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New years.

Fresh, shiny clean new beginnings.

I love the day before the big day.

Tomorrow I’ll start a new year with new expectations, new students, a new classroom.

I hope to be a better teacher. To remember to turn to God daily instead of trying to rely on myself alone. To do what I can do and not stress myself out over those things I can’t.

To write.

To leave the job behind when I lock the door at the end of the day.


To encourage story in the classroom in a time when story is suddenly frowned upon.

To teach my kids to be better leaders.

To be a better leader.

To wear cute clothes. 🙂

To laugh.

To not be so serious.

To help my students be more organized upfront and hopefully that will translate to better deadlines!

To enlist parent help early on.

To keep my toenails painted, sometimes in funky colors.

To read great books and share them with my kids.

To sleep enough.

To exercise enough.

To eat healthy.

To remember dance parties make everything better. And so does chocolate.

To not take things personally.

To get out of the classroom because my fellow RHS teachers are awesome.

To stop by the office and say hello every day because my admins and secretaries are awesome, too!

To celebrate my successes and my students’ successes!

To foster creativity!

To remember I have a life outside the classroom.

That’s it for now. It’s a pretty big list.