Monthly Archives: October 2009

Debt-free living

computer died, so online activity has been sketchy at best non-existent at worst. Not sure when that’s going to change.
DH and I started Dave Ramsey’s debt-free living program, and it’s radically changing everything we do…in a good way.
It’s amazing how the banks market and prod and brainwash us. The credit card company that randomly went up on my interest rate this summer has sent me multiple pre-approved 0% interest checks in the last month. I won’t be using them because that card is gone now for good, but isn’t it amazing that they saw the need to hike my interest over 10 points and now they have 0% money available? That’s the nature of the beast. They moved their headquarters out of NYC where their practices were illegal and now they have free reign in states with no financial laws.
Well, in our house, they’re gone. They won’t be back. We’ll be saving for what we want instead of buying it because we can. It’s going to be interesting.