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Great Trip: I <3 State!

Had a great time at State with both students who qualified and our UIL director, Sandra. The girl who placed second at Regionals placed fifth at State. State Medals always make the trip even better.
We went to the capitol after the competition. Unfortunately we just missed the Senate and the House was out on a Point of Order. But we got to see both rooms in action. That was a first for me.

Today I got news that the Senate has approved a plan to let private schools compete in UIL events. Yet another indication that this legislative session will irrevocably change Texas public education. I don’t understand this obvious desire to kill a quality public school system, but it breaks my heart.


Both journalism kids at Regions qualified for State. One won 2nd, the other 6th. Our 6th place is an alternate. It was exciting for both of them, I think! I know it was exciting for me.
The day started with me sleeping in. My alarm didn’t sound because I went to sleep with my audible app open, so the alarm app didn’t work.
The UIL coordinator called me when I was supposed to be on the bus! I NEVER do that, so it was quite the shock.
Unfortunately, I left my makeup bag at the school. I lost my facial cleaner and moisturizer (ACK!) foundation, powder, blush, mascara, the BEST eyelash curler, and my tweezers. So today I’m taking a trip to Ulta. BUMMER.
Fortunately, my straightener was in the suitcase!

Had a great meeting today with Crave ministry (ages 18-26). We talked about biblical conflict resolution. Tough stuff. But such a good lesson. Such an important lesson.

Got a rejection last week on Letting Go. It’s going to a new publisher Monday. 🙂
While it’s making rounds, I’ll be working on the YA on my excerpt page.

UIL District

It was a nail biter. RIght up until headlines, it looked like I wouldn’t go to regionals. It would’ve been the first time in over a decade. Once I looked at my kids’ papers, I knew one thing: the competition was tough because their stories were solid.
In the end, we won 2, 3, 4 in headlines, 5th in news and 6th in features.
And we had a great time.
The six girls I took with me, including one who stepped up when two kids quit the team last Monday, gave up their weekends to compete and I’m proud of every one of them!
NOW, if only there would’ve been air on the bus for the trip down. 🙂
AND if only our computers would’ve worked! One died Friday night. One Saturday in the middle of competition. I don’t think we’ll use computers next year…or maybe ever again.


Two qualifiers this time: A 6th place in News and a 1st in Features!
My feature writer plugged up our power strip and it started smoking.
THEN while we was writing, the computer shut down randomly. Twice. The first time she hadn’t saved.
Somehow she kept her cool. She told us she was crying on the inside. 🙂
In the end, she earned that gold medal!!!
We’ll be in Austin in a week and a half. Woo Hoo!

Decided not to get an iPad. I’m going to wait for the next generation.
I think I’m going to get a Wii and a Wii Fit Plus. And I’m going to do weekly blog updates on it. I’ll add a Wii page to the blog.

It’s TAKS week. I’m excited. For the first time, I’ve been doing science TAKS tutorials during my classes for the last week and a half. Its the only TAKS my kids have failed. Hopefully this helps.