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Summer’s half-way point

Half the summer is gone, and I feel a little split on this one. I’ve gotten up every week day and gone to the Y…except the three days when I thought I was buying a house. Those days I spent with DH, a real estate agent and the credit union loan officer. I cleaned the house–it’s messy again now. I’ve lost 13 pounds—was 16, but I randomly gained 4 two weeks ago. Lost 11 inches–yay!, figured out what color to paint the house, planted a garden, grew a ton of tomato vines, four pepper plants, a bunch of onions (really wish I had more than 2 tomatoes on those vines!), I’ve read some good books (some not so good, too), saw Sheila once, got my ticket to see brother and family for less than $200 round trip, hosted and attended one yearbook workshop. That’s pretty much it. This month is crazy busy starting next week. I’ve liked the time off. It’s the first time in a few years I’ve done that, and I’ve got to say, I loooooovvvvveeeee summer. It’s different when you don’t stay busy at camps and workshops the entire time.
I’ve decided I’m going to have to redo the newsroom schedule. I have to put me first. Work outs aren’t optional. I didn’t even put me first when I broke my ankle. That year I missed four days, and every one of them was for Dallas doctor’s appointments.
Off to the gym. Have a great day.

#1 reason I <3 e-books

Today my mother-in-law gave me a mass market paperback to read. She said it’s awesome. It’s a NYT Bestseller, so I figure she’s right. I don’t buy my own paperbacks anymore. I don’t buy hardback either. If I read a paper book it’s given to me or I’ve checked it out from the library.
Two years ago I couldn’t imagine enjoying e-books. I love the smell of paper and ink. Libraries were my favorite places in the world. My high school library saved my life. My high school librarian introduced me to Harlequin Romance. I blew off friends who told me I’d love e-books. Until I started reading them on my iPod. Maybe it had something to do with my age. I could increase the font size so easily. Maybe it had something to do with DH hating my booklights. Suddenly, I had a booklight that didn’t bother him at all. Maybe it’s because I’m a mess and I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve been reading an amazing book, only to set it down somewhere and find it five months later. And then there’s the whole instant gratification of e-books. If I decide at midnight that I want the latest Karen Templeton, I don’t have to run to Wal-Mart. I just log on to e-Harlequin’s e-bookstore, buy the digital editions, open it with the txtr app, and my life is good. But that’s not my # 1 reason for loving e-books.
Back to the book my mother-in-law gave me. She paid $7.98 for the mass market paperback. And judging by the prologue, it’s going to be a good book. Unfortunately, once I turned to chapter one, the words go into the gutter. I have to fight the book to read the book, and I just don’t know if it’s worth it.
Before e-books, I fought books on a regular basis. I used reading glasses because of tiny print because I wanted to read the book so badly. With e-books, it’s not even a problem.
I don’t know if I’m gonna read the book or not. Right now, I’m going to clean my house instead. I can guarantee you that wouldn’t happen if it were an e-book.

audio books

(reposted from my e-Harlequin blog)
I’m finding that I LOVE audio books. It’s a completely different feel from reading a book. I know the story is the same, but I think hearing it chages it somehow. Several of my friends read J. Crusie’s Wild Ride and gave it low marks. I listened to it and LOVED it. I’ve not read Jellicoe Road, but I listend to it, and it was one of my favorite books last year. Most of Susan Elizabeth Phillip’s books are on my keeper shelf, but since I’ve enjoyed my audible account so much, I’ve started getting them from audible. They’re just as good. Charlaine Harris’s Sookie series is fabulous as audio. I’m really surprised I enjoy audio books so much. Strange. Looking at my keeper shelf I see fewer and fewer paper books. I need a new system for starring my audio and e-Books, so I remember which of them are keepers also!

Work Out

Today our aqua aerobics instructor used interval training with us. She said it would stay with us all day. She was right. HOLY COW!
I’m loving this summer. For the first time, I’m not sleeping in. I’m up and going in the morning. I eat breakfast. I work in the garden and go to the Y.
Garden, looks good but my tomatoes aren’t working. The plants look beautiful. LOTS of blossoms. Two tomatoes. Bummer.
Pepper plants finally blossomed. Took forever.
I sure hope I get something more than blossoms from my plants.

Dear Hot Flash

you are so annoying.
The End.

Getting Fit

If you haven’t already noticed, I have a getting fit page on my blog. It’s six weeks old.
Over the last six weeks, I’ve lost 14 pounds without dieting, without Weight Watchers, without spending a fortune. The first five weeks I walked 30-90 minutes a day. The last week, I added aerobics classes at the Y.
If I want ice cream, I eat it. Today, I had barbecue for lunch. It’s okay. I can eat out. Starbucks is almost a daily treat. I’m never hungry.
What I am is “getting” healthy.
I eat whole grains in the morning or at lunch, lots of fruits and veggies and milk. But I eat anything else I want, too. Including butter.
I’m using the free loseit app to help. I told it how much weight I wanted to lose, and it told me how many calories I can have a day. I earn more calories by exercising. I keep track of all the food I eat, and it keeps track of my calorie count. It’s visual so I can see how things are going. If I want a Dr Pepper float and I haven’t saved the calories for it, I exercise to earn the calories.
I decided I had to get fit when I saw a picture of myself in the local newspaper after winning runner up for teacher of the year. I also checked my real age on According to them, my real age was 49. Last week, I retook the test. I’m down to 44. I’ll retake the test every month.
Last week I paid for the iFit app. It was $1.99 and it’s supposed to be a personal trainer. So far all I’ve done is put my measurements in. I did that because last week I didn’t lose any weight, and I decided measurements were as important to getting fit as actual numbers.
Last year I started menopause. It’s almost always a blessing. 🙂 But I think it has contributed to my weight gain. It’s more important than ever to watch my calories and to make sure I work out. There’s a 92-yr-old lady in my stretch class who can touch her nose to the floor. I can’t even touch my toes with my fingers! I’ll write more about the classes another time. Let’s just say Zumba is fun and funny, balancing balls are hilarious and my stretch class is for senior citizens, but they’re all in better shape than me! I’m changing that.

Summer Week One

I love summer. 🙂
This week I worked out every day, joined a ZUMBA class, used an exercise balancing ball for the first time, laughed at myself a lot, cooked every night, purchased my tickets to see my brother in Georgia next month, spent hours watching Toddlers and Tiaras on youtube (I have no idea where that one came form. we didn’t do pageants, and other than a childhood routing for Miss Texas or Miss Arkansas to win Miss America, I’ve not cared about pageants at all), read a couple good books (Samantha Hunter and Susan Gable), streamed the BBC Robin Hood from Netflix, and watched movies-Tsotsi=amazing. You should watch. It’s disturbing, though, and I needed Kleenex. Nanny Diaries is cute.
What I didn’t do is write. At all.
I planned on working out and then going to Starbucks to write. I’ll try for that again this week. I also need to clean house!

You should listen: Alec Dockery, Whatever We Want

You know how it is when your friends tell you about their kids and how awesome they are, and you smile and nod and think OH GOD, don’t make me listen, and then they push play and you resign yourself to the fake smile and the “oh wow! that’s nice” while on the inside you’re cringing and pleading for the tornado sirens to sound or something, anything to get you out of there?
That was me the last day of school when my friend Charlotte Dockery dropped by with her stepson Alec’s new song, Whatever We Want.
I was super busy and not in the least bit interested in hearing a high school kid sing a song he’d written and had produced. But I love Charlotte, and I’d listen to monkeys sing if she asked me to. So I resigned myself to my fate, pasted on the smile, and was blown away when she pushed play.
So were my students, Alec’s demographic.
They all wanted to hear the song again and again and again.
It’s that perfect song about dreams and love and well, don’t take my word for it, go listen. It’s on iTunes now: Whatever We Want by Alec Dockery. It’s .99 to download, but you can listen to the preview for free. I downloaded it the day it was available and I keep listening to it. If you like it, tell others about it.
He’s a local (Wichita Falls) kid headed to Nashville for college. With his voice, he’s picked the right place! He wrote the song, and that’s him playing the piano and singing all the parts. Amazing.