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I blog about education regularly. If you’re unaware of that, check this out or this or this or this.

You get the picture.

Politicians are actively trying to privatize education while vilifying teachers. I don’t know a single district that hasn’t been affected by this change. I know we’re gearing up for the new school year and teachers are still exhausted from last school year. But those of us who stayed, and some great ones didn’t, aren’t going to give up. We’re going to show up every day and do our best to educate our students. In spite of guidelines that stress the test, we’ll stress LEARNING and the test will happen also.

I’d go on, but I stumbled on the red4edNC.com website last week and this letter that says it all perfectly. I think it’s time teachers in Texas join our friends in NC. I’m all for red4edTX. It’s time we tell our politicians we won’t allow them to kill the public school and we won’t continue to drive good teachers out of the true business of education. Anyone else in?##

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