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End of Year

I feel like my old self. I have since around Spring Break. It’s weird. One day I didn’t. the next I did. It took almost two years to recover. I wonder if that has anything to do with the Swine Flu that wouldn’t leave from Oct. 31-Jan. 1?
I’ve had a truly amazing year. My kids this year rock. The book is beautiful. But I’m ready for the end. I’m revamping media team next year. Could make for some interesting blog posts next year!
Here are some hilights from this year.
I thought I gained so much weight from breaking my ankle two years ago, until I saw these photos and the food in almost every one of them!

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Very sad, don’t read, drugs are bad

I answered the phone. I don’t usually, but for some reason, I saw the number and I answered, even though it was 2 am and I’d stayed up until midnight watching LOST and it’s the last week of school. I answered.
So we went to the emergency room.
She said it was for kidney stones.
But the doctor and the nurses and I all knew the truth.
At least this doctor made her ask for the good stuff. He offered something small, but she said no, that didn’t usually work, and he said but it did usually for kidney stones and she said not really, not for her.
So he gave her the good stuff. The stuff they give cancer patients.
And I watched her body go slack, her moth open on its own because she couldn’t control it.
It’s not the first time I’ve seen her like that.
Two years ago her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she nearly passed out on my couch. It was a holiday. We were supposed to be celebrating.
I think it started before my memories.
Somehow though, as pain piled on top of pain, it spiraled out of control. And now with doctors who call themselves pain management acting as pushers for the Oxy’s and Perco’s, and Hydro’s, it’s not even difficult to let the drugs control everything.
I hate.
Drugs and doctors who give them like candy and the fact that we don’t get to go to lunch or on trips together or even just spend time talking.
I hate that the longest I’ve spent with her in the last handful of years was two and half hours in an emergency room watching a nurse administer a drug we all knew was one more nail in a coffin that’s going to be needed way too soon.
We’ve been studying forgiveness in small group, and I’ve got to forgive somehow. I’ve got to forgive her for addiction. I’ve got to forgive myself for the anger and somehow remember the love because it’s there, and that makes it even worse.

LOST finale

Nothing but spoilers. If you haven’t seen the finale, don’t read.

I’m a romance writer and reader, raised on Disney, Prince Charming and Happily Ever After. Maybe that’s what caused my reaction, but the LOST finale was a total fail for me.
Sure, the characters got closure. But they could’ve got the closure on episode 1 or at the end of season 1. It’s like the fight was all for nothing. And don’t even get me started on the commercials every five minutes. Ugh. Very disappointed.
sad face.


…was awesome. I love this year’s book. I’ll post pictures tomorrow. It’s so beautiful. Woo Hoo Walsworth and my awesome editors.
Biggest complaint: Two seniors upset that their names are misspelled in the book under their photos. I wish we would’ve caught it. Of course, I asked, repeatedly, for two months for seniors to come check their photos and names. Neither of the two complainers did that. UGH!
One mother was angry because we don’t have record of a yearbook purchase for her student. She didn’t have a receipt or this wouldn’t be a problem. We always say keep your receipt and have it at yearbook day and life will be much easier if there’s a problem. And we always have people who don’t do that. This mom was actually incredulous that we would ask her child to hold on to a receipt for so long. She said we’re asking too much for these young children.
I think she’s selling kids this age short. They’re fully capable of this kind of responsibility, but they’ll only live up to expectations.


We didn’t win, but man did we have fun! I’ve been a failure at writing. I mean seriously. NOTHING. All those plans, and not a word. I have, however, walked every day. I’m up to an hour a day. I feel much better. I’m using an app called loseit. It’s free. It counts my calories and deducts the exercise I work off. Next month I’m adding iFit to the mix.
We’re supposed to have an awesome all staff picnic today. Looks like thunderstorms. Maybe they’ll get out of here before 6 pm.