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A Different Opinion

Just finished a book everyone has been LOVING, and I’m disappointed. From the halfway point on the story was awesome. If I hadn’t read the author before, though, I would’ve quit reading way before I got to the half point. The book, imo, suffered from something several romance novels suffer from these days. No honest, authentic romantic development. I’m a romance reader. Watching a relationship develop from the moment of interest to something more is one of the reasons I enjoy romance so much. When the first show of interest is completely unbelievable, it stops me. Especially when the entire setup is such that the heroine in the story would never be attracted to the hero.
I think one of the reasons this bothered me so much was because the heroine in this story was bullied as a teenager by the hero. Bullied so much she’s still devastated by the events of her childhood even though it’s a decade later. In fact, she’s still bullied by the hero’s friends and family.
The original attraction was so contrived it really bothered me. It felt like the author was told, hey, by now there better be a kiss, and she put the scene there because it’s a romance, so a kiss was expected.
I almost quit reading the book right then.
I didn’t, and I’m glad because, like I said the second half of the book is great. The first half is solid, too, except for the romance.
One of the characters in the novel is made fun of because she’s smart. I get the impression the author might understand that kind of bullying. The main character is bullied just for existing. I don’t think the author has any reality check on that kind of emotional trauma. I was never bullied like that, but I have family members who were. I see students who are. It’s very, very real in my mind. Perhaps that’s why I was so turned off by the romantic attraction that came out of the blue in the novel.

Redemptive, uplifting, the power of forgiveness

I just finished The Lovely Bones. I wanted to love the book. I really did. Millions of people have raved about it. The story was masterfully crafted.
But when the cover quotes say a story is redemptive, uplifting and something that shows the amazing power of forgiveness, and those quotes are from top reviewers working for the top papers in the nation, you figure they know what the heck they’re talking about.
The story was interesting–captivating even. But it wasn’t redemptive…or uplifting…and as far as the power of forgiveness goes, I never really saw it. It was a glimpse at what might have been forgiveness, but felt more like a sort of resolution, an acceptance and attempt to make things okay even though they never would be.
I can’t blame the author. She didn’t write the cover quotes.
It’s definitely time for a romance. I dug Heaven, Texas out to read again for the millionth time. Now that’s a story of forgiveness. And it’s uplifting. Especially the ice cream scene. 🙂