Daily Archives: August 21, 2016

The Night Before Day 1, Year 23

It’s 11:51 pm and I can’t sleep. I can never sleep the night before kids. 

Once I watched Dracula in the early morning hours before day one. Another time I read an entire Margot Early romance novel.

The night before my first first day I fell asleep and dreamed they accidentally put me in a second grade classroom. The kids threw yellow paint at me and yelled “You don’t belong here.” That first night before kids nightmare is as vivid now as it was then.

Those kids were right. Second grade is not where I belong. High school is. 

I believe I’m here in EMS for a purpose. I’ve already learned so much about myself and my teaching. 

Time to meditate and maybe count sheep.😊

I can’t wait to hear about my friends’ first days tomorrow!

Missing My Creature Comforts

My washer and dryer are back at home…the reasons are legion. No TV, no wifi. Again, legion.

And I’ve been pretty whiney about it.

Did you know apartment laundry required quarters? Okay, you probably did. Not me.

And wifi/tv set up requires a person to be home from 9-5 and costs $$$.

The only good thing about all this is I’m getting a close up glimpse into the lives of some of my students. The little things I’ve take for granted are actually not so little.

Doing work without wifi is practically impossible. I mean, you CAN do it, but you’re constantly checking data usage, and since you don’t have wifi, you’re using a lot of data, even if you don’t stream anything.

No TV means no Olympics. Sure, you get the headlines if you search them out, and maybe a headline grabs your attention and you read more, but that’s only maybe.

No TV means no constant news, a good thing except when breaking news takes place.

No quarters means no laundry, or searching for a change maker. You can try buying quarters somewhere on a Sunday morning, but good luck. Of course, buying quarters means having dollars. 

I’m pretty used to my creature comforts, and this inconvenience has put me in all kinds of a bad mood. If this was my life and a teacher asked me to do an hour of homework, a quiz on 16personalities, to watch a “quick” 15 minute video so we could flip the classroom, to know the answers on a current events quiz…yeah, I’m not really sure that would happen.

So all my whineyness needs to stop. Because this is eye-opening in a way I probably needed.