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Economic disaster

I don’t like the idea of bailing out big banks because they mismanaged billions of investment dollars, but I like the idea of the US going bankrupt a hell of a lot less. And what I dislike the most: the fact that members of congress,after voting down the bailout plan, LEFT WASHINGTON. Are you kidding me?!? I don’t care what holiday it is. Jewish, Ramadan, Christmas, we’re in a world of hurt, and no way should the fat cats in D.C. otherwise known as members of congress, the guys in their Brooks Brothers suits and custom made leather shoes and Armani ties otherwise known as our House of Representatives, those guys (and gals) who’ve spent the last few days turning this into a political freak show blaming the fat cats on Wall Street in speech after speech, NO WAY should they be taking off for ANY holiday right now. It’s the end of Ramadan, it’s a Jewish holiday. Yay. There are synagogues in D.C. The fat cats in D.C. are just as responsible for this mess as those guys on Wall Street. All of them. Republicans and Democrats! I can’t believe this. I can’t believe they turned this into a chance for a sound bite and then left town. Heads should roll. This might not scare the *** out of them, but I’m a teacher and my kid’s in college and my husband owns a small business. This is a big deal to us. A real big deal.


Thanks to Mary, I started searching for ways to use my iPod Touch as an e-reader. I found the free app Stanza, and I LOVE it! I always have books with me, and it works with lots of formats, so I’m not stuck just buying from one company. Woo Hoo!!!!

I Heart Survivor

and Grey’s Anatomy. Unfortunately both are on at the same time tonight. Watching the first hour of Survivor I’m not too sure about one of the tribes. They voted out their strongest female. Not real sure they remembered the game is SURVIVOR!

Banks, yikes!

I’m not the world’s best at keeping my budget on track. I save x amount every month for retirement and put a little more in emergency savings and then I pay my bills.
It’s not rocket science to figure out.
I’m sure the HUGE banks in trouble these days have a little more difficulty in keeping their books in order than I do. Still I can’t help wondering HOW IN THE WORLD the nation’s top fiscal minds made these kinds of errors?!? It’s an interesting time to study the news.


Warning: Rambling post ahead. 🙂

I watched Terms of Endearment and Beaches for the first time this week, and I have to say, they are two of the BEST MOVIES EVA’. I’ll definitely be adding them to my buy list. Right now when I need a good cry, I watch Steel Magnolias and Hope Floats. These will fit right in that mix.

DD’s school is closed for the reast of the week. Thank GOD she came home. Unfortunately, she didn’t unplug stuff before she left. She didn’t think about power outages. When she gets back, her room is going to be a mess. This hurricane business is quite a bit different from tornado season around here! She’s decided she loves school (freedom) and thinks I’m a control freak (true). Hopefully those two things will help inspire good grades and success at the university level! 🙂

I volunteered to help tutor some kids if needed. I decided if I was going to go around talking about all the things we could do to help at risk kids, I better be willing to DO.

Speaking of doing, I’m planning another London trip. Hopefully it makes. It’s for this summer. 4 full days London, 2 Paris. Two travel days. I had such a great time with the kids this year, I decided to do it again. Summer 2010 I’m planning Rome (Yes, I’m really going back!) and Athens. I LOVE Europe. I hope the trips make. The doctor said I’ll be up to a walking tour this summer, no problem. I hope he’s right!!!

Jules on e-Harlequin’s subcare sold to Avon. It’s a two-book paranormal deal. Woo hoo!!! Margot Early’s next two books aren’t Supers. One’s an American, the other’s SSE. If I hadn’t gone to Amazon, I would’ve missed the American. I’d probably see the SSE because I autobuy Karen Templeton and RaeAnn Thayne.

Finally, I really, really, really want a Kindle. I’m trying to convince DH it’s exactly what I need. But I have the iPod Touch from last Christmas that I love but never use for the calendar which was the whole reason for the expense. We were torn between getting a Blackberry or getting the Touch, chose the Touch, and all I do is listen to music, books, and Podcasts and watch some TV shows and movies. I could’ve done that with my old iPod.


Okay, so I realize this is the THIRD time in two weeks I’ve had these thoughts, but it’s REALLY time to get back in the swing of things. How do I know? I’m DRIVING! I had to go back to using the walker because PT says I’ll hurt myself if I don’t relearn the right way to walk, but the walker doesn’t stop me from driving.
Another way I know? I got so SICK of my dirty bedroom, I spent two hours CLEANING for the first time in months. That’s probably an even bigger deal than me driving.
Anyway, between the driving and the cleaning, I know it’s time, and I’ve got a million and twelve things to do, so I need a list because lists always make it easier for busy people to actually accomplish something instead of sitting on the floor in the middle of the room screaming because there’s too much to do.
My list:
Work on Haunted TWO hours a day. Use Molly judges’ comments to make it better.
Clean the rest of bedroom (Monday night)
Go to Weight Watchers. (I’d lost a lot of weight BEFORE Italy. No telling what my weight is now.)
Cook suppers I put on the menu every night this week instead of eating out
Go to small group Wednesday night

That’s enough for now. I’ll add more next week.


DD’s friends wanted her to stay in town for a hurricane party, but the university issued wrist bands for students staying behind scared DD enough that she evacuated. Watching the Ike coverage on TXCN, I can’t say I’m sorry she’s here. I’d be scared to death if she’d have stayed behind. That said, she REALLY needs to understand mom’s not made of money, AND that while staying out all night while you;’re in the dorms is no big deal, it’s a HUGE deal if you try that business at home. Curfews might keep kids safe, but the real reason they exist is to keep moms sane!

I’m walking!!!!!

The doctor took me out of the boot and out me in an ankle brace called Active Ankle. I bought new tennis shoes (my feet grew TWO SIZES!!!!), and I’m WALKING!!!!!!!! It’s not pretty, and the first couple steps I look like a newborn horse trying to get her legs under her, but I’m doing it!


God’s Will

Today’s church service was all about God’s will, and I’ll be honest, when our preacher first gave us the BIG secret, I thought he was crazy.
He said:
God’s will is for us to love and trust Him in all things. The end.
NOW, I’ve been worrying and struggling and fighting with God’s will for the better part of 10 years, so when he said that, I was pretty disappointed. But then he continued talking and by the end of service, I decided this was a life-changing service for me. Basically, it’s pretty easy, and I have no idea WHY I’ve struggles with this.
God’s will 101: It’s not a destination, it’s here and now. He wants us to love and trust Him in real time. Now. He gives us free will to choose and once we choose, He wants us to love and trust Him in that choice.
Our preacher used this example:
Say you like girl A, but you like girl B and C too. Eventually you end up married to girl C. God’s will is that you love and trust Him in your relationship with girl C.
All this time I’ve been struggling with am I supposed to go into admin, or become a master Tech teacher, or move, or write something different, or… NONE of it matters. God’s will is for me to love and trust him with my current reality, whatever that reality is. And to continue to love and trust Him when I make my choices.
How liberating.

e-book readers?

So I’m asking for an e-book reader for Christmas. I love the look of the Sony, but the Kindle’s what I hear about all the time. I realize I”m a little behind the tmes just now getting into the digital book age, but it took me a while.
Now I’ve got to figure out where to go, what to get, what I want. I definitely want a back light.