Monthly Archives: October 2012



I started this blog with the photo from Facebook because it defines this year for me.

I’m loving this year so much.

I’ve loved my job forever, but the last few years have been tough. This year should be the HARDEST ever. I have four advanced staff in yearbook. My yearbook editor is an amazing writer/photographer/organista who agreed to take the job even though she’d never done a yearbook page. We’ve moved the newspaper online. Everything is different. BUT
 I spent all summer in this positive-only zone and it carried over into the classroom.

The only thing different this year from the last several is I changed my perceptions. I focus on the positive. I find the fun.

I still stay up to date on education politics (Save TX Schools rallies coming soon to a town near you!), I still constantly watch the news and engage in political debates. I’m still pretty much the same across the board (only 50 pounds smaller, see my getting fit page for that story), but I’ve changed my perspective, and I’ve done so deliberately.

That change in perspective is seen in my writing, my work and my home life.

I can’t control all the events in life and at work, but I can control my responses to those events.
My response, my responsibility.


At least easy today.

I hope you’re all having wonderful years. If you’re in the path of Sandy stay safe.


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