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Need Fantasy Recommendations

Ok, maybe my love of fantasy goes all the way back to Star Wars. I raised DD on those movies. Do movies count?

Ok, maybe my love of fantasy goes all the way back to Star Wars. I raised DD on those movies. Do movies count?

I never planned on writing fantasy novels. Shoot, other than Arthurian Legend, Harry Potter and The Hobbit, I didn’t read fantasy. Fantasy was my brother’s realm. He’s the one who raved about The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Lord of the Rings. I’ve tried a thousand times to slog through Tolkien’s masterpieces and stopped around page 100 every time.

I’m not sure what changed. Maybe it was Karen Marie Moning. Or Jim Butcher. Or GRR Martin. I’m not sure. All I know is over the course of the last couple years I’ve gone from being a light reader of fantasy  to someone who reads fantasy constantly.

So I guess it makes sense that I started writing a guardian angel mystery series last year. And it makes sense that the more I write, the more fantasy elements show up. I can’t wait to share Sharlene’s next book with readers. It’s in copy edits now, so it won’t be long.

Do you like fantasy novels? If so, which are your favorites? I need a new series since who knows when book 6 of Song of Ice and Fire will be out and Dresden’s done for a year.#


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Another night of writing. I wrote a scene I’m unsure of tonight. I like the way it played out, but I’m not sure I like it in the overall book scheme. Definitely feeling like this is the pre-write instead of the real thing.
That’s a different way of doing things.
I don’t feel like I got to my voice tonight.
It’s a busy week, but I’m determined to write every night.
Tomorrow: Church
Thursday: Teacher of the Year Banquet
Friday & Saturday: Regionals.
It can be done.

Maybe the key is just not talking about it!

Tonight’s writing was TOUGH! I write a scene I think is important. It needs a lot more development, but I moved on to the next part. Blah. Poor Addison. She’s torn between two boys, her mom, her step-mom, her life as it was and as it’s becoming.
Sharlene’s was way under developed tonight. She’s not nice, and she lost her edge.
I really need to work on that!
We finished the yearbook today. Unfortunately, it wasn’t really finished. Several scores didn’t make the book, but the deadline had passed. We couldn’t hold the pages any more. Makes me sad. Hopefully, the folders I’ll give out will fix that next year.
I’m feeling blah after tonight’s writing, even though it was 1000 words. I need to find my positive energy. I know it’ll come back as long as I keep working.

Maybe the real problem is I was reading this awesome book that ended up not so awesome. The writer went with the whole rape fantasy thing. I wasn’t expecting it, and I’m not a fan. In fact, I really, really have a problem with the whole no means yes thing.
Hate when I waste my time reading. It doesn’t happen often.

Great Weekend!

Now it’s over, and the yearbook WILL be done tomorrow. Whatever isn’t in tomorrow, won’t be in the book. The end. We’re out of time.
Great 18:26 today. We talked about forgiveness, and how if you don’t forgive those who’ve hurt you, you’re only hurting yourself.
Church was week three of 30 Days to Live, and it was wonderful.
I’m up to a little over 11,000 rough words on my new book, still untitled. I figure the title will hit while writing, just like Addison’s name did.
Today the suspense of the story amped up. It’s so much fun. DD agreed to be a first reader for me, but I’m not sure if she’ll like it or not. There’s lots of romance. And two boys.
No vampires, though. Just a guardian angel who thinks of herself more as a life coach. She sure is fun to write.

Awesome day

Today was a glorious day. The yearbook’s not done, and it won’t be done until next week because I’m STILL waiting on coaches. It’s my fault though. I haven’t been organized enough. And really, all but a couple of the coaches get their stuff in early. The late YB proofs are okay, though.
My kids rocked today. Once again I remembered why it is I teach and why it is I love it!

ETA: Up to 5942 words. And today’s words I kind of like. 🙂

Telling, not showing, but words were written

4456 words total after tonight’s writing. A little less than what I was hoping for with development. I have lots of story work to do. Not sure about writing a skeleton first. I’ve not worked like this before. Very different.
Interesting plot twist came to me after I’d wrapped up last night. I sort of worked it into the story tonight. It’s lots of tell no show right now. Usually dialogue is one of my strengths, but even that is missing right now. I’m keeping a notebook with me all the time just in case those plot ideas hit.
I have a big meeting tomorrow at 4. Prayers appreciated.

“Think of me as an other-wordly life coach instead of a guardian angel if it helps. Guardian Angel sounds way too nice for a girl like me anyway.” —Sharlene

Two Potential Leading Ladies

Just finished writing for the night.
It’s still not great, but it’s better.
I’m okay with the no voice issue. Instead of looking for real story, I’m looking at my writing as a skeleton of sorts.
Developing my protag, making sure she’s truly heroic, and making sure my main secondary character is heroic too, even though she’s not a very nice person sometimes, until the very end when she saves the world. 🙂
I need to see if I can find my Jennifer Crusie notes on plotting and characterization from years ago. I remember she said something about antagonists not being villains but being the person standing in the way of the protag reaching their goal.
Need a refresher there.
I’m up to 3722 words after tonight’s writing.
And I’m liking the story. Still not sure if Addison or Sharlene is the protag, really. My writer’s group says it’s Sharlene, but I’m not sure. It’s certainly something to think about as I write.
I’ve got LOTS of plotting work to do. And lots of characterization work to do, but that’s okay. This is the first draft, and it’s a WIP.
I’m using the Donald Maass Breakout Novel Workbook. So glad you have to have written words to actually do a lot with it! That helps keep me writing.
I’ll finish the yearbook this week, so I’m going to get my students to help me some. I wonder what they’d do/want with a guardian angel if one suddenly appeared.
Bill, if you’re reading this, once I get to truly readable pages (long ways off, probably summer!), I hope you and Alecia will be my first readers.
Hi Mary C if you’re reading. It’s cool that you popped over from Mary F’s blog. I love Mary’s blog! It’s kept me writing for years.

Got some incredible news today, can’t share it yet, it has nothing to do with publishing, but it was like God was saying, “I’ve got this Mary Beth, chill out!”