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The Real World

Well dangit, I’m old.
I didn’t realize it until today when DD and I sat down to watch the first episode of Real World Austin.
I loved The Real World when it premiered. Dh and I watched the first three seasons and then for whatever reason I lost interest.
So when dd asked if we could watch it, I was excited. More bonding and reality TV. Perfect.
When did hooking up become the be all end all of the show? And why? And ick.
At least DD roared when one of the guys said the slutpuppy girl was going to hook up with not only all the guys in the house but all the guys in Austin. I thought it was sad because the guy meant it as a compliment.
DD liked the show, only liked one of the girls said one of the girls she wanted to like used alcohol to excuse stupid behavior and thought the guys were silly–but still liked the show.
I didn’t. It made me feel old. 😦
We bonded but I’m depressed.