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Parenting 202

Parenting should get easier…
After potty training…no
After old enough to tie own shoes…no
After day care no longer necessary…no
After junior high…no
After first job…no
After first night out ’til midnight curfew…no
After first date…no
After first prom…no
After first heart break…no
After high school…no
After first weekend away from home…no
After first semester away from home…no
After first semester back home…no.
After first accident, minor as it was…no.

A long time ago my grandma told me it never gets easier. I thought she was joking.
I should’ve known better,

Happy Birthday to Me

41 years ago today, my mother braved the cold of Minot, North Dakota to give birth to moi–not that the cold made that big of a difference, but I’ve heard it was -30 that day. My dad spent his entire paycheck buying me onesies. My bassinet was their top dresser drawer. We were a poor family, but happy, so I’ve been told. Based on the photos, I’d say it’s true.


Another week done, and I’m ready. This year is kicking my butt. Maybe it really is God’s way of reminding me I have a life outside the newsroom.

iPad, Take 2

I’ll admit to being one of the disappointed watchers as Apple debuted their new iPad. I kept saying: it’s just a big iPod touch. But then, over the past 24 hours I can’t stop thinking about it and how it can revolutionize education AND leisure time. I love my iPod Touch for reading. This is going to be even better. And it does everything I need it to do, really. I mean, I didn’t need a new computer. I have one. ANd my phone works fine as is…ESPECIALLY if I have an iPad with the data plan. I can watch movies whenever…I wonder if I can stream my Netflix to it? WIll I be able to text? If not, my kids tell me there’s an App for that. 🙂
I get the columns in the presentation. It’s not a phone. It’s not a computer. It’s an iPad. Something new all together. That’s cool.
Now, will I get it right away? hmmmmmmm. I tend to wait until a second generation so the mistakes are worked out. Decisions, decisions. Want, need.
I better remember Dave Ramsey. Looks like I better start putting my money back now.

Winter Weather Watch…AGAIN

As I write this TWC is predicting a significant weather event Thursday. My new mantra:
snow, snow, go away, don’t come back any day.

I live in Wichita Falls, Texas. I can’t drive in snow and ice. I don’t have clothes for snow and ice. 30 degrees is too cold. I think they should cancel school for flurries. I don’t like snowmen or snow angels or ice skating or snow ice cream. I do like to wear hats, but I can do that without snow. I don’t even think I like the song about all the snowflakes turning into candy bars and milkshakes. And I used to love that song. But now it just gives me the shiverees and not the good kind.

Snow: Booo. Go away. Thanks.


At noon the newsroom kids and I will be tuned in to to see the Apple news. I hope it’s two things: an Apple tablet (hopefully called iSlate and not iPad..ew,ew,ew) AND a Verizon iPhone.


Npr’s Eric Weiner wrote an interesting article on why he fears the e-book.
I started reading digital books over a year ago, and I haven’t read a paper book since unless it’s already on my shelf or I check it out from the library. I love eBooks, and I’m more than a little excited about the rumored Apple tablet that will hopefully combine my phone, laptop, music player and eReader all in one device. I read on my iTouch now, but the screen is a little too small for some projects. That said, it’s still great to carry several books at once, never need a booklight or bookmark AND change the font size as needed. Some days my eyes are tired!
Still, I understand the fear of the eBook. My friend Karen Kelley fights a constant battle against piracy. Almost every day her books show up online–even the brand new releases.
Publishers don’t want to offer new e-releases and suffer sales of hardbacks. I guess I can understand that. I think I paid Sam’s Club price for SEP’s new book the day it was released. Hopefully that’s an option being explored.
E-textbooks will be a Godsend. The kids walk around with 60 pound backpacks all the time.
The only problem I see with eBooks right now is the format issue. It’s a pain to download a PDF and discover, no, it’s not a real pdf, it’s an Adobe e-editions, and it doesn’t work on your device. Hopefully, that issue is resolved as new e-readers are developed.

Happy Birthday?

DD threw a surprise birthday party for DH this week.
It was surprise to me too.
I think it was a surprise to her. She’s spontaneous like that.
She let me know about it at 4:30. I was at school. On deadline.
The party started at 6:00. At my house. After I’ve been gone on vacation. On the day DH cam home from vacation.
Can’t get upset with the surprise birthday party, but next time, she get the house ready too!
I don’t have photos. Trust me, the house was a mess.
But the company was awesome.

Finding My Voice

Years ago, back when I first started writing, a bestselling author told me to look at my bookshelf and write what I like to read.
Problem: I like to read everything. My keeper shelf–back before I started reading eBooks–consisted of everything from Dostoevsky to Jane Austen to Jennifer Crusie & Susan Elizabeth Phillips to Margot Early & Julie Miller to John Grisham & James Patterson.
I’ve tried writing everything, but from the very beginning, dead people kept showing up.
So I write suspense. And I get requests. And I get rejections that say the book has too much romance, submit to the suspense line OR the book has too much suspense submit to the romance line. 🙂
I guess the writer me isn’t quite sure what she’s writing.
WIth the last book, I wrote the first draft, used some plot tools after the fact, amped up conflict after the fact, used a plot board after the fact.
It made a difference. An agent read the story and said she wasn’t interested in category, so she wouldn’t represent the work, but she saw it as an Intrigue and felt it would sell and invited me to call if I wanted her to help me with the contract. I hope she’s right about Intrigue. 🙂
She also invited me to submit anything longer. She liked my voice.
YAY. But I don’t have anything longer.
I’ve wanted to write for Harlequin for years, and that’s my goal.
Wish me luck!


I’m not a doctor or a medical professional at all, so I have no idea about any of this.

So I’m sitting here watching David Letterman, strictly because he does a great job skewering NBC and Jay Leno and even though I’m more than a little upset with Letterman, he just did the coolest thing ever, buying $2000 of Girl Scout cookies from one of the audience members.
So anyway…sitting, watching Letterman, thinking GOOD PR, when this commercial for Abilify comes on.
I seriously thought the ad was a joke since its warnings included everything from heart attacks to deaths. More of the commercial was warning than actual advertisement. This is a depression medication.
I was on depression medication for a while a few yeas ago. I don’t think I would’ve touched it with those side effects!
I wonder how much the drug company responsible for Abilify paid for the ad campaign and how much they make off the medicine, and I can’t help but wonder if drugs like this aren’t part of the reason we’re in need of healthcare reform.