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I posted this article about abstinence based sex ed yesterday to my Facebook page and ended up with several comments, all interesting to read.
We weren’t the only ones discussing the issue. I saw it all over the national media yesterday.
Most people I know agree the US has a serious teen pregnancy problem. More than any other Western nation. Obviously, what we’re doing isn’t working, but when schools try to take over sex ed, even to the point of handing out the birth control, that doesn’t work either.
The study the TImes article is based on is interesting because it wasn’t sex ed in schools that made any kind of difference. It was a combination of parental involvement and abstinence based sex ed from an outside source. And the kids were young, middle/junior high years.
THe study was promising because it took a group of girls who SHOULD have gotten pregnant–lower socio-economic, kids of teen moms who were kids of teen moms (generational) where teen pregnancy wasn’t really frowned upon and was accepted as a part of life–and showed it’s not necessarily a given.
I wasn’t a teen mom, but I was a young, unmarried mom. I didn’t suffer from lack of knowledge, and my health class in high school was girls only and VERY specific in its instruction on birth control. I was a freshman and I was very vocal about abstinence. By senior year I was partying, and that freshman girl was long forgotten. But birth control was for “bad girls,” and most adults I knew said birth control was bad because it would give you permission to have sex. I’m not sure how that works, really, but I think maybe that attitude toward birth control is the difference between the US and other nations. I’m not sure what I think about birth control and sex-ed in school. I don’t think showing pictures of disease and saying don’t do it works any better than Just Say No does to stop kids from smoking pot.


I’ve been there since the first episode, so I’m definitely there now, but WHAT THE HECK???
Who were those people? When did Kate go Ninja? Worried they’re not going to be able to wrap this up in any way that makes sense. But it sure was fun to watch. I tweeted reactions throughout the show last night, and I certainly wasn’t alone. Lost, WTF and confused were all trending topics last night. Lots of people on Facebook and Twitter asking others not to post spoilers. Very interesting.

The antichrist came to town…

you might know him as Rick Perry.
Governor of Texas.
Fake hair.
“You know who I am,” school zone speeder, police maligner
Governor’s mansion ridiculous spender
Politician’s Politician
Big Man on Campus, Good Ol’ Boy who doesn’t have a Good ol’ to stand on.
I wish he’d go back to Austin, and I hope his days there are numbered.

Let’s Talk About Sex…

…at church.
The college ministry DH and I volunteer for is currently in the middle of a relationship series, and today, they hit on one of the most important aspects= emotions.
I live in the bible belt. When we talk about sex in public forums it tends to be a completely physical conversation. “Don’t do this. You’ll get pregnant, catch this disease, see this picture–you don’t want that, do you?”
Rarely does anyone ever talk about the reality of attraction (lust–back in the day DH wore Obsession cologne. I loved that stuff. Pheremone City. Man..just thinking about it gives me chills. AND you know what? There’s NOTHING wrong with that. That’s the point.) and the emotional investment of a sexual relationship and the emotional baggage if/when that relationship fails.
We only had a few minutes to talk today, nowhere near the time needed to have an open, honest FRANK discussion about sex, but we’ve got two more weeks to continue the discussion.

READING: The Sharing Knife book four. OMG! Bujold is a goddess. Can’t believe I missed her before now. New author to glom. Woo hoo!