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Sad & How to do Vegas cheap

Strangest thing. We went to Circuit City tonight to check out the deals (not much!) and I was so sad. The empty shelves and the one kid working his tail off while all the other workers sort of slouched around trying to be invisible made the economic crisis seem a lot more real. Last week when we were in Vegas, it was obvious the boom times were over, but this was more obvious.

We stayed in a gorgeous room at the MGM Signature Suites. Got a deal on the room, 3rd night free. Took a taxi to Albertson’s, bought groceries, and ate all but one meal a day in the room.
Bought our show tickets at the half-price ticket place under the big Coke bottle right by the MGM Grand.
Played limit poker at O’Shae’s for hours and hours and hours. You don’t hit the big jackpots playing small limit poker, but you have fun. I’ve gone through $100 in 10 minutes on the slots. This was way more fun.
O’Shae’s is the perfect place to learn poker. It’s cheap and fun and way laid back.
Drink water instead of cokes and tea. I know that sounds strange, but when you add up the cost of drinks, it doesn’t take long to figure out why you should drink water.
Don’t drink when you’re playing table games. Seriously. They’ll give you all the alcohol you want for free if you’re gambling. BUT if you stay sober during your hours of poker playing fun, you’ll have multiple opportunities to win against drunk tourists who think they’re the next Phil Ivey.
The Duece. The bus goes up and down the strip 24 hours a day. It’s $7 for unlimited rides. Can’t beat that. it’s clean, and everyone is nice, and it’s easy to figure out. WAY better than the bus in Cancun. 🙂
Next time we decide to go, we’re going to check out the last minute deals from AA. They’re cheap deals on hotel/flights for a weekend.
I’ll post pics from Vegas later.

snow day

Woke up to an inch of ice on the road today. UGH!

Usually I’m all for a snow day, but today was the last day of newspaper deadline and the beginning of the big push in the next yearbook deadline. Can’t fight mother nature, though, so I told the kids to enjoy their day, and I settled in for a day of books and movies.

Watched Rome season 1, disc 1. LOVED it! Can’t wait for discs 2 and 3.

Spent a while searching for Delicious by Sherry Thomas in eReader format. No luck. Figured out how to download eReader books from Books on Board and get them on my iPod. Am now proud owner of SEP’s latest. Even though it’s still icing outside, I was able to get one of my favorite author’s books on the day it came out. Can’t beat that.

Currently reading Karen Templeton’s latest, Reining in the Rancher. Loving it. Realized somehow I missed one of hers. Not sure how since she’s an instant buy for me, and I thought I got e-mail alerts when a new Templeton came out. Strange.

For a snow day, I’ve accomplished a lot. 🙂

First week

I love new semesters. They’re clean slates, a chance to start over, a renewal.
This year, I’ve revamped my curriculum, and I’m trying to teach in a way that hits all learning styles. It’s not easy, and every day I see places I need to tweak the lessons. But it’s challenging, and I’m looking forward to developing even more new lessons.
Now if only I could do this without being sick!
DH gave me the cold from hell.

Growing up

I didn’t do her laundry this time.
Until she went away to college, I hadn’t done her laundry in years, but for some reason that simple chore became my lifeline of sorts, the way I stayed okay with the fact that she was packing up and moving on with life, a life out of my house, out of my control, out of my sphere.
I’ll always be her mother, but everything has changed.
So for the first move in August, and the next for the Hurricane Gustav evacuation and the next for the Hurricane Ike evacuation and the next for Thanksgiving, I’ve done her laundry.
But this time I didn’t.
I want to. I want to do it all: the laundry, gas the car, pack…but it’s time to stop. She needs me to stop.
I didn’t expect it to hurt this much.

New Beginnings

Today as I brought over all my old LiveJournal posts to this new blog, it was a little like a walk through my past. Second semester of DD’s freshman year in high school, I started my blog to help inspire my writing. Now it’s second semester of DD’s freshman year in college, and I see the blog is about so much more. My life’s themes seem to revolve around DD and DH, teaching, awesome books, sucky books, writing, rejection, hope and more, critique partners, RWA and RRRW, family, I’ll never read eBooks to I love eBooks!, friends, escape, dreams, love, anger, desire, love, heartbreak, motherhood is the best thing ever, motherhood sucks, I was never meant to be the PTA Mom and I’m okay with that, Kitchen Goddess wanna be disasters, Kitchen Goddess Diva deluxe, Weight Watchers YES!, Weight Watchers OMG, Weight Watchers Sucks, broken ankles, travel, TV-TV-TV, movie-movies-movies, Netflix Rocks, Jennifer Crusie, Deborah Smith, Susan Elizabeth Phillips are goddesses of the written word, eHarlequin, I-love-blogs!, yearbook, newspaper, J-conferences, favorite authors, the press, students, my life.
Until today, I didn’t realize how important my blog is to me. Or how much I want in life that I still don’t have.
Or how essential my desire to write is to my self identity.
It’s 2009. I started this blog journey in January 2005. I’m not even sure I’m the same person.
But I sure am thankful. And I’m re-inspired.
The teacher me,mom me, wife me, reader me still exists. But the writer me has been reborn.

Back to school

For the second year in a row, teachers in my district didn’t get two weeks off for Christmas. It’s such a petty thing to gripe about, but dang it!, I wanted to sleep in today. Next year we get to work the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Woo Hoo! 🙂

I got a ton done today even though I was gripey about being awake. I revamped some of my curriculum over the break and I actually put the plans on paper, ran the copies needed and put an extra set in my lesson plan binder. I hope my students appreciate the work I’ve put in on this. I’m trying to use the whole brain concept in my lessons.

I want to develop a living game board game for review use. The kids are used to playing Jeopardy or Bingo in other classes. This would be more interactive, kind of Candy Land for journalism students. It’s going to take a long time to develop and if it doesn’t work, I’ll be so bummed, but if it does work, it’ll be a favorite of the kids.

Currently reading: Whiskey Rebels. Love it!