Monthly Archives: September 2006


Finished another round of revisions. MAN, I can’t believe how many errors I missed the before.
I’m going to run through it at least one more time. (3 sets)
This is the first time I’ve ever spent this much time on revision. Hopefully it’s a good thing. I figure a little more time upfront on my part will make a better impression when the book gets to Intrigue.
I’m getting a good feeling about this one FINALLY. Man, time is a theme for me today. 🙂


Ack! I don’t have enough of it!
This week is deadline for both staffs and of course, the computer system they promised me I’d love went down twice again. The technology guys look at this small inconvenience as no big deal. Since it happens in the middle of a fifty minute class and ends up taking the entire class period to work out, it’s a big freakin’ deal to us. I don’t know enough about networking to understand what exactly’s going on, but I know enough to understand we can’t keep doing this and have any hope at all of meeting deadlines. It’s also Leadership Cohort week. I love the cohort, but it takes time.
And I’m still working on revisions. I thought I’d be done by now, but I’m going to run through the book one more time before I send it.

It’s the big school dance tonight. I’ll be there working “security.” Fun. It’s actually been a pretty violent time in our little city lately. The gangs are shooting at each other and a guy was actually killed yesterday. I hope that mess doesn’t wind up anywhere near our dance. It shouldn’t. It never has before. But after the last week across the US, it’s kind of scary to think about.

My photo editor won a national photo contest. He gets a $1500 digital Canon camera. Very cool.


Annaof Sold!!!!
Stop by and congratulate her.

McWife, the book that sold, was the very first book I read about on eHarlequin a few years ago. Anna was Anna of the red boots and her online voice blew me away. I’m so happy for her. And once again, inspired.

Conversation in my classroom this week:

Mrs. Lee, you know what I love to read?

the girl asking the question is and incredible young writer. I’m thinking romance, mystery, classics. But I said, no, what do you love to read.

And she said.

Science textbooks.

Wonderful, supportive teacher that I am…
I laughed. A lot.

Fortunately I don’t think I’ve destroyed her, and she must be reading more than her science book because man, can she write.
Most of my students want to be great writers. They ask me all the time how to get there. And every time I give them the secret formula: read a lot and write a lot and read some more and write some more.

Love that formula.

Tomorrow’s Thursday. Grey’s Anatomy. Yay.

Paper Revisions

I printed a new hard copy of my story for edits today. Good thing. It’s funny how many errors there are in simple editing. I got half way through it today.
I’m definitely going to let it sit a couple days before reading it at least one mroe time to make sure I’m happy.
I’ve seen it so many times recently that I’ve lost perspective. I loved it last night and it’s so-so today, but I think that’s normal.
It still drives me crazy!
I’m ready to write something new.


The book is done and it’s going to sell.
I’m still going through it another time, but I’ve only felt this way about one other book. And that book will sell eventually too, but I sent it out too soon. I didn’t make sure every scene served a purpose. I didn’t check to make sure my characters stayed IN CHARACTER. I didn’t work the conflict enough. I relied too much on story and not enough on craft.

This book hits every plot point and on top of that it’s emotional beyond belief because I finally poured everything out on the page. It wasn’t easy to remember back to the truth about love and how hard it is to let it happen, to take that risk, that chance. How giving up control of me to become we is about the most frightening decision ever. But it sure was fulfilling to write about it once I finally got real! So far I’ve made my CPs cry. I hope I get to make other readers cry too. 🙂

FINALLY I can say it and mean it, I love this book. I (think) it’s done.
It’s getting a couple days rest before the final read through and then, it’s on to NYC.

Domestic goddess

Wal-Mart was packed with after school shoppers, screaming babies and the cute senior citizens in the automated carts and oxygen machines.
Maybe that’s why I walked by the refrigerator case of bake your own cookies and thought they would be the perfect solution to my family’s disgruntlement over the hours I’ve been putting in on the new book revisions.
My foray into cooking greatness has been limited to say the least.
I’ve tried. And my poor family has suffered. But with refrigerated dough, I figured I couldn’t go wrong.
I timed it perfectly. The cookies were baked to the perfect temp of done just barely when I had to leave to pick DD up from driver’s ed. I turned the oven off, left them in the oven and rushed across town thrilled with my domestic goddess moment. By the time we returned home DD would be treated to warm cookies, baked to perfection in the cooling oven.
Instead we returned home to the scent of burnt chocolate.
I turned off the timer but NOT the oven. 😦
DD wasn’t too upset. She just laughed and said at least I didn’t catch the oven on fire this time.

More ughs

So I realized last night that my heroine goes completely off track in two major scenes. She acts like Pollyanna Princess instead of tough as nails Arden. The end results will still be the same but the dialogue and situations leading to the end results need to be very different to be true to her character. UGH.

A question: My hero is a widower. The reader knows how his wife died, but the heroine doesn’t. Should she?
My thought is yeah. Definitely. Looks like more work.
If I stick to my writing plan, I should still finish this week.
Wish me luck!

Woo Hoo

First set of revisions are done–sort of. There’s one scene chapter eleven that needs work, but by bed time tonight, it will be awesome.
I’m going through the book at least once more tomorrow or the next day, once it has some cooling off time. Hopefully it will be on its way to NYC by Thursday.

The cold is finally going away. I can breathe again.


What in the world were the writers of Jericho thinking?
I’ve been excited about this show all summer. How could they take such an awesome idea and make it so ridiculous?!
Oh well, I didn’t need another new show anyway.

I’m deep in revisions and for a change I’m enjoying them. It’s fun to make the work stronger.
I wish the cold would go away. It would probably make things easier.


Still have the cold. Got a TON of revision work done today. Funny thing: the two chapters that lead from the first turning point to the rising action of the book needed lots of work. They had almost no emotion in them and the characters shifted from one type to another. I thought that meant BAD NEWS, but it was just chaps. 4-5. Strange.
This book is hot. I’d forgotten how hot. But it’s not explicit. Interesting.
Convinced a good friend to watch Grey’s Anatomy tonight. I think she’ll like it. I thought the first episode this season was a good one to get caught up on. I guess she’ll tell me tomorrow if it was.