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Happy Independence Day and Week 4 Fail

Happy July 4. We had an amazing service at church yesterday about the founding fathers and the US ties to God. It was fabulous! God Bless the USA. And a HUGE thank you to every person who has ever served protecting our freedoms.

Now on to the fail:
It started with the newspaper. The plan, hit the headlines and off the computer.

The reality; trn–dmn–cnn–msnbc–perez–eonline–people. One hour later, I looked up and groaned

It didn’t stop there.

I read and read and read some more.

Not books, but still. And then I watched a Lifetime movie and a Disney movie.

At 9:30 I’d written 1000 words. 4k under yesterday, a non-reading day.

Back to square one on reading deprivation. MAN, it’s hard!!!

The Artist’s Way, Chapter 4

Going along great on The Artist’s Way, when BOOM, here’s chapter four and reading deprivation. I thought it would be about making sure you read enough.

NO. It’s about giving yourself one week without reading.

I’m not doing it 100%, but I’m not reading books, or watching scripted TV, or hanging out on twitter and facebook this week.

Today, even though we went to Lawton, that translated to over 5K words.

Nice return on investment.

I’m not sure I can make it a week without reading.

I mean, I read cereal boxes and bottles of shampoo and the instruction booklet for the car. I read everything.

But this week, I won’t.

For now, my plan is to blog in the morning after morning pages. We’ll see if that works. If not, I might go a week without blogging, too. ACK!