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New Book

So I have this new book drafted. It’s a novella and could actually end up four novellas. It’s completely different from anything I’ve done before. The paranormal elements in it push boundaries I’ve never really examined in my writing.
Anyway, I was explaining it to my husband last night, showing the fantasy elements, having fun, when he got all serious and said I needed to go research sorcery before I wrote any more.
Research. Sorcery.
And he was serious.
Who knew?!
Apparently he’s a D&D guy from back in the day (WAY back in the day since we’ve been together for 20 years, and this is news to me).

Netflix increases Blu-Ray cost, no thanks! And News

So today I got an e-mail from Netflix letting me know that more and more movies are available on Blu-Ray. I figured the gist of the e-mail would be “since so many Blu-Rays are available now, we’ll drop the $1 surcharge we’ve been including.” Nope. They increased the Blu-Ray expense by $4 a month. Call me cheap, but no thanks.
Most of the movies I get are TV series, foreign films and Indie’s anyway, and most of them aren’t available on Blu-Ray. I’ve enjoyed the few BR’s I’ve seen, but it’s the story that matters.
I wonder how many Netflix customers dropped their BR today?

News: A top romance author likes my work (woo hoo, feeling a little like Sally Fields) and recommended me to her agent. I about died when I checked my phone and heard the author’s voice. I made DH listen. I jumped up and down. I told myself to breathe. Unfortunately it was 11:30 p.m., so I had to wait until today to call her back. I’ll be talking to the agent soon. It’s not a “done deal” or anything even close, but it was a huge affirmation for me and my writing. I REALLY needed that!


Rider and WFHS journalism teams tied for district champ this weekend at our UIL meet. I love it when we’re district champs alone (last four years) but if we have to share, how cool that it’s the other Wichita Falls school in the district!

Today DD sent me a message that pretty much blew me away. It wasn’t so much the message but how she closed it. She’s at a friend’s house this weekend. She said, “you can go sit outside and turn the porch light off and be in pitch black and see the stars. It’s GORGEOUS!”
It’s a recurring theme in her e-mails to me. She’s fallen in love with small town East Texas.


So today I got to work, and my purse was making this weird beeping noise. It’s a scary thing when my purse makes beeping noises.
See my purse is the size of a bowling bag. And that’s just from the outside. inside the thing is never ending. It’s like some Harry Potter backpack. There are all sorts of corners and crevices and pockets where things hide. I live in fear of searching my purse for missing items.
So anyway, I get to school and my (Land of the Lost–I LOVED that show) purse is beeping and still, brave girl that I am, I reached my hand inside to get my school keys.
Instead, I find my house phone.
I didn’t use my house phone before I left for school. I didn’t enter the Golden Heart contest this year, so I wasn’t subconsciously waiting for a call. I don’t even remember touching the phone this morning.
But there it was…in my bottomless bag.


I’m signed up with a new service provider and I’ve started the process of moving my domain to a new company. Thank GOD!
It took long enough, but it’s finally working.

Today, I got a rejection on my women’s fiction from an agent who’d rejected the book already six months ago. She really must’ve hated it. 🙂 Nah, I figure she just somehow lost the fact that she’d already sent the rejection. I know I get confused. Or maybe my stupid e-mail program had stashed the rejection away in its memory and it re-sent it to me. I better go check out the date-line on the rejection. Dear God, if my blankety-blank e-amilre-sent out all the professional e-mails I’ve sent over the last four years, this could be embarrassing.
Ok calm down. No sense freaking out over what could be nothing…back in a minute…
whew. Okay. Nope. The original query was in May. No re-sent e-mails. I don’t really understand how e-mail works. I have no idea why randomly over the last two years my e-mail has suddenly stopped working. All I know is that’s going to change sometime in the next 5-7 business days. Whew.

every day…

for a couple years, this kid has run by my house. He usually walks until her gets to the corner of my yard, then starts his run. By every day, I mean this kid’s dedicated. Rain, snow, doesn’t matter. He’s out there. He’s probably 8th grade this year. He has that almost high school but not quite yet little kid look about him. When he first ran by my house I thought he was way too young to be out running on his own.
I’ve never talked to him, never let him know we see him every day.
Yesterday he ran by just like always. And about a minute later his little brother got to the edge of our yard and took off following him. It was the first time we’ve seen little brother.
When I saw them I thought about the lessons this teaches. The importance of leading the way, guiding, coaching, diligence, motivating, being a strong role model. It’s going to be interesting to see if the little brother is as dedicated as the older one.

I love…

I love spring break because it comes at a time in the year when you know you must have time off or you’re seriously going to go crazy. I hate spring break because of today. Bummer.
On the bright side, I’m looking forward to seeing friends.
On the not so bright side, I’m so tired.

Dinner Out: a dilemma

Her rounded tummy was the first thing I noticed. It was hard to miss as she walked hand in hand with her husband past our booth at The Pioneer. He looked like the same old young but worn, rough around the edges cowboy I’ve seen a million times over the years living in the middle of cattle country. She was different. Her face truly glowed. A guest walked behind them, I’m not sure who he was. And I suppose I’d never paid attention to him if not for the next five minutes.
They settled into their booth behind us, and I smiled (I know it was wrong) as she struggled to get seated.
And then she spoke. I’m not sure what she said, but her husband told her to shut the eff up. And then he told her he’d kick her ass if she said another word.
Stunned I looked at my husband and waited for his reaction. He went on eating his enchiladas without a word. He hadn’t heard.
But the next time he did hear. Because once again, the man told his wife he was going to kick her ass if she didn’t stop bugging him.
We left the restaurant without saying a thing to anyone, and I was left wondering was that the right course of action?
I don’t know those people, and the man was a jerk, but he wasn’t hitting the girl. If he had, I would’ve called the police. I’m not sure what DH would’ve done, but I don’t think we would’ve simply walked away.
The girl at the booth never even seemed fazed by the man’s abusive language. And neither really did the friend.
I don’t know what the right answer there was. But I feel pretty confident walking away without saying a word wasn’t it.


So the professional e-mail, e-mail I PAY for, isn’t working. It’s the third time in two years the site’s gone down. This time I haven’t had a response back from customer service, so I’m moving my site to a new company. I haven’t heard back from the original site with the code I need to be able to keep my domain (who knew there was a code?!?), so I might have to change my domain name. Grrrrr.
All this took place over the course of the last three days. Yesterday my coffee pot quit working, so I’m dealing with this stress without my coffee. I drink coffee like normal people drink water. It’s an addiction. Argh. And it’s the end of spring break.
What a mess.
It might still be a mess with coffee, but I think I could handle it a bit better with coffee. 🙂
Tomorrow we’re going to Grapevine. I’m going to replace my coffee habit with a wine habit. I can do that now that the deadlines from hell are over.
Hopefully tomorrow will be a great day!

professional e-mail’s down AGAIN

For the second time my professional e-mail is down. If I don’t hear from the company by tomorrow, I’m moving my site. I have two complete projects out right now, 2 others with agents, and my form of communication with them isn’t working. How annoying!