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Dare to Dream

One of my friends from Struggling Writers just got The Call.
I was nearly in tears reading her message and everyone’s congrats to her.
It’s just all so fabulous and amazing.
It’s a wonder to me how many writers in the romance world support each other. How they encourage the dream, supply hugs & margaritas, both cyber and real, when necessary.
It would be easy to give up.
But it would also be giving up and who wants to do that?!
Besides I’ve got a daughter watching me chase this dream. No way am I going to do anything other than show her reaching for dreams is absolutely essential to a quality life.
I believe in dreams. But this isn’t the lottery. It’s not as easy as bubbling in some numbers and sitting back to wait. This is work. I didn’t write the story that captivated an editor right off the bat, but I sure as heck am going to write more stories, and eventually one and then two and then three and on and on WILL captivate an editor and after that readers.
And when that happens, I’ll still be here, hopefully encouraging that writer who’s struggling through rejections, finding writing time, family and job pressures.