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Love Affair

I fell in love with words a long time ago. I’m lucky enough to share that love with others in the classroom. I hope to one day share that love with readers who buy my books. 🙂
Every year I give a writing workshop at the state journalism conference. I tell a room full of students what it was like to be me in high school: afraid to talk, in love with books and writing, falling in love with news, finding a way to communicate without talking. I look into their eyes and I know they understand exactly where I’m coming from. Back then I thought I was all alone. Today I know that’s not the case.
Sort of like my love affair with poetry. A love affair I almost missed out on because so many of my teachers started the poetry unit out with, “I’m sorry kids, I know you’re going to hate this, but we have to cover it because of the essential elements. blah, blah, blah.”
I didn’t realize I liked poetry until college, and then I thought I only liked the Victorian age. (Slow learner. See former post on ability grouping and my solo red group moments)
All that changed over time though. I took a poetry class and fell in love with a million different poets and their works. William Carlos Williams and his celebration of life even in the little things is my favorite. Andre Breton in his Always for the First Time describes love in such detail, succinctly, honestly, emotionally, I fall in love again or yearn for that feeling every time I speak the words.
Through my love of poetry, I’ve discovered a deeper appreciation for words. The word explicate is my favorite. It just explodes in your mouth when you say it. It’s harsh and soft and full all at once. It’s a word that just makes me happy.
And telling students about that favorite word makes them happy. They see they’re not alone with their love of words. They laugh, but they get it too.
That love of language, its nuances, its fullness, can only help me become a better writer.
I hope by sharing that love, I help my students become better writers too.