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I did WHAT instead of going to the gym?!

One of my students wrote an amazing column for the last paper of the year about her constant truancy. She likes school. Likes her teachers. Loves her friends. But when it comes time to get out of bed, she just can’t make herself. When I read her story, it resonated with me. Only my truancy applies to the gym. I love a great cardio workout, I enjoy classes and time on the elliptical. I haven’t eaten sugar since the end of Spring Break. It’s getting to the gym that’s the problem. I love it once I’m there, but making myself go is torture. I mess with my shoes and my audible account and check Facebook one last time and do dishes or vacuum or call my mom. Until this week I put off the gym for over six months. Then this week happened and I had two great days, one crazy day where going to the Y was out of the question, and then yesterday, the day I chose to do laundry and clean the bathroom instead of making my way to the gym (possibly an all-time low). Today, I made myself go. I opened tweet deck, checked Facebook, played Bejeweled Blitz, ran (no, not that kind of run) up to the school, played with grand doggy, watched Gossip Girl (the Darota Wedding, totally worth it), finally made myself get in the car, realized I didn’t have the book I’m listening to on my iPhone, went back inside to download Insurgent by Veronica Roth because I HAVE to listen to something if I’m on the elliptical, and FINALLY made it to the Y. It’s a miracle. I’m tired just writing about everything I did before going.

Once I was there, I loved it. I love the way my heart races and how after 40-45 minutes of cardio I feel like I can really breathe. I love the way my shirt gets sweaty and I look like an athlete even though I’m the least athletic person I know. I love the smell of the anti-bacterial spray we use to wipe down the machines and the sound of weights from the room next door. I love the Y. And still, I know tomorrow I’ll put it off, dreading the moment I make myself get in the car. It makes no sense.

Maybe if I can figure it out, I can help my truant students, too.

Don’t forget Dead Girl Walking by Elizabeth Lee, new this month. Guardian Angel training’s a tough gig. One wrong step and someone dies.

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Back to School

Our back to school assembly made me cry three times. That’s a first. Teachers, what we do is so important! I can’t wait to get this year started. BUT first, I’ve got to finish getting my new room set up.

I haven’t been by as much because I’m writing and working and working out.

I don’t know why I put off working out so often. I LOVE the Y, I love the elliptical, Pilates and Zumba. For some reason I let the prospect of the five minute drive stop me from DOING.

I finally broke that trend. Over a week straight, and I feel great!

back in the saddle

DD and I joined Holiday Trimmings at our local Y. Last year it kick started my weight loss. Hopefully it will again. 🙂
Somehow I’ve got to work out a plan where I exercise regularly and write regularly!
I’m finished with my character prewriting for my new book and now it’s time to dive in. i hate beginnings. I usually have this idea or opening scene or bit of dialogue, something to get me going, but it’s just not right. So I write and rewrite and rewrite the first three chapters until they click. After that things speed up. The middles are fun because so much happens in the relationship. Then the end is the big build to the black moment, all hope is lost, wait, maybe, YES! They do live happily ever after.
But beginnings drive me nuts. So I better get started NOW!

I read an interview with Nora Roberts yesterday. SHE was rejected. Unbelievable. Gave me hope. 🙂