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Lots of Prayers

When I got the text, my stomach dropped.

We’re going to the hospital.

A phone call later and I was even more afraid. Olivia, going on day four of fever and cough, was struggling to breathe. Their doctor told them to go the closest ER.

When she got there the ER staff was upset she’d been sent there. No tests. Not for the virus and not for the flu. They were out of tests. To be on the safe side they did a chest X-ray.

Fortunately Olivia is okay. She’s sick but *not THE sick, but for a few hours I was terrified. I prayed, I posted on Facebook asking others to pray with me. I made myself do the virtual meeting with my yearbook staff because I can’t be in Ohio and I can’t fix this. I wish I could fix it, but this isn’t one of those fix things.

Hopefully Olivia will be better soon. Today has been a tough.

The day started early. We were in WF because Brian had to work.

I grabbed my yearbook server last week, and since I would be working, I brought my server with me. We packed up and hit the road early this morning. And realized almost two hours later I’d left the server in Wichita.

So we continued our social distance through driving and came back to pick up the server.

When I get home tonight I hope I sleep. I know I’m not leaving the apartment until I have to. I might not leave until all this is over.

Praying constantly for Olivia and Nora and Katie and Sam and everyone in Ohio, praying for Wichita Falls and EMS, praying for all my students and friends, and praying for the nation. There’s a lot of ugly, but there’s a lot of beauty too.

Huge thank you to all who prayed with me today. That was so, so scary.

***updated to add Olivia wanted food and was able to stay up a little for the first time in a couple days tonight. She was a sick, sick five year old. Hopefully tomorrow she’s even better. *The doc said her symptoms were consistent with COVID-19, but she wasn’t sick enough to do anything and they couldn’t test. The girls’ dad is sick too. Pray for him also.