Getting Fit

Dec. 25, 2017 A year. I can’t believe it’s been a year.

I had a great diet year but not a great muscle building year. I dropped three gym, which let me tell you, is NOT the easiest thing to do. I won’t join a gym again. It’s the Y for me from now on.

At Thanksgiving I had a weird mental tug of war. My brain saw all the desserts and got Whitney about how it wasn’t fair I couldn’t eat sugar. So I decided to eat ONE tiny miniature Kit-Kat. That’s all it took. For a month I struggled to stay keto. I took my anniversary week off plan while we were in Vegas. Today is Day 4 of strict keto. I don’t plan on taking another keto break until next year when we go on an anniversary trip. What I learned from this little blip in my keto radar is I can control my food. I don’t have to let it control me. Food is my problem. Food with sugar or food that converts to sugar can’t be part of my life. Easy as that. My goal is still 40 pounds away. That’s what I’ll work on this year. That and yoga and meditation. If you’re reading this, thanks for sticking with me on this journey. It’s definitely been a long road.

Jan. 3, 2017 Wow. So I fell off the low carb wagon in 2014, gained the weight back because sugar. But I started back using LCHF/Keto at the beginning of May 2016. I’ve re-lost 50 of the pounds I gained back. I joined a gym at the beginning of break and will start going to classes tomorrow. When I fell off the wagon a lot of it had to do with my own desire to make people feel comfortable. When I decline food, it sometimes hurts people’s feelings. What I’ve learned is it has to be about me and I have to be firm. Sugar cannot be part of my life. The end. I’ll update again in the future I’m sure!

April 23, 2013 -63 pounds. This is SLOOOOOWWWWW, but I feel awesome.

Dec. 23, 2012. -60 lbs. today. I know I want to lose at least 40 more. I love low carb.

Oct. 25, 2012. It’s been forever since I’ve blogged. That kind of school year. Just a quick update to say I’ve held steady at 50 pounds lost for the last month. Yay! Atkins for me has NOT been fast, but it has been easy. Every once in a while I get frustrated at the slowness of losing, but then I think about how much better I feel and tell myself it’s not really about weight, it’s about health, and I’m ok. Here’s the before and after photos. Before is a picture from last October. After is tonight. Will post more at a later date and smaller size. 🙂

August 10, 2012.  Plateau finally busted. I’m losing again. Much easier to stick with healthy eating even though the weight wasn’t budging much when sugarand flour aren’t part of my diet!

August 4, 2012

I feel like I’ve updated this page sometime during the summer, but forgot to save. If not, whoa! I’m still going strong on Atkins and I’ve lost another pant size. That’s such a GREAT feeling. My workout pants started sliding off today. YAY! I thought this weight loss would be fast, but it’s been relatively slow and steady. I added a low carb, high protein smoothie to my diet this week because I started feeling hungry. Hopefully, that’s the key. I NEED to start taking vitamins. They make me feel bad, though, so I don’t. I know, not a valid excuse. I’ll try to remember to update more often!

May 13, 2012

I lost again last week, and I feel great. I had a major stress day, came home and didn’t give in to the first urge to binge since I started this. MAJOR victory.

May 10, 2012

Wow! I didn’t realize it had been this long since I posted an update. It’s been 7.5 weeks since I’ve eaten sugar, and I feel better than I ever have. I need to get more vegetales into my diet, but other than that, things are going just as I expected. I thought I’d lose weight at a faster rate, but slow and steady is better, I know. I’m getting rid of several pairs of pants and fitting into some smaller clothes. Eating out isn’t a problem usually, but I try to keep an Atkins bar or pepperoni around just in case. I had to get turket pepperoni this week. It taastes like paper. Don’t do it. DH is not as excited about our menus lately, so I need to find some new foods. I’ve discovered flaxseed meal. WONDEFUL! That’s about it this time.

April 22, 2012

Dropped a size! WOO HOO! I shopped three weeks ago but refused to buy anything because I was still–barely–in my original size. This weekend, I bought two new shirts and tried on a pair of pants a size down. Yay! I had to quit wearing a pair of pants also. That’s a good thing. AmVets is going to be so happy. I’ve been experimenting with meals. For the most part, the family enjoys what I’m cooking; opposite reaction to when I was following a low-fat diet. However, they still eat carb-filled sides that they make to go along with the food. I’ve been researching coconut flour, almond meal and floxseed meal. I can’t find the coconut flour, but I found the flaxseed meal and bought it to try this week. I used homemade almond meal in my low-carb pancakes for lunch today. Yum! I think I’ll get some unsalted almonds before I use it again. 🙂 I lost again this week. Once again, it’s no more than the norm when I’m following a low-fat diet, but I have ZERO cravings, and I’m not tired in the middle of the day. I love this diet. I did get hungry twice this week. Both times, I think I skimped on the protein for breakfast. Can’t let that happen again. Thank goodness for the Atkins bars.

15 April 2012
Lost again. And for yet another week, I have no cravings. We even had a birthday party for DD. No problem staying away from cupcakes and ice cream. This site has been invaluable. My husband even asks me to make recipes again. That NEVER happened with low fat high carb food plans. I love low carb. I found some recipes with coconut flour and almond meal this week. I’ll start trying those soon. I’ve done a ton of research this week on low carb high fiber foods, and why they’re good for us. I’m having a bit of trouble getting DH to increase his fiber because he doesn’t eat veggies like I do, but I think I’ve found some ways to “trick” him into it. 🙂
One thing I’ve found: this isn’t a fast diet for me. I lose round about 2 pounds a week after the original big drop. That surprised me. But I’m never hungry and I don’t crave foods that are bad for me, so that’s a huge plus!
3 April 2012
I lost more weight, but more than that, I feel better. I don’t have that fuzzy head feeling any more. It had gotten bad the last few months, especially around 10 and 2. I even went to the school nurse to have my blood pressure checked to make sure I was ok. Now, the problem is gone.
I found two great low carb recipes this week.
One uses cauliflower to make a mock mashed potato. I have to be careful with it, though. It’s the only thing I’ve had a problem NOT overeating with. It’s a bag of frozen cauliflower cooked then blended, add cream cheese to taste, sour cream, butter, cream and cheddar. Then add chopped ham and bake at 350 covered for 30 then uncovered for 20. I’ll cut the butter next time. And maybe the sour cream, too. This is a great main meal dish and super filling. DH said it tasted good, but he didn’t really like the consistency of the blended cauliflower. He agreed it tasted like mashed potatoes. ON and I ate it right up. 🙂

The other is an enchilada bake. You use 4 oz of cream cheese, two eggs, some cheese and taco seasoning for a “breading” on the bottom of the casserole. Let it cook 25 minutes on 350 then sit for 10 minutes before putting a taco seasoned cooked ground beef, green chili and enchilada sauce mixture and cheese on top. It was scrumptious! I added lettuce, black olives and sour cream to mine when it was done. DH asked me to make it again, and that doesn’t happen all that often. 🙂

25 March 2012
7 pounds. I lost 7 pounds this week on the low carb plan. I had no idea how addicted I was/am to sugar and how high carb foods are really just sugar in disguise. Over the course of one week I’ve gone from one Truvia packet per cup of tea to 1/4 packet of Truvia per cup of tea. I’m never hungry, and staying within my calorie count is no problem. I like this plan. I’ve heard I’ll feel more energetic this week. I guess we’ll see.

19 March 2012
I started journaling my food again today. AND then got sick half way into the day. Strange.
I quit Weight Watchers because I wasn’t doing it and spending the $ is crazy when you’re not following the plan. I’m going to try journaling and doing a light workout.
My 7-yr-old niece spent some time with me this spring break. She wiggled the skin under her arm and on her calf and said she was fat. It broke my heart. She’s a tiny child, and she’s worried about fat.
I hope all my dieting and weight struggle hasn’t contributed to that.

Sept. 24

the Europe trip was awesome. Once I got home, I quit working out, quit counting Points. And gained 10 pounds. Last week I restarted the Program. Lost 4 pounds and worked out three days. I feel better than ever. It’s hard to remember a lifetime of a weight battle won’t just end. Several years ago I worked out almost every day for a year. When I stopped, I’m sure it was in my mind that one day break would be just that. I mean, hello, a YEAR of pretty significant cardio activity and every other day of weights. I looked like a million bucks and felt like an athlete. One day turned to two turned to years that culminated in a clumsy fall at the Colosseum and a tough injury. It’s been three years, three months since that fall.  In that time I’ve lost and regained weight so many times it’s crazy. I have no idea what the answers are. What I do know is weight and food issues require constant work. When I think I’ve got it worked out, I fall. It’s like hubris and my weight problem is a god, Braum’s ice cream my siren, Netfix movie and TLC my Cyclops. I plan on continuing to update this page every week. This page will be my Penelope. 🙂

June 14
On my way to the UK and France for nine days. I haven’t lost anything since April 9, but I haven’t really been working at it either! I started water aerobics last week. Will go again as soon as I get back!

April 9
Down 2 for a total of 20.8 on WW, 35 since last April! PTL!!

April 2
Weighed in today -4. Have now lost -18.6 on WW, -33.6 since last April. Woo hoo!!!!

March 31
Zumba with Laci. I love T/R Zumba at the Y. Laci is so inspiring. She lost over 100 pounds with Zumba, so she gets it. Again, I’m stunned at how much more in shape I am now. Thank goodness!30 March
Made it to Zumba for the second time this week. I ❤ Zumba! I can’t believe how much stronger I am than when I was working out last summer! I had to go get new smaller sized workout pants yesterday because Monday, I nearly lost the old ones on the gym floor. ACK!

March 27
Stayed the same this week. Hello Zumba! So nice to meet you again!

March 19
Down 1.6 for a total of 14.6 on WW, 29.6 total. Yay!

March 12
Lost another pound. a Total of 13 on WW 28 total. YAY!

Feb. 25, down 10 on WW, 25 total. Yay!

I lost 20 pounds over last summer, but gained five back from Oct-January. I joined WW on Feb. 5, down 15 from original photo.

Should’ve been one of my happiest days ever. I was a ToY runner up. This picture ran in our local paper. I was devastated.

March 5
Down 12 on WW, 27 since last April! Woo hoo!!

Feb. 27
Down more again for a total of 10.2 since starting WW, 25 since starting on my own last April. YAY!

Feb. 19
Woo hoo! I lost more! I’m down 7 now with WW for a total of 22 since last April. I only lost 1.5 inches though. Probably because I didn’t do my workout every day. I’m not doing huge workouts. Just 30 cardio and 30 Pilates every other day. I decided to keep it more realistic for my regular schedule.
Feb. 12

Wow it’s been a long time since I checked in here. Honestly, I got way off track. Then I finally joined ww last Saturday. Today, I weighed in. Lost 4 pounds and 7 inches! Woo hooooo! I’m back to where I was at the end of summer. I was in Austin all week, eating out, but I stayed op and exercised every day. I think the answer is no deprivation and pilots. 🙂
November 29
Oh man! I did the elliptical workout this morning and it definitely made a difference. I wasn’t as hungry and I had more energy. I’m ready to crash now! I decided not to join WW today. Our local Y is running Holiday Trimmings, and I’m a member, so I’ll do that instead for now. But WW is in my future.

November 28

Well, now that was an interesting break.
I worked out diligently though August, went camping in September, changed to one day a week workouts in Sept. and half of October, didn’t work out at all for six weeks after that. So tomorrow, two things are changing: I’ll be going to the Y for early morning elliptical workouts (i like the elliptical, love Zumba, but there’s no Zumba early morning) AND I’m joining WW, which totally goes against my whole no diet thing, but I can’t continue like this. DH doesn’t understand this change at all, but then he has weighed the same thing the 20 years we’ve been together + or – 10 pounds. In that same time I’ve lost and gained 100 pounds twice. I can’t begrudge his not understanding. I’ll have to work on that. Will be updating often/ Prayers welcome!

August 6
I ran lightly jogged 1/2 a mile today, and I loved it. I’ve never enjoyed jogging before, but for the last two years I’ve believed I’d never have the ability to run again. Funny how that changes things. For the last several weeks, I’ve had an overwhelming desire to “just try it.” It was almost like a voice was whispering those words to me. Tonight, I gave in, and it was amazing! The entire time I was thanking Jesus, almost crying, and smiling so big I’m sure the others on the Y’s track wondered what I was listening to. I can’t wait to do Zumba tomorrow and add some of the jumps. I know water aerobics played a huge roll in this, and the steady exercise I’ve done the last two months. But most of all, I know GOD is responsible for being with me every step of the way during my recovery. I’ve been saying I’m completely better for the last six months. Today, that became reality!
August 4
Two inches, 1.5 pounds for the month of July. I’m going to take those numbers as huge plusses. I’d like to see more, but, hey, I’m the one who didn’t stick with my plan, including the workouts. I’d say the workouts were strong about 1/2 the month and weak to middling the other half. Fortunately, those halves were mixed in together, so the negative affects were offset. August is going to be better because of Zumba and the weights and no vacation. Today is Aqua Latin and the weight workout for upper body. Whew!

August 3
Got back in the water yesterday for Aqua Latin (Zumba in the water). It was wonderful. I signed up for the August classes. Not sure what I’ll do after that. I’ll definitely be doing Zumba on land and weights and elliptical, but, man, I love the water. I think I’ll encourage my students to go to the Y, too. I know it’s going to be a new challenge when school starts, but I’m committed. No more work first. My priorities are finally clear: God first, family second, me third, THEN the newsroom. I didn’t really lose any weight the month of July. I didn’t gain any either, so that’s a good thing. I’ll do measurements this week and post those results.

July 22
I’ve been working out at the Y at night. I love the elliptical. I forget that sometimes. But what I love most is Zumba. My local Y has an amazing Zumba instructor, and she makes the class so much fun. I’ve added some hefty weights to the workout this week. I’m tracking the weights using iFit, but I’ve got to be honest, it’s pretty tricky to use. I almost think it would be better to use a paper and pencil. I want to get some fins and swim laps. I can’t swim laps without fins, but found out with fins, I’m a swimming beast. 🙂 Without them, I just stay in one place. I took years of swimming lessons as a kid, and I used to be somewhat of a fish, but, alas, those days are long gone. I’ll report in on new measurements and weight loss at the end of the month. I’m a little worried because of the vacation. I ate a bunch! On the bright side, I did keep up the workouts. The week back was another story all together. I really cannot have ice cream in the house. That’s all there is to it. I’m an addict. Blue Bell is my crack. I haven’t been using loseit for the last two weeks. I don’t know if that’s a mistake or not, but I was really starting to freak out at the calories. I’ll pick it back up when school starts because it’s essential I keep up with what I eat during the school day. Until I posted the newsroom pics on the regular blog, I didn’t realize how often we eat in there! It’s a 1 time a month donut zone this year!

July 15
Whew! I didn’t realize it had been over two weeks since I updated here. Last week, I went to Georgia to visit my amazing sil and brother and their three kids. I worked out three days with Alecia. Her school has a cardio room and trainer for kids and teachers. The trainer is a former student who went to Auburn U. The weight workout they do was hardcore arms. I about died. I did a “light” version of it today with 4 lb. weights. I need to do it at the Y.
After the three days, I fell off the workout wagon, but I got back on today with a PM Zumba workout. I’ll do Pilates also and some more arms. The Pilates is my favorite. I sweat, but my back feels a TON better.
Glad to be back in gear!

June 28
The last two weeks I’ve not lost any weight. In fact, two weeks ago I GAINED 4 pounds. This week I’m down 1 pf those 4. Thank God I took measurements also, or I’d probably be throwing my hands in the air and heading out to the new DQ for a tasty Blizzard. Over this last month, I’ve lost 11 inches. YAY! I’m not sure why the weight isn’t showing the same. I’ve worked out a bunch and stayed within my calorie count. I did drop Zumba after two weeks. It was just too much on top of the other classes I was doing. I might pick it back up this week. Not sure, though. My aerobics classes are a blast, and I’ve decided I’m going to keep up water aerobics, even though after the summer I’ll have to move to a different facility to do so. More updates later.

June 4
Yay YMCA! I know it’s nothing new, but for some reason, I always forget I like the Y. I started Zumba (T/R) this week. Lots of fun. Serious sweat. Hilarious. I’m also taking a low/lite aerobics and stretch class (MWF), and I’ll start aqua aerobics on Monday. Good timing since they’re calling for 105+ next week. Hello summer. I hate walking at the Y, though. I’d really like to keep my 30-minute walk every day, but I can’t do it in the high heat.
On the weight front, even though I’ve been on point with calories and working out daily, I’ve lost nothing for a week. Weird. I feel better, though, so I won’t stop, and I know eventually the weight will drop. Still -11.6. Next weigh in Sunday. Downloaded iFitness and I’m tracking measurements once a month also. NOT posting those. 🙂

May 23
Lost a total of 11.6 so far. Got the iFitness app today. Will talk about it next week.
Question I’ve had this week: WHY can I gain 10 pounds by looking at chocolate but I have to workout an hour or more a day for a month to lose that same weight. Very Strange.

May 20
Found a calorie counting site for calorie counts on recipes.

May 18
AWESOME! I love the loseit app. It’s so easy to keep track of my calories and exercise. Losing weight is a simple equation. Loseit makes it even easier. I’ve lost 10 pounds so far! No pics until later.

April 28
The best laid plans.
So I didn’t get the wii. I decided to walk instead. And use the Total Gym my mom and dad gave me. I’ve used the TG for ankle exercises, but never for real. Trying to use it for real was hilarious!
Me against a bunch of pulleys, trying to figure out where what went. Have I told you I’m not mechanically inclined? Dh tried to help. Ugh.
I have walked, but not enough.
Oh plans how I love you.

April 25
You’d think runner up for Teacher of the Year would be nothing but smiles. Had the photo NOT appeared in the local paper, maybe that would be the case. But the photo WAS there, and I looked pretty scary.
I logged on to realage find out my real age.
It’s not pretty.
Real Age: 48.7
BMI: 42.9
I’m not putting my waist measurement on here. 🙂

I have somewhat of a plan.
1. Walk 30 minutes every day, no excuses.
2. a 20-minute cardio workout every day.
3. 30-minute Pilates every other day
4. 30-minute strength training every other day
3 & 4 swap

I’m going to up my fruit, vegetable and whole grain intake.

I’m not really dieting, at least not yet. I don’t want to do too much, too fast. And the light exercise plan seemed to be one of the most important things I need to change according to the medical professionals.
I’ll post fitness updates here. One day, I might get a Wii. DH is afraid if I were to get one now, I’d just quit in a month. Fair enough. I’m leaving the money for it in my savings account for now.

2 responses to “Getting Fit

  1. Julia Mozingo

    Mary Beth, by exercising, you maybe gaining more muscle. And muscle weighs more than the other. That could be why you’re not seeing a drop in weight. My health advisor clued me in on that one.

    You are an inspiration! I think I’ll follow your example and exercise more.

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