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I heard somebody say setting is the step child of category romance. I think I’ve got to agree. My CPs keep telling me they have no real sense of place in my current story. (The one I love) so I’m going through trying to fix that. I know I need to do something with the beginning, but just a little. Right now you know it’s in the south but it could be anywhere from Texas to Georgia. It’s small town Texas, so that’s easy enough to fix. I mean, I KNOW small town Texas. 🙂
I HATE fixing it though.
As I was revising part one tonight I realized how hard it is to do setting without intruding into the character’s POV. I mean, if a character is used to something, so much a part of it, he won’t realize the setting. So you have to give it in the opposing character’s viewpoint. But if it’s snappy dialogue or sexual tension, you don’t want to take away from that with a line of setting. It’s so HARD! I keep wondering how my favorite authors do it and make it absolutely seemless. There are no breaks. Just little descriptors that give the reader an anchor point. I want to be that kind of writer. BUT DANG, it’s hard!!!!
I still love my story. I still love my characters. They are so strong. But my CPs are right. Right now, there’s no real sense of place.
I think that’s going to be something I fix on a full manuscript revision. I’ll decide before I sit down to write tomorrow night.
To fix the setting or keep writing. That is the question.
I’m heading into the middle, just dropped off the first major TP, and this is where I usually pick up steam. I don’t want to lose that sense of expectancy by going backwards, but I don’t want this bothering me for the next couple weeks either.
Sometimes I wonder if my writing process is the least bit normal!