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We interrupt this regular blog cast for more SNOW

Are you kidding me?!?! I’m tired of snow. I don’t want to hear the forecast that says 2 more inches of snow. My back yard still has six inches of snow from the foot we got Christmas Eve. I live in WIchita Falls, TX. I don’t worry about snow. I don’t wanna worry about snow. BLAH!

New Year, New You

It’s the same every year. Dec. 31 hits and I break out the resolutions, and let’s just face it, I SUCK at resolutions.
I mean, hello, I know resolution one will be lose weight. It always is. And honestly, there’s nothing difficult about losing weight. I’ve probably lost a ton over the last ten years. That’s a literal ton, not one of those tons skinny girls who have to lose the same 10 freaking ponds talk about all the time. I’ve out my body through some serious stuff whipping it into shape and then whipping it right back out into Weight Watchers R Us.
So yeah. Losing weight would be at the top of my list.
Writing would be next.
I love writing. I love the challenge of creating characters from scratch and giving them a story that ends in happily ever after. I love everything about it. And still I’ll go months without working on a book. And those resolutions I make in December and put into effect Jan. 1, don’t really make a difference at all.
So this year I’m going to go anti-resolution.
I’m going to drink my champagne, watch the ball drop, kiss my sweetie at midnight. But I’m not going to make resolutions.

Christmas Season Winding Down

Because of the snow, family Christmas had to wait this year until the roads were clear enough for family to make the trip from Burkburnett to Wichita Falls. It’s strange that the trip that usually takes no more than 20 minutes actually took more than 20 HOURS for people on Christmas Eve during the storm.
This year DD put up our tree and did the decorations while I was finishing up the massive December yearbook deadline and trying to recover from bronchitis and the flu. (blah. Hope I’m never sick like that again!)
DD’s always decorating when she gets the chance. I don’t know where she gets the decorating gene. I certainly don’t have it.
This year, we decided not to do a big Christmas because we got DD tires–her request–and we’re going to Vegas to celebrate our birthdays and anniversary and we’re committed to debt free living, so presents were few and far between. But when DD put up the tree, she had all these gorgeously wrapped presents there too. The Christmas tree room looked awesome!
Found out why during Family Christmas. DD wrapped fake presents so the tree would look balanced. Talk about dedication.
I wish I had a picture, but I don’t.
Trust me. It looked good.
It’s kind of sad that we’re taking it all down now.

The Snow that Stayed Forever

I’ve never seen snow last this long in Wichita Falls. Of course, I’ve never been in a blizzard here either.
On the bright side, I’ve read tons of great books. 🙂
True Colors by Kristin Hannah is wonderful. I forgot how much I love her books.
I suggested Diana Peterfreund’s Rampant to my niece. She loved it and now that I’ve read it, I understand. Highly recommend.
Black Rabbit Summer by Kevin Brooks was a good read too. I think I’ll recommend Rampant and Black Rabbit Summer to our English teachers for book circles. Rampant can definitely be used when teaching mythology.
I’m reading the first The Sharing Knife book by Lois McMaster Bujold right now. Wow!
Being stuck inside because of massive ice and snow might not be make for the best Christmas ever, but the books have certainly made things better.
This was our first White Christmas in over 80 years. I don’t think I’ll ever wish for a white Christmas again!

Hello Post Christmas World

We made a conscious decision NOT to celebrate Christmas with presents this year. By the time the season is complete, I will have spent hours baking Christmas goodies, but not hundreds in the stores looking to cash in on a season that shouldn’t be about $ at all.
Dh saw a show on the History channel that said our founding fathers didn’t even celebrate Christmas and certainly didn’t have days off for the holiday.
I like the days off, but I’m not sure in all the hustle, bustle and credit card commercials we haven’t lost the real reason for the season Christian or not, Christmas is about family and rebirth and hope.
It’s easier to remember that when we’re not using the plastic to buy gifts.

Other than Desert Isle Keepers at the aar boards, I haven’t had much luck with review sites. Until I found
The Young Adult market has changed significantly since I was a teenager. Few of the YAs I’ve read recently have been YA only. The ones I’ve checked out because of teenreads have all been bigger than the YA label.
So far this break I’ve read two that are asily going to find their way on my favorites of the year list.
If I Stay by Gayle Forman is a “box of Kleenex” book. It’s a book about self discovery, parenting, siblings, love, friendship and life. It’s up there with Jellicoe Road on my all-time favorite list.
Looking for Alaska by John Green was a great read. The lessons learned by the protagonist are lessons we can all use.
If you get a chance check out both.


“Don’t freak out.”
When your kid starts a story with those words, you know freaking out is going to be the least of your worries.
At least I know this.
And when DD told me she’d taken a stranger across town to his work, I about lost it.
He’d approached her in the bookstore parking lot and asked for a ride, and she said yes.
She said she’d planned on saying no, but yes came out, and she felt like it was the right thing to do, so she did it.
She said it was like God put the words in her mouth.
She knows I’m right about serial killers and rapists and robbers and all the horrible people in the world. And she knows we live in a prison town.
And she tells me I should know she’s the biggest scaredy cat in the world, so no way was she even the one in control there.
And my response is the same: No. Never. Not for any reason. Even if it is a God thing. Which gives me pause, but only a second’s worth.
Because the world is filled with horrible people, and I never want her to take a risk like that again.

Snowbound for Christmas!

We were supposed to have family over, but the roads are closed because of the blizzard. It’s crazy out there.

My house aftr the blizzard that dropped a foot of snow

neighbor's house after blizzard 2009

Merry Christmas

Remember the reason for the season.
Remember this little light of mine.
Remember, you’re the only Christ some people will ever see.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve Gift

“Christmas Eve Gift.”
She said the words every year, starting early in the morning before the sun even rose. Often while she stood over the stove stirring her chocolate gravy and baking her homemade biscuits, our request.
An we’d always say it back.
“Chirstmas Eve Gift, Grandma.”
And she’d give us a kiss and a smile, and we’d know that Christmas Eve Gift was better than anything we might unwrap under the tree.