Daily Archives: August 22, 2016

Day 1

First days are always fun. Everyone’s dressed in their new clothes, kids rush up to each other with hugs and hellos. Excited energy crackles in the air, even from the students who don’t love school. And teachers finally feel right. School without kids is okay. School with kids is what school is supposed to be.

Today was awesome. I’ll admit it now. I was worried. What if my teacher mojo only worked at Rider and writing conferences? What if my new kids liked me the way this class did 😭? What if I donned my purple shirt and fell apart before first period?

No worries. Today was great. 

I have duty. Duty where I’m supposed to check passes and keep kids from skipping out for lunch. I missed that memo, so today I welcomed everyone back as they walked out the door and told about five poor freshmen the wrong way to get to G116. I sent them clear across campus, and y’all, this campus is big.

Today was great…other than the traffic jam on the way home, and even that wasn’t awful because I had KLTY on, and I was signing like I thought I was Kari Jobe or something. (In my car I AM Kari Jobe, Katy Perry, Shania Twain, Taylor Swift and Beyonce.) 

Will tomorrow be great? I hope so.