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I Understand

Once again I’m going to say thank goodness for Dave Ramsey.

Until Dave, DH and I purchased new cars on a regular basis. We’d been brainwashed to believe a car payment is a normal part of life. Just like we’d been brainwashed to believe student loans were no big deal and credit cards (and their points) were a help when it came to budgeting.

Today we’re almost debt free…other than medical bills.

DH is self-employed, and his insurance deductible is $10K. He had kidney stones earlier this year. One trip to the ER later and, boom, hello debt.

DH has a $10k deductible because it’s what we can afford. It sucks that his only insurance is one that protects us from something catastrophic.

It stinks that he has a solid small business and I’m a teacher and we both have degrees and we’re making way more money than we ever dreamed but we can’t afford for him to go to the doctor when he’s sick.

It’s that kind of thing that makes me understand the rage of Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party.

Something’s got to change. But as long as people fighting the status quo allow themselves to become political pawns on either side of the congressional aisle, if they refuse to work together, real change can’t happen.

That’s why I love No Labels. We need to hold our politicians accountable for their refusal to compromise, their stubborn reliance on party talking points instead of real dialogue.

This is America. And it’s a scary time for us. But I don’t believe the pundits who say we’re done, we’ve lost, and there’s no coming back from this global economic downturn. However, we must stand up and make our voices heard. We must tell our elected officials we won’t allow politics as usual or corporate greed and corruption to destroy us.

And if our politicians don’t hear us now, we must make sure they do when we go to the polls.