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When you were three, I graduated from MSU. That night I was so sick. The next day Daddy (back then you called him Brian) carried me into the doctor’s office and we found out I had strep. You wore a pink dress and somewhere there’s a great picture of you laughing at me and me looking into the camera like I’m about to die.
You were in the 4-year-old class because you talked so much better than everyone else.
Your MOST favorite show ever was Barney, and back then Sandy Duncan was the mom. Your invisible friends were Andrew and Amy. You played with them every day in the bathtub and insisted I give them soap too.
Your favorite vacation location was Las Vegas. You cried when we had to leave to go to Disneyland. Your favorite book was Mama, Do You Love Me?, and I had to read it to you ALL THE TIME!!!
You “bingabunged” with Mema’s champagne glasses. Not real sure what that meant, but MAN, you loved to bounce around the house saying it.
Bounce. It’s how you lived the first several years of life. In fact, until the last two years you had two speeds, fast forward and FASTER forward. 🙂
It’s funny now, looking forward, thinking about you leaving my room as a student of WFISD for the last time in THREE days. I’m so excited for you. So thrilled because I know you’re starting on the path that will determine the rest of your life. You already know God’s given you a natural gift with photography, but what more will you learn? Next year you’ll take FIVE art classes. You’ve never even taken one, but you’ve always expressed yourself in such unique ways, I think your decision to be an art major is natural.
I’m proud of you, Katie. I hope when the choir sings Beautiful Savior you’ll listen to the words. They’re real. You never will walk alone.

Katie (3) at Huntington Beach

Katie (3) at Disney in flight jacket Johnny and Daddy bought

Katie (3) Bingabunge

Then there was that time

See, you never slept until you started school. Not that strange CNN story kind of never sleeps, but the kind where you see moms walking around empty-eyes pushing a stroller, not hearing anything because once again their baby didn’t sleep, only with you it kept going. From baby to toddler to pre-K. You needed an hour or two and that was it. You took naps, but I was in school for nap time, so I missed that party. (aka, sleep time)
But then you hit Kindergarten, and it was PURE JOY. Every night, at 8, you crashed. And every morning at 5:30 you said “Good morning, Mommy, holding my face between your hands. Back then, as much as I loved those smiles and good mornings, I wished to GOD you’d let me sleep thirty more minutes. Now, I wonder what the heck?!? I wasted so many minutes on sleep.
I call you stubborn. Hard headed. Strong willed.
Everyone agrees.
At two or three when I was writing that Romeo and Juliet paper and you were supposed to be in bed but I heard that sound and it was you in the vaporizer with the Barbies and you’d pushed the blanket up against the door so I wouldn’t see the light, yeah, that should’ve been a clue.
When I spanked you that time and you turned to me and laughed and said, I’m not going to cry. You can’t make me. I almost got it.
It took me a few more years to figure it out.
The punishment that worked for you was take all the books out of your room. But even that was only successful for an hour or two.
That strong will can be a good thing. It can keep you going when everyone says it’s time to quit. It’s not always been easy, juggling parenthood and the desire to help you become the best you can be without breaking that will (as if we ever had the ability!). In one week, you’ll be done with high school. That will should serve you well.

First grade picture day. You refused to let us help you get ready. Back then I was so frustrated that day, but now, I’m glad.


Distributed to the campus today. I love them. 🙂 I love them enough that the pre-proofed division page with the Willy Wonka placeholder quote that printed instead of the proofed pages I DID send doesn’t bother me all that much.
Dd’s finishing her off-campus PE tonight.
I still can’t believe she’s graduating.
It seems like only yesterday she was eating her first watermelon:

And going to Kindergarten:

In less than two weeks, she’ll be getting her diploma!


It seems like only yesterday we were attending our first publications camp:

Or eating dinner with all those high school kids:

or even working together your first  and second year at high school


We get them tomorrow.  This is the first year I didn’t get a preview copy, and it’s killing me ESPECIALLY in light of the McKinney yearbook news.

Ordered DD’s computer for college tonight. It’s killing me. I’m not ready for her to be done with school. Of course, if she doesn’t finish the one hour of off campus PE she has left, she won’t graduate.  I hope she takes care of that because we’re supposed to go to orientation in three weeks. It’s HARD to be hands off, but she’s 18. This has to be hers.
That’s probably the most difficult part of motherhood. I’ve been 18, I lived that life, made the mistakes, had the fun and the heartache. Now, I’ve got to let her go, let her live, let her fall and fail and succeed and fly. I don’t get to keep her that five-year-old baby girl standing in line at Six Flags with my students during my first newspaper camp. (I’ll post that picture tomorrow.)


That’s all I’m saying!!!!!!!

Audiobook Danger

I subscribed to Audible because I figured working out to stories would be much more fun than working out to music. I was right.
I chose Marian Keyes’ Anybody Out There? this month,so fellow Y members got to watch me laugh uncontrollably several times this week, and tear up some. THANK GOD I finished it at home today because for the last five minutes I sobbed.
Loved the book and LOVED listening to it. I’ll definitely get more foreign novels on audio!


The magic wasn’t there this week. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great. Hope they find it again soon.

I tried to stay away…

But I couldn’t do it. Over the last couple weeks, I’ve found myself thinking that would be a good blog topic about a million times!
Our RRRW speaker this month was the fabulous Geralyn Dawson and she spoke about making sure you know why you’re writing AND not letting the business destroy you.
I entered a contest with my YA. I love this story. I started working on another contest entry, my inspirational. And I’ve got to get my new RS ready to go too. I’ve seen several of my former students. The paper came out and I completely missed a story somehow. (I think it’s because I’m basically doing the equivalent of coaching two year-long varsity sports at the same time, BUT I still should’ve caught it. )The yearbooks are almost here. I decided attitude is completely a choice, and I can choose to be happy or not, but it’s my choice. I love my job, and it’s my responsibility to keep my joy in that job, and if I’m doing something that’s taking away that joy, I need to change my course of action. I ALMOST volunteered to help with something on campus but stopped myself right before I hit the send button because the thing I was willing to help with has NOTHING to do with my program, so I engaged in some positive self-talk and realized that in giving up the site based team, I’m feeling at a loss for how to be a leader on my campus and give back, and then I came up with a plan that incorporates my program, my goals, my kids and our campus. I decided once again I don’t want to be a principal and that teachers by and large like to gripe but for the most part, we love our jobs. I learned BLAME is easy but ownership is hard. I learned the financial aid process for college is completely confusing and exciting. I learned dd STILL has no real concept of $$$ (ACK!!!!!). I learned I AM jealous of my friends when they sell, but I’m equally thrilled. I learned I’m still susceptible  (I love that word) to rejection blues. I decided I need an agent. I learned I’m still a total TV addict, and every group of seniors inspires me to be a better teacher, and when I fail, I take it personally. I learned I’m a gossip if put in the position to be one, so I need to stay out of those positions. I learned yearbook sales are down nationwide, which is strange because the book is the only thing that will last forever. I learned I can’t listen to North American book and then pick up a paperback and read the next day, but I have no problem at all listening to an Irish book and picking up a paperback the same day (very strange). I learned a lot more, but that covers it for now! 🙂

Out to Lunch

or actually just enjoying the last month of school with DD. I’ll be back in June!
If you’re in the WF area, check out our May speaker: Best selling author Geralyn Dawson. We meet at the public library at 10:30 this Saturday.
Also, next month is our conference featuring best selling author Gena Showalter, Jill Monroe, Linda Goodnight and Jordan Dane. It’s the first weekend of the month and you have to pre-register: check us out at