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Time Keeps on Slipping

I can’t believe June is gone. It seems like summer just started.
Somehow the days have slipped by. Maybe it’s because I’ve been so busy writing. {Can’t complain there!)
I spent today at a web designing class. It’s a skill I need to know for my day job, and it helps that I can put together something for myself before I get published. I learned Front Page, but what I’ve got at home is GoLive. I still can’t figure out how to do all the cool buttons on GoLive. I’ll get a book or research it online. But not today–because I’ve already spent two hours on the site today and it’s only my home page, links and templates for two more pages. This web design stuff eats time. And June is over. I don’t have time!

I HATE that I don’t get to go to RWA National this year. I’ve been to the last four and had a BLAST. But I decided to forgo the conference until I get THE CALL. I can hear the classes on tape and I can query an editor for 74 cents. I need to be writing that week. Once I get the call, I’ll be there. 🙂

My new WIP is the best thing I’ve written. It’s like these characters have taken over my mind. I hope it gets requested and then I hope it sells. 🙂
I wish I could write faster! I have two more ideas ready to go.

Still getting older:
I’m turning into my mother. I started watching a movie with dd and had to stop because the language was driving me crazy. I teach high school, so I don’t know why I was surprised. 😦
On a bright note I enjoyed The Real World Austin. Maybe I’m not getting too old. 🙂


A few months ago I got a rejection on a book I loved. The editor said it felt like two different books, the hero’s and heroine’s until they collided. It was.
She also said something I’d never really thought of. She said let the dialogue tell the story and to trust the readers to fill in the blanks. I guess that was her way of saying I’d over written. I always considered dialogue one of my strengths. But I always made sure to really get that introspection in to show what the character was feeling and thinking.
On my new WIP, I have a TON of time for dialogue. It’s a family drama, so lots of talking. And what I’ve discovered is the story flows better when I can move that introspection to dialogue. Secondary characters add color, but they also provide emphasis. It’s fun. It’s different.
I’m left hoping I have words that show the complete story. I hope it’s working. I think it is.


My goal was to lose a ton of weight this summer.
I forgot about icecream.
Enough said.


I LOVE my new WIP. Love it, love it, love it. DD says I’m writing a Hallmark movie and I tell her we can only hope. 🙂
Of course, it is 2:02 in the morning and I’ve been writing for three hours straight and I just hit the end of the first major turning point but I LOVE THIS story.
And the whole problem with the scene is fine, I just needed to talk it out and tweak it some.
Woo Hoo.
And I have my next Intrigue idea to put together if the last one gets R’d. (It shouldn’t because it is awesome. That hero is the best hero I’ve ever written, but it might, so I’ve got to plan for the next one) And I got my first agent R and it doesn’t hurt. I can’t believe that, but it really doesn’t. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m just strange. And I’ve got the short synopsis written for my next women’s fiction. My summer is planned. I’m a writer. I write. I tell stories. I love this. Woo Hoo.
I can’t wait to bring this to critiques with the wonderful Bad Girls, Brave author Karen Kelley who constantly reminds me dreams do come true and Sheila Curlin, emotional writer extraordinaire who reminds me to take risks in my writing. Whoa. This is risky. And I love it.
Forget the rules. They don’t exist.
Woo Hoo!

Writing Down the Bones

If the scene stunk I’d be happier.
I’ve reached the huge moment in my story. This moment that shows my two protagonists in conflict at the same time they’re in agreement. It leads to growth for one and more confusion for the other and I know it can be a WHOA scene.
Two days ago it was just bad. B-A-D.
So I reworked it. Approached it from different angles, different POVs.
Now it’s a perfectly fine scene. But it’s not an awesome scene. And I want it to be awesome. I want it pack a huge emotional punch. I want it to BE the girls. BE the confusion. BE the pain and disbelief.
And right now it doesn’t do that. Right now it just is.
I’m not moving forward until I get it right.
So that brings me to this morning making waffles, throwing melted ice packs in the freezer, listening to Tom Cruise explain his dislike for psychiatry with Matt Lauer on Today and I’m not really there. Not at all.
I’m back on that scene. It’s driving me nuts.
And I’m thinking: What scene have I read that does what I want to accomplish?
And then it hits me. The Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing.
I read the book years ago and loved it. I have no idea who has it now. I just loaned it out and it started on its path around the world and I promptly forgot all about it.
Until today when I remembered the way the author recreated the emotion of discovering you have cancer.
She didn’t go on and on but the starkness, the emptiness, the fear, the knowledge that we’re here today but there are no tomorrow’s promised, it’s all on the page.
I’m probably going to scrap the perfectly fine scene and try again for this feel. ACK!

The Real World

Well dangit, I’m old.
I didn’t realize it until today when DD and I sat down to watch the first episode of Real World Austin.
I loved The Real World when it premiered. Dh and I watched the first three seasons and then for whatever reason I lost interest.
So when dd asked if we could watch it, I was excited. More bonding and reality TV. Perfect.
When did hooking up become the be all end all of the show? And why? And ick.
At least DD roared when one of the guys said the slutpuppy girl was going to hook up with not only all the guys in the house but all the guys in Austin. I thought it was sad because the guy meant it as a compliment.
DD liked the show, only liked one of the girls said one of the girls she wanted to like used alcohol to excuse stupid behavior and thought the guys were silly–but still liked the show.
I didn’t. It made me feel old. 😦
We bonded but I’m depressed.


I watched TopGun with DD night before last. I watched it the first time when I was her age. Watching with her was even better.
She looked at me funny as the credits were rolling and said, “oh. Now I get it.” And I totally understood. She doesn’t like Tom Cruise all that much and thinks it’s hilarious that I thought he was super hot when I was a teenager. Until TopGun she thought I was crazy. Now she gets it. 🙂
I love these bonding moments.
Today she’s watching Amadeus. Another incredible movie from when I was a teenager, but no Tom Cruise. I’m going to write.


I have a whole new respect for mothers who write.
I’m a mom. I started writing when DD was five.
My niece stayed with me last night. She’s eight months old. I thought I’d watch her and write when I got a chance. Uh. What chance?
I have no idea how moms with young kids do this!

The Kite Runner

I just finished The Kite Runner and it is incredible. I didn’t plan on loving the book. I was reading ti because a student gave it to me, said she thought I might enjoy it.
It’s an amazing, honest story and it made me look at my writing and see I haven’t dug deep enough.
Fabulous book.
I have a romance next on my TBR. I need it. 🙂
I still love my new book. It’s so different.
It’s definitely family drama. I’m not used to writing this. My brain keeps saying, hey, where’s the dead bpdies? the explosions? the conspiracies?
But you know what? There’s all sorts of intrigue in real life. All sorts of story questions and conflict and secrets. Good thing!

The Problem with new WIPS

Last night I wrote until 2. I liked what I’d written, but I didn’t love it. The characters were there, but no voice.
So I jotted down some notes, told myself it had to be bigger and went to bed.
And that’s when the characters started talking to me. Not just one but the whole freakin’ cast.
I know better than to tell them to shut up. Do that and they just might hold it against you the next day. So I got up, wrote the scene, went to bed. I still wasn’t happy. Something was off.
And then the voices started talking again.
And I could see the problem, or at least one of them.
So I got up, whipped out my moleskin notebook and wrote what the characters were telling me. It had to do with story order and voice and word choice and when I was done, I had an outline of the beginning. An outline I LOVE that has amazing voice and a unique energy. I told my CP’s think Steel Magnolias meets Ya-Ya Sisterhood meets the chapters of Luke where Jesus is telling the parables.
So finally the voices quit messing with my brain. And at 4 this morning I finally got to sleep.
Which was okay because we went to church yesterday so I could sleep in.
Only dh woke up at 7, flippped on the TV and started talking.