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Still at it

2 pages last night. But I did spend a LONG time working on my story. And I found my conflict. There’s actually a lot of conflict there I hadn’t identified in the story and the characters including the villains.
33 pages so far this week.


7 pages tonight. Very “tell-y” pages. Dialogue, blah-d-blah this happens then this.
I have a GREAT desire to go back to the beginning and start working on fleshing the story out, making every page something I’m proud of. But I don’t want to lose the forward momentum of the story. My theatre students tell me when they work on a play they start by doing read thru’s around a table. No real emotion at first, jsut getting the basics down. They work the emotion in over time. Then they do walk-thrus of the play. Blah-d-blah. Here, there, then there. Again, no real emotion. It’s just a check to see if movements and placements work. And then once they have that done they start working on putting it all together and when they’re done, WOW. Our theatre department’s plays rival the pro’s and I’m not joking.
I feel like this writing every day even when the muse is taking a summer break, is like that. It’s a combination read-thru, walk-thru. No true set, no real emotion, no parts definitely making the final cut. It’s working out the basics just to see if A+B will = C.
It’s not easy though. I keep thinking if I just went back to the beginning and started tweaking, started really working the words, maybe just maybe I could tempt my muse back from  Tahiti or where ever the heck she’s gone. But then I look at the page count I’ve accumulated so far and I think, I need to let the story work its way to the end first.
WHY can’t there be one definite formula for writing a novel that will (hopefully) sell?!?
I was feeling so good about this yesterday!
I swear the writer me is bi-polar.

Conflict part 5,257

UGH. I finished by shell synopsis for the new book tonight or rather at 1:36 this morning and my hero has NO CONFLICT. He has a back story and it’s great, but not really a part of this novel. My heroine is FILLED with conflict. I mean EVERY SINGLE scene is conflict crazy. The external intensifies the internal. It’s great. I’ve never, ever, ever had that happen before without MAJOR revision. (YES, writing every day does work!)
The hero is just tagging along for the ride. All of his conflict is superficial external stuff that works itself out as the story goes along. He’s torn at times in actions that lead to possible betrayal of the heroine and then ultimately those actions lead to her being in extreme danger at the end, but that’s all plot stuff.
I’ve got the G and the M so I should have the C, right?
My hero and heroine don’t play nice-nice. There’s lots of push pull between them in dialogue , the actions and the  sexual tension.  So how come there’s no conflict?
Or maybe there is conflict and I’m just missing it.
Or maybe I’ve spent the last ten years learning about the craft of writing and NOTHING HAS SUNK IN except bichok and writing emotional love scenes.
How can I feel so good about my writing the last month (thank you writing challenge!) and yet, look at my synopsis and think, wtf?! where’s the hero’s conflict?

Photos aren’t working on livejournal tonight, so pretend Sven’s here:
5.5 pages tonight plus the full unedited synopsis of my writing challenge book currently titled Out of the Darkness.

Still Hot in Here :-)

20 pages today. HOT pages, which are hard to write. Fun, but difficult. 🙂
I’m caught up now after last week’s visit with family.
This book is a VERY different experience for me. I’m writing through some real tough spots and the plot has changed significantly over time. Interesting way to do things. It definitely changes the character development. AND it leads to MAJOR revision issues, but that will be later. When I’m done, I’ll go through and make a concrete synopsis, make sure the GMC’s are there, get a real handle on some secondary character names. Strangest thing ever: the villain completely changed in today’s writing. One of my red herrings let me know they’re the guilty party and they’re coming after my heroine.

I work from 1-4 tomorrow (Leadership cohort…woo hoo!!!).


Harry Potter and DD are the same age. For the years she and I have been reading the books, Harry and DD have been growing up. And when I reached the end Saturday, I couldn’t help but feel a little sad. HP is done. DD is getting ready to start her last year of high school. It doesn’t seem possible. We should still be going to the library to check out books in the children’s section. DD should be bringing me copies of Heather Has Two Mommies and My Daddy’s Roommate, books she’d never even noticed before a local minister tried to have them removed from the library. We should be laughing at all the people who said reading Harry Potter was dangerous for our souls because Harry Potter was (whisper) about witchcraft. We should be getting ready for sixth grade or junior high or maybe ninth grade. DD should still be wearing her t-shirts and jeans and rolling her eyes at people who shopped at Abercrombie and Banana Republic and GOD forbid, spent more than $30 on a pair of pants or wasted money on hair color. 🙂

New Hairspray: It was okay. The Broadway show blew me away. I LOVED the old movie. The new one…I don’t know. It seemed to be trying too hard to stay PC and Hairspray just isn’t PC.

Harry Potter

I didn’t write yesterday. I didn’t do much of anything yesterday because I spent all day reading the final Harry Potter. I was afraid to wait because I didn’t want anyone to ruin the ending of the book for me and it seems like everyone from the news to youtube to e-mail is talking about it. I LOVED it. That’s all I’m saying. JKR is a goddess. I’m so sad it’s all over.

I Survived

The family’s all gone…except for my two nieces who are here often. I never thought I’d say it, but I miss having 17 people in the house.
It’s been a long time since I’ve had little kids around. I’d forgotten how precious they can be.
Last night I fed a purple haired horse apple stew and then rocked a four-year-old until she fell asleep in my arms. For about five minutes I wished I had a little one again. 🙂
I’ve got writing to catch up on now, but it was worth it to spend time with my brother and sil and their kids.

Kids and Butterflies

What I learned yesterday:
Butterfly gardens are a great idea for little kids visiting.
Butterflies are also bugs.
As is
“pretty butterfly…ACK! BUG!” (Lots of screaming follows, then lots of drama)

Yesterday I had 17 people in my house. There could be more today. But my fear brought on by this is NOTHING compared to a little girl’s fear of butterflies that get too close.

UGH! I did not write. I have to make up pages today.

It’s Getting Hot in Here

10 kick butt pages tonight. It’s starting to grab me. It took long enough to get to this place. It’s usually a little faster. And I usually let the story take its time. I wait for the muse or at least for the energy and excitement that joins together to create story.
Not this time.
And you know what? It’s better this way because I’m not letting myself say “I can’t right now.” And by doing this now, the school year won’t stop me either.
I’m a writer. I write. I write stories that end in happily ever after and make me believe in the power of love. And one day I’m going to sell those stories to an editor who’s going to read them and say, DANG, this girl can write, where the heck has she been?!
And when that happens, my darling husband will never again say “you’re spending too much time at the computer, babe.”
He doesn’t get it yet. He used to. But I let him forget the dream when I let myself forget it.
It’s time to recapture it for both of us.
I sure hope I’m in San Francisco next summer. 🙂

And because I liked what I posted to my writer’s group, here it is:
No, it’s not a contract. 🙂 Or even a request.
I wrote ten pages tonight and this makes over a week of writing every day.
Tonight FINALLY I wasn’t fighting for the pages. I loved tonight’s pages. They clicked. But you know what? The 42 I wrote last week that were fought for? They’re written. And even if they suck, they’re  there. Adding to the plot and the characterization and the story…and most of all building to these ten kick butt pages that sizzle off the page they’re so strong. Now, will those ten pages sell a book? Heck no. But they have added to my creative energy, my spirit, my willingness to sit at my computer every night and give voice to the story in my head even when it’s hard, even when I have company, even when I’m so tired I can’t see straight. And that’s what it takes. It’s a commitment between the writer and the art she’s chosen to practice.
I hope you’re writing too!

70 Days

10 more pages tonight.  FOR A TOTAL OF 42 this week. WOW and Woo hoo!!!!! I just added the total up and freaked myself out a little. Can you tell?

Today was our RWA meeting. I met one of our new members and Jessica from e-Harlequin was there. It was so inspirational. We talked about “no excuses” about writing no matter what and making the commitment. You either write or you don’t. No in between.
I need to remind myself of this often. It’s easy now when I’m not working. But when school starts and I’m on deadline, I need to remind myself again!

Several months ago I took this from Alison Kent’s blog.
“In writing, try is a noun. Try is what gets you back deep into the soul of the rankest pages and back on your feet after rejection bucks you flat on your ass. Try is the part of you that just won’t quit, even when every person in your life and every bone in your body begs you to. When you’re broke and broken, if you’ve got try you count on your craft, tape up your carpel tunnel, and bleed the words onto the page anyway. Try isn’t blinding yourself to consequence; it’s facing risk, pressing forth, and angling for personal best. Try is your passion for writing and the will to persevere. Try is your mettle, your endurance, your heart.”

If this isn’t your writing life’s motto, why not?

I said I was going to hang it on my wall, but I didn’t. I’m going to now.  🙂

Strange thing: I’m trying the fast draft method for this story. I’m not sure if I like what I’ve got, but I have complete faith that I’ll be able to revise it to work.
Biggest accomplishment this week: writing through yearbook/newspaper camp AND motherhood! (Teenagers can be a pain)
Coolest writing strategy: I stole this from Mel Schroeder–Just Write. Every night at 10:30 I log onto Yahoo Messenger and write for 2 hours. Others can join if they’d like. So far Jessica and Stormi have.
Goal for next week: Writing early since my brother and his family will be here all week.
Writers write. The end.