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Dear Future Me

You don’t handle global pandemics well.

It’s okay to eat a donut.

It’s okay to watch hours of your new favorite show Schitt’s Creek.

It’s okay to not read because your brain can’t focus.

It’s okay to cry. And by sad and mad and mopey and self-centered. It’s okay.

Don’t beat yourself up over all that. It’s okay.

A Day

Brian’s in WF working. I’m at home working. It’s weird to not be together.

My dog is here with me, also weird. She usually goes to Grandma’s with Dad. But Tanner the puppy is too frisky right now for Emmie.

Time means everything and nothing right now. Everything because the closer we get to a vaccine and successful treatment of COVID-19, the closer we are to going back to school, to work, to life outside shutdown mode.

Nothing because with everything online I find myself looking up from work hours after it started even though it feels like minutes.

It’s a weird time.

I’m staying off the news for the most part so that is helping. I don’t want to see the numbers. That’s so weird. When all this started while we were on Spring Break, I checked the numbers every morning and night. Now I avoid them. I don’t want to know. I just want to stay safe in my tiny little space.

A Better Day

I didn’t stay on the news app. I didn’t look at Johns Hopkins. I didn’t listen to the President speak after 60 seconds proved he still doesn’t understand what the heck is going on and he’s still just an angry, hateful old man.

Katie is sick now. She’s in Ohio and I am so worried.

I worked all day with little breaks. I was able to send two finalized sections to the yearbook company so that’s super helpful mentally.

I was not able to work on anything else for school unless a student asked specifically. I hope I can figure out how to juggle this. I can’t imagine having kids at home too.

A lot of great happened today. A J1 student interviewed people to make a layout happen, a photoj kid sent in an interview. Two of my editors worked with me on our list. One let me know she was working. A LOT of good is happening. It’s important to remember that.

So Then The Dog…

The new puppy grabbed my Birkenstock off my foot and ran out the door, through the sunroom and into the backyard then started attacking it like the shoe was trying to break into the house.

I chased the dog and yelled for it to “put my shoe down.”

Puppy thought I was playing a new game and ran around the muddy back yard, still with my shoe, still attacking it with its puppy shark teeth.

Eventually I won. But the dog sure had a good time. I figure the neighbors were home since everyone is home.

Glad I could provide the entertainment.