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Fear Factor: We Can’t Let The Terrorists Win

I wasn’t planning on seeing Batman in theaters. I don’t go to that many movies. I watch them on Netflix or Amazon, make my own snacks and hit pause when needed, which when you’re 43 and drinking a ton of water, tends to be often.
I wasn’t planning on seeing Batman in theaters. The new Batman movies are darker than I usually like. I’m embarrassed to admit I’m a fan of the old TV show. Big fan. Kapow!
I wasn’t planning on seeing Batman in theaters. But then I woke up the news that a terrorist killed 12 people and injured 50 in an Aurora, Colorado, midnight showing of the film, and suddenly I found myself worried about going to any movie. Kind of like I feared getting on a plane after 9-11 and how I feared my school after Columbine because my doors didn’t lock from the inside.
This week, I’m going to see Batman at my local theater. Maybe more than once.
My prayers are with those affected by this horrible crime. I don’t understand what makes people do this kind of thing, but I understand fear, and I know we can’t let it control us or the terrorists win.


What is it about Buffy?

1. She’s tough, and she’s unapologetic about that toughness.
2. She’s a girl, and she’s unapologetic about that, too.
3. She says the best stuff. Kudos to the writers for that one.
4. She’s saving the world. Good vs. Evil, and if the wrong team wins, humanity ceases to exist.
5. Angel and Spike. No explanation needed.
6. It’s impossible for it to be true, but I forget that the whole time I’m watching.
7. She has best friends, and they are awesome.
8. Vampires. Even though I’m kind of tired of vampires everywhere else, I still love them on Buffy. And Dark Shadows, but that’s a different post.
9. Romance. 🙂
10. Buffy wants to be a normal girl, but she understands that’s impossible. She embraces her slayer self even as she wars with it.

This is the tip of the iceberg. There are the ties to the goddess, mythology, strong character stories, dialogue, lack of cheerleading ability, crazy fellow slayers, dopplegangers, fake Buffy’s, secret sisters. It’s everything that is good about teen targeted TV, and I love it.
Glad I got to spend two hours with two of my favorite episodes last night: Becoming Part 1 and 2. So good!!!!

Streaming Netflix

Still working, and let me tell you, today it wasn’t easy.
We went to Best Buy to hang out with the iPads and ended up with a new DVD player that streams Netflix. That’s going to be a huge time suck if I’m not careful.
That’s why I made myself go write tonight. And, once again, I’m happy. I love Addison. She’s so klutzy. Sharlene’s not really been on scene the last two writing days.
Coolest thing: I’m writing this blog tonight while listening to NPR streaming through my TV. It’s a Charlaine Harris interview.
Times have changed!
I spent this morning with an amazing administrator from Hirschi High School and a group of new teachers from the district talking about collaboration. LOVE it! It’s so cool that our teachers are committed to excellence.

Up to 8394 words today, I think. I added a current work excerpt page to my blog. I’m going to start keeping my word count updates there. And I’m thinking about adding more pages. I might even let my website go.