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My GH entries are printed and ready to take to the PO tomorrow. Woo Hoo!

One of them is the requested Intrigue wanna be. The one I finished earlier. Something about the book still gets to me. Something off. And I was tempted to say screw it, I’m sending this baby in. But then I realized something. I’m multi-rejected and unpublished. This book has gotten the attention of an editor. It’s only been three months since he requested it and he knew I only had the partial done at that time. (I think)
I owe it to myself, the editor and my characters to CALM DOWN and fix the part that’s bothering me. Good enough won’t cut it. It’s got to be awesome.
The romance is still the best I’ve written, but the suspense, especially one thread, needs some more attention. So I’m not sending it to NYC tomorrow. DH is going to groan when he sees all 300 pages still sitting on the kitchen table. 🙂 he’ll groan more when he sees me sitting at the computer, lost in that other world. But when this book sells, he’ll get over it. 🙂

If You Dare‘s been in NYC for three weeks. No news is good news. Woo Hoo.

Two MASSIVE months of writing following a major writing summer. It’s been a great writing year.

Making it seem easy

I’m doing a final revision on Identity Crisis. I’ve decided the toughest thing for me is making the story feel completely effortless, real. So much more than story alone goes into this. I guess it’s really all characterization. If the reader believes the people are real, she believes the story is too. Maybe.
I think about SEP’s heroes. They’re WAY over the top, but I feel like I know them. Suzanne McMinn’s PAX League heroes are completely unbelievable. But they’re completely real at the same time. I mean if you sit and think about them, you’re like NO WAY. But then you read a few pages and think, okay, maybe. And then you get to the end and it’s totally: I want to marry this man. Even Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunters are anchored in reality. These writers create totally different types of stories, and all seem effortless. I sink into their books. I totally believe their plots. I want my story to be that good. And it will be!

I checked my old e-mail account today. I NEVER check it. Way too much spam.
So today when I checked it I discovered Sulay Hernandez from Kensington e-mailed her request for If You Dare along with the snail mail request she sent. I got my first editor e-mail. Woo Hoo. 🙂
Granted, it’s over six weeks old, and I’ve already sent the full, but still. How cool is that? I want to e-mail her back and ask if she got the manuscript, but I don’t know if that’s professional or not.
Oh well. I still got an editor e-mail. I’m happy.
Off to revise…