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the second hand

Some of my earliest memories center on the television. Fame. 21 Jump Street. TGiF. Dallas. Miami Vice.
The one and only time I ever heard my mother cuss was while we were sitting around the TV watching Dallas. Momma looked at Daddy and said, “That Sue Ellen is such a B****”
I was floored. My mother just shrugged and said sometimes you couldn’t describe a person with any other word.
As I got older I definitely understood what she meant, but my nine-year-old brain was just afraid she was going to burn in hell.
I know I waste a lot of time watching TV. I tell myself it’s an exercise in quality writing. I mean anything that can bring out the kind of passion that makes my mother cuss is something special. 🙂 I watch for hooks, for story lines, for characterization. Heck I watch Desperate Housewives for sheer fun. Tonight after DW, I planned on writing. Instead I watched Grey’s Anatomy. I love the show. I excuse watching it by saying the theme is so well developed for each episode, that the characters sparkle, that the writing eclipses a lot of what’s out there.
But then since I watch Survivor and Amazing Race with the zeal of a reality TV addict, I know there’s a good chance I’d watch the show just because.
I know TV’s taking up too much of my time. It’s eating away at my writing schedule and I’m letting it.
So that’s got to change.
You can’t get published if you don’t write. I keep telling myself that while I’m flipping through the 121 cable TV stations I now have.
I need to remember how to put down the remote. I need to remember how to hit the off button. I need to remember the joy of creating my own characters, my own stories, my own themes that run through entire books.
I can’t get back the minutes I lose. They’re gone.
And memories of a great TV show aren’t going to offer a lot of comfort if I still have a load of unpublished manuscripts sitting in my desk and the beginning of a new work on my computer by the end of this school year.
The clock’s ticking. I better get busy.

The Battle of Little Big Living Room

I sat in dh’s chair, the chair that’s a tad too big, but super comfy and next to the remote. Somewhere in the back of mind is the crazy idea I should be cleaning house. Don’t ask where the idea comes from as I have NO earthly idea. Instead I keep flipping channels. Soaps. QVC. Home & Garden. Ah… here we go. NYPD Blue. Back in the day when Jimmy Smitz and Kim Dalaney were smoking up the sceen.
One Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper and a scrumptious healthy soup lunch later I’m settling in for the love scene at the end of the show. Can we say chemistry?
Just as they’re getting to the good part a sparkle catches my eye.
I investigate.
A half full bag of Hershey’s Kisses, sitting beside my husband’s chair, waiting patiently to be eaten.
I ignore them and turn back to the TV. It’s a diaper commercial. 😦
The Kisses keep sparkling in their red and silver wrappers and I keep ignoring them at the same time I wonder what kind of super powers my darling dear possesses.
Another Diet Coke later and the love scene’s over. It’s on to Law and Order.
And I figure, what the heck. What’s one Kiss?
15 Kisses later the bag’s no longer half full. It’s pretty much empty. I know, I know. A half full bag of Kisses is not gone after 15. Who’s counting?
I’m blaming this on NYPD Blue. It was the love scene.

Desperate TV

I love Desperate Housewives. Even though my mom constantly sends me e-mails about how horrible it is for my mind, I love it. It makes me laugh. It makes me cry. It is AWESOME! I don’t know what about it draws me. It’s over the top and totally believable at the same time. The characters are so real. I feel like I know these people.
I want that in my books and I don’t know how to get it. I guess by writing more, by getting to know my characters more, by paying more attention.
More attention like Kelly Armstrong did in Bitten. I read the book this weekend after hearing tons about it and Dime Store Magic. The book disturbed me. It was so dark. I felt so bad for the heroine. But I couldn’t stop reading. I HAD to know what happened and who the bad guys were. I don’t usually get into books like this. When my students asked me what I was reading, I heard myself saying, “Well, it’s this murder mystery only the heroine is a werewolf and her pack is under attack,” and I was a little shocked I was reading the book. I read Karen Whiddon’s werewolf book and loved it, but it was WAY tame compared to this. I read the Anita Blake series until Anita lost her humanity. I LOVED that series, but when Anita lost her humanity it made me too sad to continue reading her stories. My friends say I take things too seriously. I guess I do. I loved Anita because she was both light and dark, good and evil. but the evil was always motivated. She finally got to the point that the light had to go away. I respect that LKH stayed true to her character, I just can’t read her anymore. But that’s okay because LOTS of other people do. And they love her.
I hope people will one day love my characters. That they’ll feel like they know them. That they’ll mourn if I change them into someone they can no longer read. I want to write powerful stories that move people. I guess that starts with me making the commitment to sit at the computer and create stories. It’s a commitment I used to have no problem making. Today I sit at the computer and think about writing and go hang out on bulletin boards or e-mail instead. I don’t know why. But I do know it’s a choice. I can continue to read great books and watch great TV and talk about how I want to do that one day or I can read great books, watch great TV and sit down at the computer and DO THAT TODAY!
It’s just like anything else. There’s no magic, no secret. Sit down and work.