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I thought seriously about writing TGIF and leaving it at that.
I think I’ve whipped chapter one into shape.It’s much tighter now. Funny how getting a rejection on a manuscript and a request for the full  on it the same week from the same house from two different editors both of whom read the same proposal messes with your mind.
I know years ago I read a post from a pubbed author saying never change  book you’ve proposed because you might mess it up. I wonder what she’d say in this case!?!

A conversation with myself OR yes, we are crazy!

You say you want it. That you’re not going to quit. No matter what, you’re going to sit there at the kitchen table or in the recliner, or at the desk, or in your cold room in that beat up old computer chair that doesn’t quite fit and you’re going to write and revise and revise and revise again.
You’re going to miss parties and drinks with friends and high school football EVEN though they say your team’s going to State this year. You spent years carrying those tattered manuscripts to gymnastics and soccer practice and dance class and now your daughter’s almost out of school and you’re still submitting to editors, still getting those same damn rejections. So how come? Why? Why skip the guitar great concert on PBS or tell your husband to go with his MOTHER to watch the stupid Cowboys at the sports bar tomorrow because you’ve got to work. An editor’s asked for this book and it’s got to be fixed, worked, perfected. Funny enough, you’ve said the words for enough years HE knows better than to attempt to change your mind. You wanna work with that red pen and pencil and those pages you insisted on printing for a third time, fine with him.
So again, WHY? Why do it? Why bother when it would be so easy to just close the computer, push the paper away, watch the DVR’d Gilmore Girls, Buffys, Grey’s and NYPD Blues. WHY when the characters are driving you insane or the story doesn’t make sense or you’re just plain worn out after one heck of a crappy day at work?
Why do it? It’s not like writing romance is a life and death thing. No one’s forcing you to sit there bleeding on the page.

Funny the conversations I have with myself. 🙂 Funnier still the answers.

You do it because you have to. Remember that time you quit writing for six months? The words were there inside your head, begging to be put down on paper but you tried to shut them up. Quitting’s not an option. Does determination mean an editor will one day read the stories and say, WOW! I’m buying this baby!? No. There are no guarantees. This isn’t graduate school or one of those jobs you loved so much before you became a teacher. Working hard, studying the craft, going to conferences, none of it means success. It’s kind of like those lessons you slave over trying to reach that unreachable kid because you just can’t give up on him.  NO GUARANTEES. But you do it because you have to. Because it’s who you are and what you love and while YEAH, you’d love to get THE CALL, you love creating these people, these plots, these relationships. And if you’re never published, this wasn’t a waste of time, it’s who you are.
It makes you a better person and dreams are never wasted.

Now for me to remember this when I find myself in one of those writer funks!

Citizens Police Academy

Last night was amazing. We watched a re-enactment of a DWI case. Both attorneys did an awesome job. The officers who took the stand were great too. The defendant didn’t take the stand. We ended up looking at the charge but also at the 4th Amendment. The judge told us after that if it had been a real trial, he would’ve never let the 4th Amendment question into consideration. After it was all said and done, we were able to ask questions, and that was great too. I still wonder why they don’t try more DWI cases, but it sounds like it really comes down to time and numbers. I have no idea how many cases the city attorneys try a day compared to how many plead.
This was our last class. Next week we graduate. But we’re members of the alumni organization and we’re invited back to see any classes we want to go to again. You can bet I’ll make it to hostage negotiation!
I HIGHLY recommend CPA to anyone considering it. It’s a definite eye-opening experience.

Revisions Still

I’m always a little shocked when I go through my books and see so much that needs to change. Usually it’s a tightening process. I’ve written the same thing 20 different ways or included more than was necessary for the scene to be complete. But sometimes it’s bigger than that, and I think my beginnings are almost always bigger than that. For whatever reason, my beginnings take about a million rewrites to get where I want them. Hopefully this book’s chapter four doesn’t kick my butt!!!

Tonight’s Citizens Police Academy is a court room drama. We’re getting to see a DUI case re-enacted.

Today, I’ll be thinking about Second Chance Hero and hoping by the time it’s all said and done it leaves me feeling like this:


You spend a few uninterrupted days with characters, and they start talking to you. 🙂
At least they start talking to me. Usually that’s a good thing. This time, my hero keeps saying get to the story already because I anchor him for a paragraph before the action starts. My heroine keeps telling me her conflict is all wrong on paper.
I really love this story, but I’m having a heck of a time getting the beginning where I want it.
Hopefully today I make some progress.

I’m sending my GH entry in today!

Books and writing

Finished Karen Templeton’s Dear Santa tonight. It’s perfect.
If you like Jennifer Crusie’s romances (Bet Me, Fast Women, all her Temptations), you’ll love Templeton. She makes you laugh and leaves you with that ahhhh! feeling when you reach the end. I can’t wait for next book in the series.

Revisions: Working on conflicts today and I think I like what I’ve got. It’s time to write now. I spent the evening cruising youtube looking for the perfect “feel” for my story, Second Chance Hero. I found photos for my main characters and lots of videos that make me happy.

The inspiration for my hero: David Martinez

The inspiration for my heroine: Lil Palmer

The inspiration for my villain: Degas

I’m going to have so much fun with these revisions. Hopefully I get them out the door before the end of Christmas Break.

Writers Write

I stared at my draft for an hour and half last night thinking an editor asked for this. And it sucks. Royally. And the longer I read, the more it sucked.
I don’t know if it was the rejection that came the same day or what, but this story suddenly doesn’t feel complete. The people read like shells instead of as fully realized characters. I like the plot fine, but the spark is missing. NOT a good thing when you’re writing romance. 🙂
I HATE feeling like this and it’s the biggest reason I miss my critique group.
So I went online and found this on youtube and I feel much better.
Truth is all writers feel like this sometimes.

Holiday Season and Writing

Today I’m buying paper and CDs so I can send in my GH entry and get started on work for the next requested book. I bought paper a week ago, so DH is saying “you just bought paper” as if he wasn’t sitting in the car when I sent the book to NYC Wednesday. 🙂 At least he’s saying “you just bought paper” with a smile on his face.
I’m definitely writing this season. Strangely enough while boards are filled with I can’t write messages, I’m usually getting the most writing done. I don’t know why. Maybe because I teach. Whatever it is, I love holiday writing. This year I’m going to combine it with the YMCA Holiday Trimmings push. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving

Have a great day!

Grrrrr and woo hoo

This started as a woo hoo. The first request is in the mail, on its way to Susan Litman!
The grrrrr
Our cell service, internet, and phone lines are down. All over the city people are doing without. DD said the credit card machines weren’t working at the mall either, and everyone’s freaking out because if it’s not working Friday all hell’s going to break loose. Could be interesting. 🙂