Now I’ve grown up around this stuff and I’ve never heard them act like this except ONE time, and that time a tornado ten miles wide nearly wiped out the south side of our town. They still use footage of it to compare to the massive Moore, OK tornado from a few years ago.
Anyway, so we kept the TV on the WeatherChannel. No biggee. DH watches the WeatherChannel like I watch Desperate Housewives. He even has his favorite weathercasters. Right now he likes Jennifer Lopez. I’m not sure if it’s because of her name or the fact that she just might be the only woman on the Weather Channel NOT pregnant. (I don’t know what they put in their water. And yes, I know, Mom, the water doesn’t do it! Hel-lo I’m a romance writer for Pete’s sake.)
So we keep the Weather Channel on and NOTHING happens except it gets hotter than heck out side. Heat Index hit 110. Not fun.
So then yesterday hits and all the weathermen are breathing a huge sigh of relief, no chance for rain. Clear skies, hot temperatures. We dodged the big bullet.
Will someone please explain to me WHY I ended up driving through huge hail, massive winds, horrible rain, and a wall cloud with cloud to ground lightning to get supper to my parents house 15 minutes away? When I left the house there was nothing out there and no one expected anything either.