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Thinking About Low Carb?

Dear low-carb dabbler,

Welcome. I don’t blog a lot about this now, but trust me, I’m a good source. I lost 70 pounds over the course of two years using Atkins first and then changing over to a general low-carb lifestyle.

And then six weeks ago I fell off the wagon big time. The first fall was Valentine’s Day this year. I thought I could handle it. And maybe I could if I hadn’t continued “cheating” every once in a while. For the last six weeks it hasn’t been every once in a while, it’s been almost all the time. The only thing I kept up was NO bread–thank GOD.

Because I’m telling you if I had eaten bread, I’m not sure I could be on day four of induction…again

I keep telling myself it’ll be okay. And it will be. But…ohmigod DAY 4 SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

I tried to take a nap and saw visions of ice cream.

I realize suddenly I am really screwing this up this time. There is a secret to success when you start low carb living. The secret: find the induction food you love and stock up.

I didn’t do that this time and it’s killing me.

I’m definitely buying pepperoni when we go to the store. It’s a great snack. And cheddar cheese. Cheddar is your friend…usually.

I’m not going to eat the potato chips DH has stashed on the top shelf of the pantry even though they’re taunting me, turning my kitchen into something akin to Dante’s fifth circle of hell. I’m going to hand tough because I know in a week or two I’ll be able to sit with my friends while they eat whatever they want and I won’t crave it all.

So, know this. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. For some people the weight comes off fast. For me it was relatively slow, but it DID come off.

If you’re looking for recipes, check out Linda’s Low Carb site.

AND get the Atkins book. It’s worth it.

And if you need a cheerleader in your corner, feel free to comment here or over on twitter @marybethleeybnp.

Big shout out to my cousin Karleta for reminding me I can do this and to author Susan Gable who invited me to get back on the low carb wagon this week on Facebook.





Finding Flaws

Sometimes you need a lesson. I’m getting one now.

Thank God for lessons.

A long time ago author Helen Myers, told my (now disbanded 😦 )romance writing group if you’re going to write, you have to be willing to bleed on the page. I’m trying to channel the emotions into the story I’m working on. I think I might need to take up kickboxing and channel some emotion in that direction, too. (Okay, not really. If you know me at all, you know there is zero percent chance of me kick boxing. I would hurt myself.)

It’s funny because in critiques I’m always telling my friends they’re committing the nice-nice sin. Making things too easy on the characters. I see it in their work because it’s a huge flaw in mine. I like the people I create. I don’t want to put them through hell. But those struggles make the book so much better!





District #Journalism Staff Development

MAN, did we have a day.

We have a new to journalism teacher in the district. He’s an amazing writer, but he’s never been on a staff of any sort before. He’s teaching 1 YB, 1 NP, 1 J1 and 4 12th grade English classes.

Whew. That’s a tough schedule.

THANK GOODNESS we have our yearbook rep to help along the way.

We started our day by making sure he knew how important a quality yearbook is to the culture of a school. How it’s the one thing that lasts forever. (See yesterday’s post.) I read him my blog and warned him that I’m a bit of an online narcissist. He laughed, but I think that’s because I scared him.

I told him not to worry. He doesn’t HAVE to carry Duck tape or batteries, and it’ll probably take a few years before the kids accidentally call him dad.

We set up his ladder (It took 4 times because he needed to cut his book by several signatures—GOD I HATE MATH!!!!) and made sure he understood fiscal responsibility with yearbook and why that’s important (MORE MATH!!!!!). I don’t think he hates math, though because he didn’t run screaming from the room.

Our second year adviser at the other high school helped us decide which pages of his school’s book should be cut.

The junior high adviser there (one of my former students), helped too.

I promised him this would be fun once he learned. He’s a writer. And a musician. Super creative. Super smart. Hel-lo. He’s made for advising. If we can get him through this first year.

And we will. Because we work together in this district.