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A Night of Writing and Thoughts on Arizona

I’m calling it a night.

It’s just 10:46 on a Friday, which is honestly prime writing time, and I’ve set my next scene up for lots of fun conflict, but I’m going to try not to exhaust myself with this book. I’m also going to try to keep my arm moving. Frozen shoulder hurt too dang bad for too many months to ignore the twinges I’ve got going on now. The doctor doesn’t think the hours I spent in front of the computer writing last summer had anything to do with the issue, but I’m not taking any chances.

I kind of hate to turn off Spotify tonight. I started using the discover tab and I’ve found so many amazing country and folk artists I’ve never heard of. It’s so fun to write to music that sets the tone of the story. I’m listening to Laura Cantrell right now. Amazing.

I might come back and write more later if my brain won’t shut down, but I’m going to at least take a break and stretch, which is far better than the quick Facebook break I took before writing this. That stupid quick break turned into a 40-minute look at lots of disturbing news.

I’d written a long Facebook post about Arizona, but I deleted it because it was just preaching to the choir, which is pointless unless you’re trying to inspire and motivate. I’m not. I settled for something that has become a guiding principle over the last few years. Something that would make life a lot easier and the world a much better place.

Love God? Love people. It’s that simple.

I remember when I was in college a friend came out. This was back in the day when dorms were community bathrooms and tiny rooms. Another friend was shocked and said “Oh My God, you’ve seen me naked.”

Our friend who was now out and a little embarrassed and afraid of how we’d respond laughed and said, “You have a very high opinion of yourself.”

We all laughed along with her and went back to whatever it was we’d been doing. We didn’t care that she was a lesbian. She was simply her. The person she’d always been.

Okay, that last paragraph is a fairy tale. It’s the way I WISH it would’ve been. The truth was we were all freaked out, but we tried to be the people who treated her the way we had before she told us…at least while we were with her. I don’t remember it being that big of a deal after a few days, but it might have been. Time messes with memories. Sanitizes them. Makes our parts in ugliness so much prettier. Time lets us believe we actually said all those things we WISH we would’ve said.

What I do know is that was the early 90s. She and her SO could go anywhere in the US without fear of being legally denied service because of what someone believed. If they would’ve traveled overseas to, say, Afghanistan, that would’ve been another story. There they would’ve been executed by people who believed their religious dogma trumped all. People who used hate for years to inspire terror and terrorism. Hate that led to 9/11.

My heart hurts for that girl and her SO and for the anger and pain and ugliness now being spewed all over social media…again. Someone asked me once what I would say if my kid were gay. She’s not, but if she were I’d say the same thing I say now: I love you.

Hate is never the answer. Love is always the answer.


We’ve been talking a lot about choices in my class these days. About how you get to high school, and you can’t do everything, especially these days with eight classes. It made me remember back to when I first started this blog in 2005. I remember being so angry because I thought the whole Bring Home the Bacon, Fry it Up in a Pan, Never Let You Forget You’re a Man mentality I’d grown up with that said you can definitely have it all without giving up anything was a big lie.

All these years later I’ve learned it’s not exactly a lie. But the definition of “having it all” changes over time.

“It all” for me means learning to make choices. It’s not easy to give up something you want, something you enjoy.

If I’m going to write though, something has to give. There are only so many hours in the day, and at least six of my hours have to be devoted to sleep or I’m comatose instead of rockstar in the classroom, not to mention my fuzzy brain means I can’t tell a verb from an adjective and that’s a bit of a problem for a writer.

Soooooo I’m making choices.

It’s not easy.

Tonight I gave up the Olympics, Facebook, twitter and NewsHour.

I chose walking the dog, dianeravitch.net, KFDX local news at 6, dinner, coffee, spotify, my office, and new words.

I’ll watch the Olympics on video later. I know who won, and I missed the short program anyway.

You can’t do it all, but you can have it all. You just have to decide what “it all” is.



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