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iPad, Take 2

I’ll admit to being one of the disappointed watchers as Apple debuted their new iPad. I kept saying: it’s just a big iPod touch. But then, over the past 24 hours I can’t stop thinking about it and how it can revolutionize education AND leisure time. I love my iPod Touch for reading. This is going to be even better. And it does everything I need it to do, really. I mean, I didn’t need a new computer. I have one. ANd my phone works fine as is…ESPECIALLY if I have an iPad with the data plan. I can watch movies whenever…I wonder if I can stream my Netflix to it? WIll I be able to text? If not, my kids tell me there’s an App for that. 🙂
I get the columns in the presentation. It’s not a phone. It’s not a computer. It’s an iPad. Something new all together. That’s cool.
Now, will I get it right away? hmmmmmmm. I tend to wait until a second generation so the mistakes are worked out. Decisions, decisions. Want, need.
I better remember Dave Ramsey. Looks like I better start putting my money back now.