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Two qualifiers this time: A 6th place in News and a 1st in Features!
My feature writer plugged up our power strip and it started smoking.
THEN while we was writing, the computer shut down randomly. Twice. The first time she hadn’t saved.
Somehow she kept her cool. She told us she was crying on the inside. 🙂
In the end, she earned that gold medal!!!
We’ll be in Austin in a week and a half. Woo Hoo!

Decided not to get an iPad. I’m going to wait for the next generation.
I think I’m going to get a Wii and a Wii Fit Plus. And I’m going to do weekly blog updates on it. I’ll add a Wii page to the blog.

It’s TAKS week. I’m excited. For the first time, I’ve been doing science TAKS tutorials during my classes for the last week and a half. Its the only TAKS my kids have failed. Hopefully this helps.


Once again at regions with kids. Much better hotel than last year. Hope we win’


Woo Hoo! I won runner up for WFISD Teacher of the Year. I got beautiful red roses and a $500 check. It is awesome! God certainly speaks volumes when he talks.


Another night of writing. I wrote a scene I’m unsure of tonight. I like the way it played out, but I’m not sure I like it in the overall book scheme. Definitely feeling like this is the pre-write instead of the real thing.
That’s a different way of doing things.
I don’t feel like I got to my voice tonight.
It’s a busy week, but I’m determined to write every night.
Tomorrow: Church
Thursday: Teacher of the Year Banquet
Friday & Saturday: Regionals.
It can be done.

Maybe the key is just not talking about it!

Tonight’s writing was TOUGH! I write a scene I think is important. It needs a lot more development, but I moved on to the next part. Blah. Poor Addison. She’s torn between two boys, her mom, her step-mom, her life as it was and as it’s becoming.
Sharlene’s was way under developed tonight. She’s not nice, and she lost her edge.
I really need to work on that!
We finished the yearbook today. Unfortunately, it wasn’t really finished. Several scores didn’t make the book, but the deadline had passed. We couldn’t hold the pages any more. Makes me sad. Hopefully, the folders I’ll give out will fix that next year.
I’m feeling blah after tonight’s writing, even though it was 1000 words. I need to find my positive energy. I know it’ll come back as long as I keep working.

Maybe the real problem is I was reading this awesome book that ended up not so awesome. The writer went with the whole rape fantasy thing. I wasn’t expecting it, and I’m not a fan. In fact, I really, really have a problem with the whole no means yes thing.
Hate when I waste my time reading. It doesn’t happen often.

Great Weekend!

Now it’s over, and the yearbook WILL be done tomorrow. Whatever isn’t in tomorrow, won’t be in the book. The end. We’re out of time.
Great 18:26 today. We talked about forgiveness, and how if you don’t forgive those who’ve hurt you, you’re only hurting yourself.
Church was week three of 30 Days to Live, and it was wonderful.
I’m up to a little over 11,000 rough words on my new book, still untitled. I figure the title will hit while writing, just like Addison’s name did.
Today the suspense of the story amped up. It’s so much fun. DD agreed to be a first reader for me, but I’m not sure if she’ll like it or not. There’s lots of romance. And two boys.
No vampires, though. Just a guardian angel who thinks of herself more as a life coach. She sure is fun to write.

Streaming Netflix

Still working, and let me tell you, today it wasn’t easy.
We went to Best Buy to hang out with the iPads and ended up with a new DVD player that streams Netflix. That’s going to be a huge time suck if I’m not careful.
That’s why I made myself go write tonight. And, once again, I’m happy. I love Addison. She’s so klutzy. Sharlene’s not really been on scene the last two writing days.
Coolest thing: I’m writing this blog tonight while listening to NPR streaming through my TV. It’s a Charlaine Harris interview.
Times have changed!
I spent this morning with an amazing administrator from Hirschi High School and a group of new teachers from the district talking about collaboration. LOVE it! It’s so cool that our teachers are committed to excellence.

Up to 8394 words today, I think. I added a current work excerpt page to my blog. I’m going to start keeping my word count updates there. And I’m thinking about adding more pages. I might even let my website go.

True Love and Other Stuff

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.
I’m taking measures NOW to change that at work. For 10 years I’ve struggled with some coaches and sponsors to get group photos, names and scores. It took a decade, but I’m changing the way I do that business next year. Hopefully it works. We missed a proof deadline today because I’m waiting for two sets of scores. UGH!

You know, I’m learning more this year than any other that GOD IS in control, and if I quit fighting that, He can work miracles through me.
You know that bit of wisdom works in all areas of life. Writing, weight management, organization. I’m embracing it with the writing. 🙂
7174 total words now. Woo Hoo!

We’re studying James in 18:26. I haven’t really paid a lot of attention to James other than Amy Grant’s Fat Baby. In big service we’re in the middle of the 30 Days to Live series. Terry has taped interviews with several people who know they’re dying. It’s amazing to hear what they have to say. Last week, he talked to a man with ALS. The man was such a strong testimony to the strength of God. At the end, he turned to the camera and spoke to his wife. The last thing he said was he hoped that once he was gone she would find someone who would love her as much as he did now. I’ve never seen so many men crying at a service. Talk about true love.
On Wednesday night’s we’ve been studying Song of Solomon. It’s pretty amazing to see the differences between men and women in those few chapters. Solomon understood the needs of his wife. He understood that she needed to feel cherished and loved and beautiful. The first of this week’s lesson talked about how you don’t want to wake up 30 years from now, roll over in bed and say who is this old person next to me. We’ve really focused on keeping a marriage alive and not letting it turn into a roommate situation. That shouldn’t be difficult, but our lives get so BUSY, I know we go months without going on a date. This small group series is going to help that.

Awesome day

Today was a glorious day. The yearbook’s not done, and it won’t be done until next week because I’m STILL waiting on coaches. It’s my fault though. I haven’t been organized enough. And really, all but a couple of the coaches get their stuff in early. The late YB proofs are okay, though.
My kids rocked today. Once again I remembered why it is I teach and why it is I love it!

ETA: Up to 5942 words. And today’s words I kind of like. 🙂

Telling, not showing, but words were written

4456 words total after tonight’s writing. A little less than what I was hoping for with development. I have lots of story work to do. Not sure about writing a skeleton first. I’ve not worked like this before. Very different.
Interesting plot twist came to me after I’d wrapped up last night. I sort of worked it into the story tonight. It’s lots of tell no show right now. Usually dialogue is one of my strengths, but even that is missing right now. I’m keeping a notebook with me all the time just in case those plot ideas hit.
I have a big meeting tomorrow at 4. Prayers appreciated.

“Think of me as an other-wordly life coach instead of a guardian angel if it helps. Guardian Angel sounds way too nice for a girl like me anyway.” —Sharlene