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The List

I spent the morning trying to get working right. I directed it to the test site and sent a shout out for help to customer support.
I kind of hated working on the site.
The last few mornings, I’ve written. It’s not my prime writing time. For whatever reason, maybe because when DD was young I conditioned myself, my writer brain kicks in between 8 and 9 p.m.
Used to that was no big deal. Getting by on six hours of sleep was no problem.
These days, not so much.
My goal this year is to have a set routine for work, writing and exercise.
Routine has never been my strong point.
Eons ago when DH and I went through pre-marriage counseling, his personality profile lines up perfectly with Jesus Christ’s.
Mine, hah. The minister said it was a good thing DH lined up with Jesus because I needed someone like that.
I didn’t have a bit of the “planner” in me.
(I took the True Colors test this summer and actually got 5 on that part, so I’m changing. 5 is almost 0. But it’s 5 times higher that what it used to be! One of my editors scored 36 on gold. My old superintendent said surround yourself with your opposites to find success. Good thing!)
When we first got married, DH tried to give me a list of things to get done. He said he thought it would help since we’d talked the night before and they were things I said I was going to do.
I tore the list up and threw it away. My feelings were so hurt!
Today, my work life is completely list oriented. I MAKE my editors develop daily, weekly and deadline lists. Before I talk to them, I say where’s your list? The list rules. The list keeps us sane. The list is why we get a yearbook, newspaper and broadcast done.
The list=success. I don’t know why I’ve avoided that strategy in every day life.
My friend Mary makes a weekly goals list and posts it on her blog. She almost always meets those goals.
I don’t know if I want to go that far with my daily life list, but it’s a cool idea.
Back to DH: over the years some of my spontaneity has rubbed off on him. I don’t know that he’ll ever be ok with waking up on a Saturday, getting in the car and driving to an unknown destination (that would be so awesome!), but he does pop up with a “never mind the chicken, let’s go out to eat” every once in a while. 🙂
I think he’ll freak out a little if I start living an organized (of sorts) life.

Family, writing and summer oh my

I’m loving my book. It’s so different and fun. It’s pretty freeing to be writing with no real guidelines, just letting the story go where it will, where it wants, where the two main characters want it to go.
I’m reading Donald Maass’s Breakout Novel book, and today I read some pretty powerful words. He says examine WHY you’re writing the book. What purpose does it serve. What big thing are you trying to say. I realized I hadn’t thought of it like that, but once I did, it gave me more of a sense of urgency to make sure my book makes the statement I want to make. aIt helps keep everything on the page focused.

It’s 100+ and has been for a week. My air isn’t working right. The house is 85-86 between 3:30-5:00. My mil says call the air guys. But they’re expensive. And DH doesn’t want to for a lot of reasons. I told him he had this month to make it work, but then we were calling if we need to. I probably should’ve made it a week instead of a month! On the bright side, I went to Aqua Latin (Zumba in the water) today from 5-6. Fun!

DD fixed her own headlight and started taking the panel off her door. I didn’t even realize there was a way for regular people to take the panels off of doors. I told her it’s funny to see her doing that kind of thing because when she was little, I had to tell her to stay in her room because if she got up before us, she’d take the VCR apart, and her tapes. I didn’t tell her this, but once, she took her little kid rocking chair apart. I have no idea what she did with the screws. Back then, she never put stuff together once she saw the insides. 🙂 I’m really surprised she didn’t love dissecting. Of course, she’s a natural vegetarian, so maybe that played a roll there. She’s embraced her vegetarian self and gotten a lot healthier because of it. I love steak and hamburgers and fajitas. I don’t know how she does it. But she does.

It’s weird having her at home right now. She’s not a kid, but she’s not really a grown up either. She spent a year away, learning a lot, growing, scaring us half to death with some of those “kids have to learn” experiences. She’s spent the last 11 months at home finding her way again. It hasn’t been easy on either of us, but we’ve made it work. I know they say you’re supposed to push your chick out of the nest so they can fly. It’s hard to do that when the first attempt was a mix of amazing success and devastating failure. I know the biggest lessons come from the failures, but they’re so scary, so ridiculously frightening when you’re the mom, and you’ve been there, done that, when you want to keep them safe and secure and sheltered. She’s always been a “late developer.” We played Barbies and made mud pies two years past her friends. She didn’t like boys until two years later than everyone else. She struggled to write legibly and do math and dance…even though she loved dancing. Her entire life, she’s been two years off. The doctor said she’d grown out of that, and she has, but something about that two years thing has me even more terrified of letting her go. It’s time though. She’s not the kid who takes te VCR apart to understand how it works but then leaves the parts scattered on the floor, completely lost on how to put it all back together again. She’s the 20-yr-old who can open the hood of her car and put the headlight back where it belongs with a screw driver. Who can take the panel off her door, realize it’s too dark outside to really fix things, and put it back on. She’ll be ok. I hope. Regardless, I love her.

The Problem With Harlequin…

is there are so many books to buy!
I just finished shopping, and I have six new books.
2 Paula Graves
Michelle Willingham’s new Irish Warrior book (I’m starting with that one!)
Angi Morgan’s Hilltop Country Holdup
Michelle Style’s An Impulsive Debutante
and a Curtiss Ann Matlock I missed.

I wanted more, but dollars and cents add up.
I really want to get Krista Higgins new book and I haven’t even hit the non-Harlequin shopping yet. Ugh!
So many books, so little time.