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Happy Endings

I’m not a doctor or a miracle worker or a minister or a social worker.

I’m a writer and a teacher.

In my day job, teaching, I try hard to get my kids to their happy ending. Often, it doesn’t work out. Used to, I didn’t believe that. Today, I know it’s true, but I still fight with everything I’ve got to somehow touch lives and maybe help the happy ending come to fruition.

Writing is different. In writing I can always deliver the happy ending. The affirmation. I can still be honest and authentic, but happily ever after can be achieved with every main character.

I HATE when my favorite authors, authors who have delivered one happy ending after another, suddenly go rogue and turn main characters into villains or kill them off.

It doesn’t bother me when it’s someone I know writes that kind of book. If I pick up a Sparks or Piccoult, the happy endings aren’t guaranteed. It’s why I rarely pick up a Sparks or Piccoult. 🙂

My books will always have a happy ending for the main characters. That’s not to say there won’t be a bittersweet element ever. I hope I can hone my skills to the point that the reader wonders how a happy ending will ever be possible and keeps reading to find out, but that happy ending will happen!

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Sisters with secrets.
Eighteen years ago, Cass Deason Myers ran away from home and heartbreak. Now she’s running away again, this time to the home she left behind. A preacher’s wife, Cass finds herself questioning her faith and her marriage. Her sister’s phone call asking for help with their mother provides the perfect opportunity to escape.
Anna Deason-Fite-Turner doesn’t want or need help for herself or her three daughters. But her mother is another story all together. Calling Cass is a last resort. But when Anna finds the bottle of pills in Momma’s dresser drawer, she knows she has to call her sister. Unfortunately, Anna knows when Cass comes home the whispers will start, and once again, everyone in town will compare perfect Cass to her failure of a sister, even though she’s the one who stayed behind.
Prodigal: a story about family, faith and the redemptive power of love.                 


Watching the long lines of Syrian protestors from the safety of my living room TV, I can’t help but wonder if I’d ever be that brave.
These people know soldiers will fire on them. They know hundreds if not thousands of their fellow countrymen have already died. And yet, they still make their way to the streets where they march in non-violent protests of a government regime they feel is corrupt.
Pictures of torture inflicted on young protestors caught and then murdered break my heart.
I don’t know anyone in Syria, and yet, I watch.
I’ve been watching for months, ever since the Egyptians took to the streets to protest Mubarak. Or really, I’ve been watching for a couple of years off and on, since the protestors started marching in Iran.
The Syrian government’s response is something different, something horrible. Nightmarish.
And yet, the protestors continue to march.
And as they march I wonder WOULD I?
Would I be brave enough to defy an authority that has no problem mowing down scores of people in cold blood? Would I be there day after day crying out for freedom, hoping the world would see me, knowing every second there’s a chance my death could be seconds away?
I ask myself the same thing when I read my bible. The martyrs through the ages continued to preach the gospel even when faced with death for doing so.
It’s easy to organize protest rallies in Wichita Falls where the most danger you find is from some angry man who wonders why everyone is being so nice.
It’s easy to show a belief in God and Jesus and profess christianity in Wichita Falls where the most dissent you find is from atheists who feel christianity is filled with hypocrisy and judgment. It’s especially since 90% of the people in the area are christians.
I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to fight for freedom in the face of death. But I sure am glad the news is showing people who are. Those people challenge me. I hope if I’m ever confronted with the reality of what that kind of bravery takes I’ll be able to say yes, I AM THAT BRAVE. I’m afraid my answer would be no, leave me alone.

Honor and Lies barely touches on the kind of bravery it took for the slaves of the south to run for freedom, but it’s there, especially in the character of James. I remember studying about the Underground Railroad in school and thinking how terrifying it must have been to leave the atrocities you know for the unknown that is freedom. I wondered then if I would be brave enough to take the risk when often that choice ended in death.  Honor and Lies coupon:  50% off for one month: coupon code is LH94Z.

Elizabeth Lee’s Smashwords Author Profile:http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/elizabethlee
Book page to sample or purchase Honor and Lies: http://smashwords.com/b/65497

Honor and Lies is out!

In 1999 I finished my MA with a creative thesis and promptly filed the book away as done when it garnered some positive feedback from editors but never made the cut.

Welcome to 2011 and Smashwords.

Actually, I started at Amazon and kindle, but after a GREAT experience with the print program became a nightmare trying to format for the kindle, I almost gave up. I’m techno savvy when it comes to design. This formatting stuff was driving me crazy.

Instead of giving up, I turned to the almighty google and found smashwords.


First, if you want to self pub, get the free copy of smashwords style guide. It’s a lifesaver! Some claim they can reformat a book in less than an hour. It took me six, but I bet it’ll go faster now. I’m a kinesthetic learner, so I learn by doing. It’s always taken me a little longer to get things done right the first time, but after that, I’m usually good.

Second, you can’t edit enough. I mean SERIOUSLY! But don’t edit immediately. Give your eyes time to rest and your brain time to forget the story.

I’m so excited Honor and Lies is up! Hope you enjoy!

check it out