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Redemptive, uplifting, the power of forgiveness

I just finished The Lovely Bones. I wanted to love the book. I really did. Millions of people have raved about it. The story was masterfully crafted.
But when the cover quotes say a story is redemptive, uplifting and something that shows the amazing power of forgiveness, and those quotes are from top reviewers working for the top papers in the nation, you figure they know what the heck they’re talking about.
The story was interesting–captivating even. But it wasn’t redemptive…or uplifting…and as far as the power of forgiveness goes, I never really saw it. It was a glimpse at what might have been forgiveness, but felt more like a sort of resolution, an acceptance and attempt to make things okay even though they never would be.
I can’t blame the author. She didn’t write the cover quotes.
It’s definitely time for a romance. I dug Heaven, Texas out to read again for the millionth time. Now that’s a story of forgiveness. And it’s uplifting. Especially the ice cream scene. ūüôā