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The thing about summer

During the school year I write from 7-whenever I stop because I know I have to work the next morning, I watch TV one night a week, I plan my week with writing front and center and I say things like, “I can’t wait for summer,” and “It’s going to be like I’m a full-time writer.”

And then summer hits. And I take a nap. And another. And another. I try new recipes. I go to the gym (some years). I take another nap. I read a book, I listen to a book, I read the paper cover-to-cover, I Facebook and tweet and take another nap. I get hooked on a TV show I can watch from season 1 to season 7 in one week (The West Wing, y’all. I can’t even. It is simply magical. Yay Donna and Josh!). And I take another nap.

And I write about writing. And I read about writing. And I look at my Pinterest board For Writers. And I take another nap. And I watch my tomatoes grow and I look at my gardenia and say “bloom, baby, bloom!” and I play with Emmie–who really wishes I’d just leave her alone and go to the office.

And then I reach today and it’s 7 p.m. and I’ve taken naps and done all the rest, but I’ve spent about four hours editing total in four days and I realize if this is full-time writing, my dream of making this my full-time job in nine years is never going to happen because studying the dialogue of Gilmore Girls isn’t going to get any books written.

So this is me saying it’s time to get real. I can sleep later and watch TV later and mess around on Pinterest later.

If you need me, I’ll be in the office. Writing.

Thinking About Low Carb?

Dear low-carb dabbler,

Welcome. I don’t blog a lot about this now, but trust me, I’m a good source. I lost 70 pounds over the course of two years using Atkins first and then changing over to a general low-carb lifestyle.

And then six weeks ago I fell off the wagon big time. The first fall was Valentine’s Day this year. I thought I could handle it. And maybe I could if I hadn’t continued “cheating” every once in a while. For the last six weeks it hasn’t been every once in a while, it’s been almost all the time. The only thing I kept up was NO bread–thank GOD.

Because I’m telling you if I had eaten bread, I’m not sure I could be on day four of induction…again

I keep telling myself it’ll be okay. And it will be. But…ohmigod DAY 4 SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

I tried to take a nap and saw visions of ice cream.

I realize suddenly I am really screwing this up this time. There is a secret to success when you start low carb living. The secret: find the induction food you love and stock up.

I didn’t do that this time and it’s killing me.

I’m definitely buying pepperoni when we go to the store. It’s a great snack. And cheddar cheese. Cheddar is your friend…usually.

I’m not going to eat the potato chips DH has stashed on the top shelf of the pantry even though they’re taunting me, turning my kitchen into something akin to Dante’s fifth circle of hell. I’m going to hand tough because I know in a week or two I’ll be able to sit with my friends while they eat whatever they want and I won’t crave it all.

So, know this. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. For some people the weight comes off fast. For me it was relatively slow, but it DID come off.

If you’re looking for recipes, check out Linda’s Low Carb site.

AND get the Atkins book. It’s worth it.

And if you need a cheerleader in your corner, feel free to comment here or over on twitter @marybethleeybnp.

Big shout out to my cousin Karleta for reminding me I can do this and to author Susan Gable who invited me to get back on the low carb wagon this week on Facebook.





AND then….

So I fell off the low-carb wagon again. And I’m a mess. UGH.

Tomorrow is going to be the new day 1, or I’ll blink and be a size 24 again.

We have five days left this year. The psychology of school in June for the first time is pretty surprising. I didn’t expect it. I mean it’s five days. Big deal, right? Turns out that answer is YES!

Tomorrow the new staff meets after school in the newsroom. I’m looking forward to that. And we start finals. And the seniors start signing the wall. And we’re one day closer to the end of the year. And I work for a great boss. And I have awesome students. And I work with some amazing people. And Donna didn’t die on The West Wing…which has NOTHING to do with school except The West Wing Season 5 was my escape this weekend and for three episodes, I thought my favorite character was going to die, which I think is probably directly related to the whole falling off the low-carb wagon thing. Anyway, Donna didn’t die and neither did Leo…which, I’m just saying, I’d need a gallon of Chunky Monkey if Leo died….I figure with all these almost die moments, someone is going to die and I’m going to hate The West Wing Writers for life.

So yeah, it’s been a weird year. And these last five days are going to be hot, hot, hot, but we do have a chance for rain Friday.

I need summer. Somehow, I bet I’m not alone.